Harem Scarem - No Justice Lyrics

Freedom burns forever in the holy sun
It leads us into a battle that's never won

Whatever I take
Or whatever I give
Doesn't seem to matter anymore
When there's no

Justice in the world
No justice in the world
You feed the fire when you say it's all over
No justice in the world
When you realize that the devil's got your number

It's your decision
To walk the mile when the road is long
It's like religion wasting our lives on a
Worthless cause
Whatever I take
Or whatever I give
Doesn't seem to matter anymore
When there's no

When will freedom shine for us
No, it ain't over, no

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Harem Scarem No Justice Comments

    my fav song of Harem Scarem anyone 2019,2020.. brilliant guitar solo i;ve ever heard

  2. Coach Feratu

    Harem Scarem  are easily the most under rated band on the planet! This song is on Mood Swings.Check it out

  3. Caroline Gonzalez

    I must be living under a rock. Hearing this now on spotify. Love it

  4. Shekhar Sharma

    Nothin like that nowadays, nothin...

  5. Shekhar Sharma

    Amazing. 80 z !!!!


    Muito foda!!! Bom demais!!!

  7. Crimson Idol

    God damn that guitar playing is sick!

  8. gema guimte

    these are the times when music was real and men wear ladies fashion, love this era.

  9. Denis Pattinasarany

    The best

  10. netizen trotter

    Damn I am glad I found this song!! I had last seen on Headbanger's Ball on MTV (Yes, back then they would air such amazing songs)....I was in first year college.....today I thank YouTube....

    David Mackinnon

    met harry hess a few times on his first few tours and pete as well

    netizen trotter

    David Mackinnon awesome....🤘

  11. Ca Mo

    Best glam metal came out 1991-1992

  12. Bidyut Bhuyan

    Why HS cds are so hard to find... Why japan only press?? What the rest of the world should listen?? Justin Bieber???

    Ca Mo

    Bidyut Bhuyan glam metal found most success in japan and indonesia etc. Even during the grunge years

  13. Martin Lopez

    amazing song!!! just great!!!

  14. Kalyan Kumar

    That solo! That SOLO! That Song!! That vocal! Ye gads! \m/

  15. The Shawn Murphy Journal

    Daniel J Towsey's theme song

  16. metal... for headbangers only

    Pete Lesperance.. is the ax man .. fret molester.. .. from Toronto .. born in the late 60's.. and might be the most underrated player of rock music guitar in the universe... Nuno Bettencourt and a few others have him to thank

  17. Johnny English

    This song is the bomb indeed.   Saw them open up for Aldo Nova at a club in Montreal & they played it like it was Madison Square Gardens.   Why this song  never made top 10 at 10 on Q107 is beyond me.


    Bad timing. Everyone jumped on the grunge bandwagon. Regardless of style, this is an insanely well written and performed song. I remember seeing the vid on muchmusic...

  18. Ricardo Costa

    Essa banda deveria ser mais popular. É excelente!

  19. mary callahan

    this song is the bomb!!!!!

  20. truthbtold

    Sounds to me like Nuno Bettencourt
    & Extreme has ripped off Harem Scarem's sound & vibe...This
    guitar player is great & should
    be recognized...This band was
    kicking ass way before Extreme
    was even formed!!!!


    @truthbtold I never made the connection until you mentioned it... and now I can't help but hear the similarity....!

    Daniel Limas

    Extreme's 1st record was released in '89; harem's, on the other hand, was released in '91. The end of that particular solo sounds almost too close of extreme's "rest in peace" song, which was released in '92, a year before "no justice". So...


    So everyone knows the band Extreme. Few know the less original Harem Scarem. Suggest you change your nickname truthbtold. Both Extreme and Harem Scarem owe it big to Queen. Harem Scarem owe more to Extreme than vice versa.


    Actually Van Halen, Steve Vai and Nuno Bettencourt are some of Pete Lesperance's influences, yes exactly he sounds like Nuno.. If you analyze and listen deeper Harem Scarem is like Def Leppard with Nuno Bettencourt as the guitarist. Melodic big vocals with big guitar sounds.

  21. Michael Zaiser

    What ever happened to real rock in a band with actual guitar playing like this...


    It died down when Nirvana and Pearl Jam hit the radios


    Putting beats on PC together is probably way easyier than learning an Instrument.

  22. Jason Hill

    im one of the boxers! lol that was so long ago

    Bryce Nickerson

    you got knocked out haha. But very cool that you got to be part of a harem scarem music video.

    Sanen Longkumer

    Jason Hill you lived in one of the best great times.
    I am jealous 😅

    aj m

    @Sanen Longkumer hello naga bro..!! 😂

    Sanen Longkumer

    aj m cheers bro 😉

  23. edcollante

    God, that solo!


    Yeah so different than others , but still so awesome!

  24. djanita1970


  25. Mrbignutzful

    Harry sounds like awesome!
    Cheers, my boiz from T>O

  26. Arjan Hut

    One of the most inspired melodic hardrock albums ever.

  27. Mrbignutzful

    What music should be!
    Cheers, MBN

  28. GARIDB

    No Justin Bieber

  29. Donny Montang

    yeahhh, greatt

  30. Freddy Von MunchieDej

    What the scale used in the beginning of the solo?

    Chris Noble

    Freddy Von MunchieDej I know it's like 5 years later but it's Phrygian or Phrygian Dominant I think

  31. chrismorals

    MUY BUENO!!!!!

  32. carlos lopes

    The first time i've seen them, it was on the Portugues TV, presented by Mr. Julio Isidro, and since that day, I never stopped listening to this Great band..

  33. F A T T


  34. epicvsfvror

    Such a masterpiece!

  35. Ebert Berrocal Vargas

    un temon una de las mejores bandas esperemos que vuelvan a juntarse y hacer una jira en latinoamerica Lima Peru

  36. Martz Musici

    that solo stunned me..what a band..they're great and good musicians..

  37. WildMan Steve

    This is such a cool song..I love it..and yes there is no justice in the world anymore!!

  38. Alexander LeGrand

    great song

  39. Sandra McLean

    fucking brilliant

  40. kyle smith

    2:25 sheerly awesome

  41. chrismorals

    Great Band!!!!!