Harper, Ben - Rock N' Roll Is Free Lyrics

say goodbye to tomorrow
and hello to today
take a look at your world
in a brand new way
the masters of convention
count on you to never change
but the law of reinvention
knows nothing stays the same

they're crying in the alleys
screaming in the streets
with a dignity amongst thieves
you don't have to answer
if the question isn't clear
may not know where i am
but i’m glad it’s here

say goodbye to tomorrow
and hello to today
take a look at your world
in a brand new way
pick the price you want to pay
if you think you should
but I have heard the news
and the news is good

rock n' roll is free if you want it
rock n' roll is free so come and get it
rock n' roll is free if you want it
free if you want it

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Harper, Ben Rock N' Roll Is Free Comments

    God this song sucks.. I don't want it... not if it sounds like this!!! Sounds like that other shit song called "Rock ain't dead.

  2. Eduardo Moisés Silva

    Still addicted.

  3. Lilly Wilkin

    this song is everything !! That goes on my channel as well!

  4. Akhil Vatsa

    Listening to this after years...

  5. Ellen Diane

    very different from your usual- interesting listen:)

  6. Seany Clarke

    Nice tune Mr Harper

  7. Guilherme Castelanelli

    Reminds me Neil Young songs.

  8. Lavina Pareek

    I can listen it 100 times!!!

  9. Reem Hussam

    So awesome, how is this not popular!!?


    rock n' roll is free if you want it (torrents are just my option) xD

  11. MummifiedBees

    alright my science camp used this song for their last year's video, i can totally relate this to the science theme

  12. dproz

    This is right down there with "We Built This City On Rock and Roll"

  13. Pedro Pinto

    SOPA should listen to this

  14. Kennie Roy

    It was really available for free download in his website for a few days in Mp3 192kbps format in early april when it was released.

  15. Ricardo Neto

    Rock and Roll is free and lives on in PORTUGAL!!!

  16. Tohellwithoursouls

    The key changes perfectly match the sentiment and message of renewal the lyrics talk of such an optimistic vibe for these grim times.

  17. Thais Araujo


  18. AndThe2Become1Flesh

    And ask Vevo, too. ; )

  19. Dani Moya

    This song is fucking awesome!

  20. Trenty Brock

    20 people payed for their Rock and Roll

  21. HammerMyBalls

    This tune completely rocks. Good old-fashioned vibe. It is the continuation of "Keep On Rockin' in the Free World." Rock is NOT dead. Thanks Ben. :)

  22. abner jimenez

    if its free if i want it why do i have to payfor it when i want it to be free

  23. PenjiProductions

    Awesome as he always is !

  24. Elorium27

    @MrWundrful ask piratebay.

  25. Iver Klausen

    So-so song. . .

    I miss The innocent Criminals

  26. BlackAdder6


    That's a logical fallacy bub =].

    I said what I said, and nothing more you drew the other conclusion =]

  27. BlackAdder6

    Wait, yes Rock and Roll is Free
    just ask youtube

  28. Roal36

    Ah ringo has written and played drums in two of the songs in the the album.

  29. Roal36

    @StizerUK no need for that last month this song was available for free download from ben harper's official site.

  30. clint spencer

    I agree. Not my favorite.

  31. Semi-DemiFiend

    my us history teacher just showed this to us in class.her son is the drummer!

  32. Mikael Sandström

    Awesome song. Ben Harper. Genius. I can't stop thinking about Neil Young in this track. I think it's really clever to make this look like a TV commercial rather than a clip. Perfect for the lyrics! Very nicely crafted digital work. However, I still don't like the clip at all. I want to see Ben rocking out. It's like seeing Ben Harper drive past in a Prius instead of (what I would assumed would be) a Cadillac...

    Aaron Morales Jr

    Mikael Sandström sadly he would be in a prius since he's a humanitarian lol

  33. Taro GJ Channel

    I luv this song! The color of the skin is not a matter of choice. That's right! And the color of the skin is not a matter of rock'n roll. Rock'n rollis FREEE! Is my English funny?

  34. Michael Mustizer

    @MrWundrful listen to the song, it's free if you want it.

    just ask the bit torrent community.

  35. jey2010

    Come on, that's just one song, doesn't mean the whole album is like that.

  36. pika txu

    le rock c'est la liberté, et moi je suis libre de zapper

  37. kristover100

    this is free cos no-one in their right mind would buy it! time to retire if this is the best you can come up with...

  38. Je Ro Ho

    boring, what happened to ben harper?

  39. Je Ro Ho

    boring. what happened to ben harper.

  40. Robert Judge

    @MrWundrful but it is
    just go to torrentz.eu

  41. Fernando guerra

    i womder if they would still sing this song after i download their songs free,,, they did say rock'n roll free if we want it lol

  42. MrWundrful

    wait rock and roll isn't free
    just ask iTunes

  43. direguy200

    amazing lyrics....dogshit tune

  44. CalicoJack1832

    Not as good as I expected, I hope the new album is better.

  45. neonsparky

    as always another great song from Ben!

  46. Pedro Almeida

    I think it was time for a big concert in Portugal! Come here so we can "come and get it". And congratz for the envitation of Ringo Starr to play with you! 2 excelent Rockers! Hugs from Portugal


    rock on brother!

  48. Johnny99

    Mister Harper, please another show in Chile!!

  49. Blanca Martinez

    LOVE IT!!!! :)
    me gusta mucho! saludos desde españa :)
    keep rockin!
    ...(second) :D