Harper, Ben - No Mercy In This Land Lyrics

What would be the first thing
You'd say to the Lord
And the last thing you would dream
If you couldn't dream no more
Won't you please help me to understand
Is there no mercy in this land
No mercy in this land

Followed the river 'til the river ran dry
Followed my lover 'til we said goodbye
Followed you through soldiers who fire on command
Is there no mercy in this land

These days I speak in whispers
Travel only to and from
Come close you'll see the red
Of a well bitten tongue
The righteous and the wretched
The holy and the damned
Is there no mercy in this land
no mercy in this land

Father left us down here all alone
My poor mother is under a stone
With an aching heart and trembling hands
Is there no mercy in this land

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Harper, Ben No Mercy In This Land Comments
  1. Jhon R.S

    Nice job!

  2. Les Petits Bonbons - Combinat de Musique

    Actually,,,,There's no mercy in this world,,,
    A cool team , Mister Harper and Mister Musselwhite

  3. Tim Parker

    Dang it!  I can't get enough of this!  My OCD is kicking in.  This song is perfect: The phrasing, the simplicity/sparseness, the musicianship, the lyrics. . .

  4. JoanEt Forton

    Dear Sir Harper & Musselwhite, Awesome album without a doubt. Thank you all for your sounds of music. In sounds, my soul finds refuge and serenity, and lets my soul be. AMEN.

  5. Peter Ferrydriver

    Yet another great tune so nicely performed. What are the names of the other two musicians?

  6. tunesmith.blue

    Nothin' like old school blues !

  7. christina Mikolajek

    Awesome! You guys are Great! When are you coming to Pittsburgh? I seen Charlie years ago in South Park with my son and Charlie signed my son's harmonica🎶What a Great Man!

  8. Enrico Turella

    welcome to Ben Harper in Italy....will be there for you!!

  9. J Rock

    Two amazing legends right here. More please.

  10. Terry Legg

    Hard knocks anyone?

  11. Janis J

    How Ben looks when Charlie start singing 😇😁😎

  12. Blues Rain

    No Mercy In This Land............

  13. Paul Brisson

    an amazing son...Btavo

  14. Daniel Schaeffer

    This is why metal is boring.

  15. Patchwork Girl

    Ben, you're a national treasure, and along with the legendary Charlie...no words for it. Your songs touch the heart.

  16. Jose Ramalho

    Texas' Santa Fe High School shooting



  18. Anselmo Echeverria

    Uno de los grandes clásicos vivos del blues se alía con un músico que le ha metido a ese estilo musical todo tipo de influencias. El experimento ya funcionó en su primera colaboración, "Get up!" (2013) y ahora ratifican su pacto con otro disco "No mercy in this land", que suena más bien crudo, pero que interpretan con corazón. Musselxhite lo define con claridad: "El blues te trae consuelo cunaod estás deprimido y es un buen amigo cuando estás animado. Se va de fiesta contigo o te da la mano. Está ahí para ti siempre que lo necesites. Es mucho más que otro estilo de música. Es casi una filosofía", así lo expresaba hace unos días en un hotel de Madrid.
    Los dos demuestran complicidad, a pesar de la diferencia de edad. Charlie, armonicista blanco del Mississippi, tiene 84 años, Ben guitarrista negro californiano 49, pero ambos comparten el amor por el blues. Esta noche lo podrás compornbar en la sala La Riviera de Madrid, desde las 21h. Les acompañan tres músicos másy aunque Mussellwhite se mantiene en segundo plano demuestra porque sus sentidos y precisos solpidos de armónica han sido tan reclamados a lo largo de los años por artistas como Jhon Lee Hooker o Tom Waits. Juntos estos dos músicos consiguen una gozosa alianza y una creación moderna del blues
    Música independiente novedades.

  19. Oscar Rodriguez

    QUE Maestria..deep sound..long live Masters

  20. Hugues Bernard

    Genius !!!!!

  21. Flower Palmer

    If you like this you should check out these guys https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qqcap2RPic0 (They're called Dead Shrimp, they're Italian but trust)

  22. Leigh Keith

    Mr. Charlie I remember when you and John Lee Hooker came to play for use.

  23. Michael Kelly

    Lovely work..

  24. MIST

    Charlie and Ben... keep doin' this for the blues, you're dinamite together.

  25. Rev Eddro

    Ben & Mr. Charlie dropin' sum fine ass shite!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. RiOne

    Wow! I ll see them in Milan on 23april.....can't wait

  27. Stan Schnier

    I am blown away by this track! So glad you guys are still collaborating. So glad indeed and see you in NY in June!

  28. Feedurehed


  29. Mr P.

    Coool !
    Nike air Jordan ;-)

  30. Willy Kayak

    Another gem from this duo, master class in the art of the blues. . .

  31. Fateh IGUERCHA

    All thanks to you guys from Algeria🎩🎩🎩♥️♥️♥️🇩🇿🇩🇿🇩🇿👍👍👍

  32. eric jones

    Now playing on my Spotify account

  33. Larry S

    Only the best music from these people.

  34. vipelere

    Ben, you will surprise me every time you record an album ! this is brilliant as usual
    Greatings from Algeria