Harper, Ben - Fly One Time Lyrics

Is pounding at my door
Screaming for more
In a world that owes you nothing
You give everything

Now I'm caught in between
What I can't leave behind
And what I may never find
So fly one time
Fly one time

At the edge of your life
At the edge of our lives
Don't hold on, there's no fighting back the years
It's so hard to unlearn fears

Now that you're caught between
What you can't leave behind
And all that you may never find
So fly, just fly
Just fly one time

I see you so clearly, so clearly up so high
I see you up so clearly, up so clearly high
Now you're caught in between
What you can't leave behind
And what we may never find
So fly, so fly one time
So clearly, so clearly
So high, fly one time
Just fly one time
If you'd fly one time....

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Harper, Ben Fly One Time Comments
  1. Thales Nascimento

    Esse é o melhor clip que eu já assisti.

  2. Natahlia Smith

    Just brings out pure joy and emotion every time.

  3. Helder Barros

    Essa música e esse clip é uma das coisas mais linda que eu já ouvi/vi.

  4. VigorousVicious

    The guitar has same melody as Charlie Brown by Coldplay?

  5. K Fets

    this is a classic

  6. beau sinclair

    the best song ever tears every time

  7. Agnes Senga

    Merci de cette envolée encore plus haute !!..♥

  8. Denise Manderson

    .... Fly! :)

  9. davide de grazia

    very nice clip, notwithstanding the Armstrong sequences...

  10. Edgar Lopes

    It's quite marvelous!

  11. ICallsEmLikeISeesEm

    I've been around for about 34 years and this is, quite simply, one of the most perfect songs I've ever heard over the course of my entire life.

    S Wazny

    It really is.

  12. yeah toast

    I'm spending money on a required class focused around Lou Tice, and all I really need is to listen to this song on repeat.

  13. bigesmallz11

    Oak Ridge Class Of 2011!! This was out song, GO Wetzel

  14. Pedro Sol Blanco

    Another piece of pure inspiration! As a Musician and as a Surfer.
    Aloha and god bless you here in rio.
    Pedro Sol

  15. heady021

    When I saw Ben for the first time in Adelaide, South Australia, a cat called out "WHY ARE YOU SO GOOD BEN?!" ... So I ask that again! "WHY BEN? WHY ARE YOU SO FUCKIN GOOD?!"

  16. felipe fontecilla

    I think is the Dalai Lama when he was young (the color of his hair and the absence of the glasses). Besides how he is sets and the environment.
    Besides, he has to "runaway" when he was a kid because of the Popular Revolution of the chinese regime, how want him out cause of the Tibet territory, to annex to the chinese national territory completely (making all the buddism tradition and habits go away to implant the communist regime) So Ben could be doing reference to that.

  17. nasfishing69

    you think about something pretty, ben is going to do it , so great!!!!

  18. Octávio Schuenck Amorelli

    Que música BONITA!

  19. lodproductions90

    This was one of the most impressive videos I have seen in some time. It's charme, I think, lies in the resourceful display of incredible human activities that each set free powerful emotional responses like love, dignity, feelings of integrity, failure, courage and so on. It is simply amazing what human beings are capable of doing, why they are doing it and what ultimately makes them tick. Relentless fulfills its promise: It is a roller-coaster of activity and emotions!

  20. Squeege85

    One of Ben's newer tunes that I've just fallen in love with. He's really come into his own as a musician and just keeps getting better and better. I love the way he sings, it's infectious. He's got a great voice.

  21. dave58ification

    Total agreement about the band Ben don't sell out get back with the energy that was you and the criminals. Still love your music but lost alot by changing bands

  22. sanchopanzavive

    wow.....the video simply says....WAKE UP AND LIVE!!!

  23. Jason D'Silva

    Nope put it together from all the yers I have been watching sports and playing myself to. This is why I love this song cause the words mean so much more :)

  24. Miles

    Nice comment, did you get that from the lyrics? Or your own interpretation? Just interested. Thanks

  25. iRaptuRz

    ladiez and gentleman ive got a new favourite song . Ben Harper.one

  26. Jason D'Silva

    This one is for all of us who keep trying till one day we achieve what we wanted and then there is everyone there to celebrate the win with you but no one knows how hard and tough the road to victory for you has been. Here is to the journey Cheers :)

  27. Ryan Earl

    love the song and the video.

  28. butonlyifitscool

    amazing video for an amazing song :)
    ben harper is a legend!!

  29. charlieboy76

    love it!

  30. AJ Hackett Bungy NZ

    2:49 - Awesome! Kawarau Bridge Bungy in NEW ZEALAND!!!!

  31. Guilherme Nogueira

    Anyone knows where to find the tabs of this song ?

  32. freccia1975

    like shadow of the day from linkin park?

  33. lupo volante

    best song and video of my entire life thank u very very much Ben

  34. Victor De la Torre

    Such an awesome song, been a Ben Harper fan for a long time, this is one of his best!!

  35. Ross Cairns

    And Ben Harper does it again...he never ceases to amaze me. Awesome song and video...and that riff is just too rad.

  36. julien sordetto

    superbe ! merci BEN ;)

  37. yankee33fr

    Superbes images et comme d'an, ben c'est que du bonheur !!!

  38. MrDisneyPins

    Awesome video. Wish you would do a show in Florida Ben!!!

  39. OliviaTrinityRose

    kiwi pride =D

  40. AJ Hackett Bungy NZ

    2.50 = AJ Hackett Bungy! Kawarau Bridge Bungy in New Zealand.
    Epic track too...