Harper, Ben - Up To You Now Lyrics

You can run away from home
But you can't run away from your pain
I sit here alone
There's always someone else to blame

It's up to you now
It's up to you now
Don't wanna be your broken dream
We've run out of fate somehow
And it's up to you now

I have to hide from my own face
Now that we have fallen from grace
Arms that hold you close
Are the arms that hold you back
While your world is under attack

It's up to you now
It's up to you now
I stumble to your altar
With my knees bent, my head bowed
And it's up to you now

There's no sound louder than war
And we don't have tomorrow anymore
You wrote a list with all your demands
And you nailed it to both of my hands

It's up to you now
It's up to you now
My fist is full of ashes
And my blood is in the ground
So it's up to you now

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Harper, Ben Up To You Now Comments
  1. swagkingsb

    Was in the tattoo shop and my artist was playing this absolutely love it

  2. Juan Yapor

    I was at a Pearl Jam concert waiting in line for 30 mins to buy a beer and he was opening for PJ. When he started playing this song, I said "fuck the beer" and ran inside...what an amazing artist and song especially live...

  3. Carla Rodgers

    cool bass riffs

  4. Denzel Bakker


  5. jplindgrenbr

    Bob Burnquist ^^

  6. MusicislifeBR

    Bob Burnquist brought me here. And I'm f*cking amazed with this singer. Thank you Bob.

  7. Tommy Deville


  8. athena712

    One of the most talented musicians I've ever seen. He does not get the recognition he deserves, I think.

  9. beardown2489

    I Luv this song. it is ROCKIN MY SOX OFFFFFFFF!