Harper, Ben - Goodbye To You Lyrics

I wake up feeling like i've aged a year
'cause I go to sleep in fear of the dawn
Head full of dreams unclear
Make the days seem twice as long

After all we've been through
I don't know how to say goodbye to you

Passed by where we used to go
Where I now go alone
Everything we had to brave
I'm left here to face on my own

Maybe tomorrow I can start anew
I don't know how to say goodbye to you

Shattered and chained to our past
Battered and too proud to ask
Walked a razor's edge poisoned by degrees
Create each other's voids fill each other's needs

My options are plenty
But my choices are few
I don't know how to say goodbye to you

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Harper, Ben Goodbye To You Comments
  1. Hannibal Hannibal


  2. Machin Bidule

    Le chouchou de mon chou... le mien aussi !
    Pourvu que la vie dure toute la vie........ je vous aime tant...

  3. 44...Traveler

    Words... Can't be taken back... Others take them different versus what you really want to say. Please Please no more

  4. Blues Rain

    Goodbye To You.............

  5. the man

    So good

  6. miky pietra caprina

    j'adore.......je vais adorer pour la vie

  7. Paulo Neves

    Ben Harper is great, i love acoustic sound.This one is Deep, awesome.

  8. nora kim

    Not - bad

  9. Dee Harris

    I like this song. 😟👍😖👍

  10. e w

    Soul for a soulless Music Industry. Well done to soldier on. I have been listening to you since 1995 . Rare gem in a rough market

  11. Sérgio David

    So beautiful!

  12. G D


  13. Garrett Soccer Official

    music to FIVE-O

  14. Dexter Baladad

    wow, just wow

  15. Shady Lady


  16. Ludo Comte

    merci Ben Harper tu donnes un sens à ma vie respect

  17. diego hazard

    5-0 brought me here.

  18. Pierre Maraninchi

    Juste magnifique.. A l image de son dernier album..

  19. Pablo Glez de Chávez B

    Ben Harper is just too good.

  20. Nameless Grace

    He's so great live.

  21. Danny Thompson

    not a fan but I really enjoyed this lil track was recommended by a lady friend an I'm feeling it

  22. olmo hinojosa

    Powerfully reaching my soul at the right moment. Thank you KEXP. Master Ben Harper its always a massive treat.

  23. Joseph Gelb

    miss the 90s gah this dude

  24. Stefania Montanari

    Does anyone know the chords?


    +Stefania Montanari I just heard the song so i might be wrong but this is what i got so far: capo 5: C - G - Am - D - Fmaj7/A (x-0-3-2-1-0) and back to the C from the start. The transition between D and Fmaj7/A is a simple 0-2 on a the D string.

    Stefania Montanari

    +vannshy Thanks!

  25. Fry Girl

    Ben I choose YOU!!! xo

  26. Anna Gorse


  27. Owen Dillingham

    reminds me Cat Stevens ...good stuff

  28. Mick Funz

    I keep trying to get into Ben but there's just something kinda lightweight & derivative about his playing & writing. I ALMOST like him everytime I hear him. Go figure.

    Mick Funz

    Um, no. Listening to someone poorly cover Hendrix isn't going to get me into them. I'm talking about Ben's writing & singing


    +Mick Funz hahah poorly ? telle this to SRV fan's for exemple ... Ben is writing song's since 1994, his first 4 albums were incdredible, try to start with them, after that if you're not convinced, listen to somebody else :D

    Nor Wester

    +Mick Funz As a guitar player, his slide playing is pretty impressive and while I agree it's more "minimalist" of sorts it's just something different. You don't have to like it but I think it stands as quality music even if not EVERY song is "greatness" (And I agree about the Hendrix thing.... nobody but Stevie can really "do Hendrix" IMO). Don't know how old you are but for ME, his music is a snap-shot in time of sorts and it will often strike a chord and remind me of something. Oh and I'll randomly throw this out there: If you don't know Jason Isbell... listen

    Mick Funz

    I like Jason Isbell but, same thing: I like the lyrics but some of the production sounds a little mainstream. Great music though, I agree.

    Nor Wester

    @Mick Funz Welcome to the era of digital everything where generation-talentless can be made to sound like anything you want and every worthless do-nothing broad in SO Cal has the same nose from the same plastic surgeon... I'm amazed at what's gone on in even the 5 years I've sort of been "away" from playing around in the Studio (not a professional, but my good friend Riley is Unknown Mortal Orchestra's Drummer {and litteraly one of the best front-men/guitarists I know which kinda makes me sad when I see him NOT fronting up his old bands}  and at one point owned a Studio here in the NW that was really cool and a huge learning experience for me over the years) What makes good musicians for me is how well they can perform the songs live and either play them JUST LIKE or "better" then the studio recordings.  My Morning Jacket was at one point an amazing band who was probably one of the best in modern times at doing these from what I saw (and I'm a teenager of the 90's who's seen a LOT of shows in the last 4 decades).  Gary Clark Jr. plays a mean live set as well and Jason Isbel since I brought him into the fray (and Ben Harper for that matter) also just blew me away live. "Decoration Day" and "Live Oak", on top of being lyrically amazing IMO, sound even better live then on his records.  Ween is/was another band who I think were possibly one of the most amazing and often over-looked musicians ever.  

     Just out of curiosity and since it's such an interesting discussion, who DO you think is doing good production these days since I got off-track about specific PRODUCTION work???  Not meant to be an attack, just curious of your opinion/interested in your thoughts.

    Oh and BTW... sorry for the long winded rant/response.  I'm going through some rough shit right now with my Dad and Brain Cancer so... I'm not even sure if what I typed made any sense to anyone but me...

  29. Megat Harith

    Simple tune to deep lyrics. Loved it

    Kevin br

    Couldnt had said it any better.. Sub to my channel though?

  30. NotWastedTime

    Very nice!