Harlow, Jack - BIG CHILLIN Lyrics

Okay, I'm big chillin' (Chillin', ayy, ayy)
Told me that she numb to it, she don't get feelings
I'm a smooth criminal, I'm a slick villain
I already finished, but the dick still in (Dick still in)
Ass fat, she ain't get fillings (Fillings)
Weezy F. Baby, I don't hit ceilings
And my brodie got a job, yeah, he quit dealing
OGs tryna figure what the kids feelin' (Kids feelin')

The flow need penicillin
I been trying to get these pent up feelings off
I could give a fuck about how the fuck you feel about everything
Ice make it sound like I carry change (Carry change)
She's addicted to the Mary Jane
But she's still got goals like Harry Kane
Pussy hit me like a hurricane
And I came quick but the shit was not embarrassing (Ooh)
Go and let it marinate
Show packed out and I'm standing on a barricade
Bad chick, black dress with a pair of shades
On the sidewalk, in the crib she don't wear a thing
She don't wear a thing when we in the crib, you already know, ayy
She don't wear a thing, yeah, she get naked 'round me, she don't⁠—

Okay, I'm big chillin' (Chillin', ayy, ayy)
Told me that she numb to it, she don't get feelings
I'm a smooth criminal, I'm a slick villain
I already finished, but the dick still in (Dick still in)
Ass fat, she ain't get fillings (Fillings)
Weezy F. Baby, I don't hit ceilings
And my brodie got a job, yeah, he quit dealing
OGs tryna figure what the kids feelin' (Kids feelin')

Just like Fig Newtons
Man, these fellas real sweet, it's no disputin'
No tickets at the door, I can't get you in
Know we used to have something, but it's slick ruined (Ruined)
Slick talk, can't stop, won't stop until the world pissed off
In a plane every week, I'm getting sick of Biscoffs (Ooh)
Your chick getting picked off (Uh)
Think about life, trying to get the jigsaw put together
They ain't fucking with you 'til it's all put together (Ayy)
When she stepping out, she looking all put together (Ooh)
Fuck what the world thinks
Because my dogs know me better (Ooh)
Because my dogs know me better
And she's a bad motherfucker
How could we not go together?

Okay, I'm big chillin' (Chillin', ayy, ayy)
Told me that she numb to it, she don't get feelings
I'm a smooth criminal, I'm a slick villain
I already finished, but the dick still in (Dick still in)
Ass fat, she ain't get fillings (Fillings)
Weezy F. Baby, I don't hit ceilings
And my brodie got a job, yeah, he quit dealing
OGs tryna figure what the kids feelin' (Kids feelin')

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Harlow, Jack BIG CHILLIN Comments
  1. Cas le Roy

    big chungus

  2. Salford 7

    I already finish but the dick still in 🔥🤣

  3. K Izrael

    but she still got goals like Harry Kane !

  4. yves st clair

    Where's the lyrics

  5. Jovan Rivera

    Bro his flow is unreal 🥶

  6. Mr. Wavy

    This track is so nice Jack. I mean the album is on repeat for sure. Impressed for sure man. Wavy like Hawaii bruh. Keep surfin

  7. Eric Stample

    this one is fiya!

  8. Jenna

    I already finished but the d*ck still innnnnnn .... lol

  9. Jeremiah Walker

    Blowin up !

  10. McCheezy

    Any one hear him say the n-word

    Lance TheDragonTamer

    look up the lyrics bro lol

  11. Omar Santana

    He reminds me of Felly 🔥🔥

    Garrett Jenkins

    Omar Santana my girl and I are going to see Harlow tonight. Only difference is that I feel like I can’t understand Felly as well, like his voice isn’t as clear as Jack’s. Definitely similar vibes though

  12. brian hankey

    "Weedy f baby" "I dont hit ceilings"

  13. Bishop Christ

    Am I the only person that came from josh Richardson’s insta story

  14. levywap YT

    "Weezy F Baby I dont hit ceilings" 🔥

  15. Thomas Howe

    This my favorite track on the album

  16. Hopemorg_z

    I think I’m actually addicted to this song OMG

  17. Jessica Barker

    Hot track my phone is fixing to get on 🔥

  18. b ig puffs

    this sounds EXACTLY like Kaytranada produced it.

  19. 3 mshock

    Instant classic! Keep putting out fire private garden

  20. Eric Niemi

    Jack harlow BEST be up next!! Glad white lighting is FINALLY getting his recognition. Keep doing the damn thing big homie. Got fans over here in philly

    Garrett Jenkins

    Eric Niemi go to the concert tonight, my girl and I are going

  21. Flight Vendetta

    First track on the mixtape I had to put on repeat 🔥🙌🏾

  22. ロンゾR O N S O


  23. YoungOne onatbeat

    Never did I only just now find this dude

  24. Sway Vee6


  25. James Solinger

    He needs more songs like these!!!

  26. Sir Withersnatch

    I have been blasting loose and gazebo for the last year and we have finally been blessed with a new Harlow project 😩

  27. Vantage

    best song of the album

  28. SMOKEmybobby

    I'm deadass 18k of these views. And stoned to the bone, let me tell ya.

  29. Slay . Vens

    Fire bro 🔥

  30. John doe

    ever coming to Detroit again??

    dakotah jaynes

    John Bryson Deluxx Fluxx, October 19th

  31. Brandon Ray

    Years in the future we’ll be looking back on these classics saying “i miss this Jack”. This shit hard.

  32. Mike Kwaj

    In a plane every week I'm gettin sicka Biscoffs.. bruh always got funny bars lmao

  33. evan houghton

    that tash needs to go

  34. Darian Dim

    Love your music bro this one wasn’t that good to me tho, just my opinion, but keep eating brother.❤️

  35. Lil Story

    this is hot hot. i been bumping your music for long time. stupid underrated. don’t stop with this type of stuff bro. it helps my depression real talk. the energy you bring and vibe you make is literally unmatched

  36. Lance TheDragonTamer

    mad fire dawg wtf

  37. 502KY

    🔥🔥🔥🔥😓🤫 #502Harlow 🌃🌇

  38. Reefoldfiveteen Channel

    Bum tuk tuk 🔥🔥🔥

  39. Bax Mrackney

    The ice make it sound like I carry change


    The moment i read this it actually came up in the song... :D

  40. EastSpartan07

    Jack this shit fire my guy damn......🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  41. Chazz

    goin crazy

  42. Brailen Winkler

    nice jack

  43. cannasaurus-rex

    Ice make it sound like i carry change 💀💀💀😭😭😭

  44. Ta'zhané MicWilliams

    Hit after fu**in HIT ! JACK been IT ! 💯

  45. Paul Heffernan

    Hell yeah jack

  46. Openmindedsoul

    So yea I’m going to buy the album 🤩

  47. Inimitable Mahogany

    this is really a vibe

  48. BlondiieK

    One of the best songs off the album

  49. EGM Rize

    uuuuu i like it✨

  50. Clash Attacks

    Sounds like Mario kart

    Spiders gaming .9935

    Clash Attacks damn it does

  51. The Double Cup

    Harry Kane line has me thoroughly impressed.

    Kyle Sekenski

    The Double Cup

    Same. You just don’t hear US rappers name drop footballers!

    The Double Cup

    @Kyle Sekenski exactly 👀

  52. XzOpe

    “But she still got goals like Harry Kane” my g

    Liya Ncokazi

    @XzOpe "for you lot" i'm dead..

    It’s Wednesday My dudes

    I don’t care what you lot in this guys comments are talking bout but...
    North London is Red🔴⚪️🔴⚪️

    Alex Jarvis

    Chelsea shutting that down tho

    Emmanuel Rosales

    It’s Wednesday My dudes as in man united👹👹

  53. gl4ssypr0duc7 x2

    2020 is gonna be his year.

  54. Joe B

    Painfully boring. Cookie cutter beat, cookie cutter lyrics. Not one hot line, a bad hook, and lazy transitions. Same garbage we always get from this clown. Yawwwwwwn.

    James Gilbert

    Naw.. I get what you mean but Nawww

    Joe B

    @James Gilbert Tell me where I'm wrong though. You can't. This dude is just a bum with 2 kinda hot songs in his entire catalog. At this point he's given up trying to make anymore. A damn shame. Because Dark Knight and Sundown were actual bops. Hook on Cody Banks was dope. But everything else I've heard from him is red hot garbage. Hard to argue against that.

    James Gilbert

    @Joe B aye I feel it but. I'm telling you,s tick with the kid he started rapping like 2 years ago. So he has so much room to grow

  55. Adonis Haskins

    Putting all these "up and coming" rappers to shame. You're straight fire bro, every single track, every one I've heard from you is dope af.

  56. Music Playlist Deutschland

    We need the musicvideoo! 🙏🏻
    Support from Germany🇩🇪💯

  57. Skiii Music


  58. Felix Blackwell

    How you gon drop the summer anthem in September

  59. Jacob Hoffman

    Keep it up man, your music is way better than the views its getting.
    Keep doing what you want to and people are going to notice.

  60. Sky Walker

    But she still got goals like Harry Kane

  61. NeshVibes_

    My phone almost caught on fire cuz this shii is firee🔥

  62. maddah

    Legitimately never a bad song. Big ups Harlow

  63. Faiz

    ..goals like Harry Kane 🔥

  64. The Tie Dye Company

    You don’t know Jack

  65. Jesse Slayton

    Where tf is the song from the new balance promo? that shit was hard the only two songs on this that slap are rain and river road. I know it’s hard to live up to the expectations of loose but every song on loose was a straight banger and would get stuck in your head most of these are just like what I’d expect from most rappers in the industry

  66. scrub zero *


  67. yusei999

    That Harry Kane line though. ahaha

  68. Bennett McCune

    Swear this dude next up fr

  69. nickolas416


  70. Klarenz / Ghettopop / Kontrargument

    fire <3


    Fire but did you say the n word at 1:06

    Kind Origins

    He said "she getting naked round me"


    I know but subtitles


    Who cares

  72. iKitchenRich

    "I already finished but the dick STILL in."

  73. Alec Staley

    I'm a simple man, I see Jack Harlow, I CLICK!

  74. Drunkyn Monkee

    KY in the building!

  75. Hydra klin

    the start is gonna blow up on tik tok i promise

  76. Kidus Getu

    2019 or 2020 this dude is gone blow up💯💯💯

  77. Red Hood

    Waiting for him to blow up 🔥🔥🔥

  78. Yeggi x


  79. Stone Cutter

    Should re do the febreeze song on a new album

  80. Maxim Samuels

    Straight heat

  81. _ Tsubu


  82. yack

    ok Jack now this will have my side peace twoeking ohh yeaaa she toppin me to this rn.. (facts doe)

    ronald ray gun

    awawawaa for ricky real no cappuchino hold the ross hold the rick hold the grimes hold the uk rap hold the stormzy hold the hurricane hold the h (fr doe)


    congrats on the sex.

  83. Andrew Christensen

    This shit fire as fuck

  84. Corrupted Bacon

    Lovin all the synths man

  85. Nile Ferreira

    "she still got goals like Harry Kane"

  86. a-tomic turtle

    Smoking to this song must feel nice

  87. MrJamesdryable

    This is a good cadence for Jack. Head bopping shit.

  88. Crush Tmrw

    Coming from ky (me too)

  89. Kevin W

    Here before 1k

  90. 6ix God

    Fuck what the world thinks cuz my dawgs know me better

  91. Siin Paii


  92. 6ix God

    His beats are godly☝🏼☑

  93. Yildiz subuktegin

    Handsome harlow makin it seem like all the other dudes set the bar low

  94. Joshua Darnell

    ** in Kanye West**
    How Sway!!

  95. Classic - New Kings Productions

    First Time Hearing Your Music Last Night & Been Bumpin Your Shit Since. Like Damn Brotha EVERY SONG You've Dropped Is Dope as Fuck. & Yeah I Know I'm Late But Better Late Then Never. I'm Going To Get Everyone Here In Akron, Ohio Hip To Your Shit.🔥🔥🔥 #UpNext

  96. Rim Guardian

    Always make 🔥🔥🔥

  97. perutheproducer

    Here before 500 views

  98. Ann Mendoza