Hardy Caprio - SoundBwoy Two Lyrics

See, I
Don't do this one for you, this one's for mine
And you know people talk up all the time
I know, I know, I know, it's fine
It's all mine
All mine

Yo, don't hold feelings if we don't talk in days
Not like there's any more to say
It could fall off or it could fall in place
I pay attention, I can't afford mistakes
They're shocked I'm here in a tortoise race
They twist their necks when they see me
Girls wanna text me, they need me
It's minor
I don't really care, I'm selfish

Phone up Sam like, "hear, I've got a plan"
Phone up Osman like, "hear, I've got a plan"
He said, "Inshallah, I know it's gonna bang"
That's my bro
I've been on the tightrope
Try know, this isn't a random event
I'm in my zone
Look, I did a shift in a bit
If I get big Ps and this ain't a typo
Right now it's a bio

Grinder, 24/7 it's a minor
Since 14, I've been a 419er
Shit all adds up
Me and most man don't chat much
You already know they're gassed up
Might just holla one Adidas linkup
No mix up, I had a little Ps stacked up
This year I've gone from zero to hundred
On the second part I might let man catch up
I've been back on the road, no lie
But I won't grind for a hoe, please
Man want orgies or they want batteries
That's cause they're bats on the low

Anyway, R and S can't chat to me anyhow
CR0 man know that I get about
Had three jimmies in my wallet when I headed out
Cause I know these hoes get about
See, I'm
Good when they're not
Good where they're not
If they wanna cut me off that's their loss
If they wanna fuck me off, they're losing

Anyway, moving on
I've gotta do things
I've been on a one man mission right now
I've got a different agenda
I'm not chilling with a different gender
Hardy Season
Hashtag That from Spring to December

Now they wanna holla like "wagwarn baby"
True say I've been on a calm one lately
Right now the clock says get that paper
I'll press that later
I ain't gotta clart one lately
Cause they'll still be there when the money comes through in the VIP
Olders say they should've been like me
No Biggie, imma hit it when I'm B-I-G
Right now I wanna make that paper work
Then get an A5 when it's L-E-G-I-T
This minute it's '08 plates
Tints on the glass so I know it ain't bait
I'm still with my nigga that I had around me since £5 beanies
I get bored and I might shout "beanies!"
Freak of the week
Me on the beat, that sounds like a beanie

Take that bitch on a long way home
Trust me I know about the long way home
Addington days was a long way then
When I look back now, I've come a long way home
I'm still grinding, you know me though
Work never done so manna still grinding
Black hoodie on, black tee, black jeans, black creps
Blacked out, looking like I'm still riding

CR0 where the mandem sho
Too clean so we never bang them hoes
Too busy tryna bang that job
Still I've gotta blank that thot
I'm busy, tryna grab them notes
If I could, then I would try stash them both
No time for a slut
I want real money
Who's grindin enough? Like them niggas and spliff
I'm tryna grind till I buss'

CR0 sides where the mandem are lazy
Half of them man wanna bang for a lady
Some of the niggas put their hands on a baby
Tyga and Kylie
That's not H-A-R-dy, nigga
That can't be Hardy
Won't see me in a party
I've got too many bangers on deck
Don't start me
Hardy Season
Hashtag nasty

See, I
Don't do this one for you, this one's for mine
And you know people talk up all the time
I know, I know, I know, it's fine
It's all mine
All mine

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Hardy Caprio SoundBwoy Two Comments
  1. MoG SnIpZz


  2. Woober

    So sick

  3. Hector Andem

    Still 🔥

  4. Newbury Youts

    whats the first song

  5. The Dreamer

    Does anyone know where I can get that dopeass Ellesse Jacket ?

  6. maliek daley

    what instrumental is this ??

  7. Lydia Tyce

    listening to Hardy reminds me of all the good days with all these old school instrumentals. take my hat off to hardy caprio.

  8. Jake

    this guys a jokeeeeeee

  9. ilie morohai

    Filmed in Uxbridge, I know my ends so well hahaaha

    Joe Brooks

    ilie morohai ends? Looks like a white middle class neighbourhood

    E Muszo

    Joe Brooks tbh there's two different sides of croydon

    E Muszo

    U got the neighborhoods like this then the council estates

  10. Trust Bmt

    Hardy season # that from Spring to December 👌🏾

  11. Z Holland

    oiiii man used to spit over this beat way back when i was in primary school... sony ericsson days lmao big up Kid D foreal

  12. Usama Shah


  13. Daniel Sadovyak


  14. Logan Jean

    C-R-O where da mandem show. Too clean so we never bang dem hoes.

  15. Cavern Taylor

    Taking grime back to its roots love it

  16. Erodynamic Training

    rah this hasn't got a milli

  17. Pablo

    rar 200k views big up

  18. Sheikh Guevara

    That flow is flow of the year

  19. 1234LMAO12345

    Need to make of these tunes bro!

  20. Mark A

    who is hardy's producer? beats are always class

  21. paul green

    is that A estate ahahahahaha posh boy

  22. potlovingchef14

    i hate auto hooks normally but it actually goes with this song and this is good still

  23. Faye Green

    maud maud! big up hardy caprio💯💯

  24. Paul Awoloto

    "Since 14 i've been a 419'er, shit all adds up"

    4+1+9 =

  25. Jacob Anstee

    so underated

  26. hamzah iqbah

    To wavy wallahi

  27. pugs not drugs


  28. ns larare

    0:39 that made my heart freeze bmt, how you gonna put the whitest crep straight in the grass omg

  29. michael olaniyi

    2000 like great work

  30. liljacob

    Needs to link with Dave asap

  31. Nikhil Desai

    Hardy Season! When will this be available to purchase?

  32. LakeHouseTV

    euphoric vibes

  33. Ehsan S

    Bard Tune

  34. Danny Ejaz

    Mad talented

  35. gyvgyvy

    This goes hard fam, need more like hardy

  36. MxD TV

    Big up hardy caprio he puts in work!!

  37. iCapture TV

    What a throw back! @hardycaprio went in!

  38. Kzero Wolf9

    This some real shit.... What i like reminds me old skool... Love the flow bars the lot.. Smashed it XD

  39. That Ghanian Guy

    whats the instrumental

  40. That Ghanian Guy

    Next stormzy

  41. Bibah Tayyib-Bah

    You are so good Hardy.

  42. Jack Halliday

    Man like Hardy killing it with every tune he puts out

  43. Usama Shah

    song goes inn

  44. Earl-Wutang

    Such a old school vibe, big up hardy still

  45. 3 3

    jesus #hardyseason. !! Big instrumental ... KILLED IT

  46. Jay Douglas

    I love this song I played it today in class with a bluetooth speaker

  47. ticktocksullyOLD

    u kno i been bangin this too much past few days
    i fuk with u man on this track and hardy wheeew

    said inshaAllah its gonna bang, thats my bro

  48. ChetheMan16

    Nah, Hardy is a problem. Straight fire!

  49. MOBO Awards

    Love the vibe on this! Looking forward to seeing what Hardy Caprio has in store for 2016.

  50. Kenan Jobling


  51. YACZ F.O.E

    This guy is the one to look out for , bringing back that old school rhythm 👊🏽

  52. Rich Jones

    1 word yeah, HARD I mean Jesus Christ dats lit

  53. SElondonSE2

    Why is this not on iTunes ?
    This is a tunnnneeee.....

  54. The Human Dog

    decent, check out these guys doe there ard, youtube:
    Tipz Ft. Trizzy - BANDO (Official Music Video)

  55. Lamzy

    this feels like old-school grime

  56. Kid D

    Big shout out to Hardy Caprio, Jamal Edwards, the whole sbtv team and everyone that's feeling the instrumental it's all love.. Crazy to think I made it 10 years ago tho 😅


    Has someone rapped over it b4?


    SS TV yeah I recognise it but I can't think of who

    Cheyla Hazell

    Kid D you know what I love this song for the beat as it reminds me of music when I was younger and the kind of instrumentals artists used back then

    SK Beats

    Only certain people know about Kid D.. he was one of the first to make beats with vocal samples

  57. Amber Fredricka

    Ngl your peng man and this song bangs and that's a peng trackie

  58. Haydn Lamar

    i thought Hardy would start blowing up, respect bruva

  59. bluewater12345678

    loooooool how is man getting a trim in his music video - grime on next levels now yh

  60. Wanyam TV

    this bangs still

  61. PBTV

    Hard fr

  62. dazemusic

    The beat is "Kid D - Set Fire" - it's from the First Realm EP, 2006. The Original Sample is from 'Snow Patrol - Set Fire to the Third Bar'.

    Santan Dave

    Snitching loool

    Kid D

    +Santan Dave looool 😎

    Beats By Sketchy

    +Santan Dave Looooooooooooool fam


    lol man like dave tho

  63. dexter hill

    Southside stays on top, something special in the Morleys boyy :)

  64. 2 young

    okay this guy

  65. Jack Mann

    This is sick still

  66. Sadik Ail

    Is he from Croydon

    Max Liley

    +Sadik Ail yeh

  67. SlickzOfficial

    He's Hard !! Beats wave .. Who knows the instrumental?

  68. Ayy Dee Zed

    This guy is sick!

  69. Kyman Prosper

    reloaded this about 5 times already, such a hard tune

  70. Thomas Birchall

    Need more instrumentals like this! Takes me back to the days where there were no worries and music had feeling!

  71. Davs

    This is like old skool grine

  72. rampingon

    Old school Channel U vibes. Big fan of this. Banger!

  73. Don1904

    "Since 14 I've been a 419'er, shit all adds up"

    Do the math


    +Ariana Grenade ffs he commits fraud, it's a scam, money laundering

    Antoine Griezmann

    +Don1904 so he thinks he's Heisenberg


    so he claims

    Black NegroGoku


    Casey Kwakuu

    + you're 14 in year 9 lol

  74. El Esəˈtɛrɪk Səʊl

    The amount of love I see this is getting, I'm starting to become a fan, love this 2006 type of grime sound 💯🔥

  75. djm4z

    Hardy is next up, watch.

  76. Kiico Santana

    This is wavey what's the instrumental tho, can't remember


    swear this instrumentals from time ago. can't remember the name man

  78. curly

    after his warm up sessions i was gassed as soon as i saw his name in the title.

  79. Ricksta

    tracksuit is on point!

  80. DilzTV

    i need an unlimited supply of these typa instrumentals with them vocal samples!

    Kid D

    Hahahahaha 😎🙌🏿

    Carl Evans

    sounds like its sampled from chrome sparks- tunnelrunner but idk loool

  81. Skrtt

    Next to make it for sure. His work rate is crazy. Sick flow. Crazy bars. 👊🏽🔥👊🏽

  82. Rhumzy


  83. Jesse James

    Your next up bro


    +Jesse Cockle you're *

    Jesse James

    A dickhead

    Wu Wei

    + Jesse James The World's full of them. Repeats and desperate for attention-ers.

  84. MD Elaborating

    I rate this guy

  85. ItsMitchBruh

    TBJZL got bars like dat!!! .. Damn son

  86. Sam Harvey

    Hardy is like the neymar of the grime scene


    +Sam Harvey mad skill

  87. Alexander Gonzales

    What brand is the sweater he is wearing???


    +Alexander Gonzales - ur dumb but ellesse

  88. ValyenFluff

    This guys sick, this is what grime is supposed to sound like

  89. Frizky

    man like Tbjzl.

    Ts 03

    Loool behave

  90. Cameron Bundy

    Spitting mad bars - this is 🔥🔥🔥

  91. Joe Brown

    Big up hardy! Sick!

  92. Will Haer

    mad talent big up

  93. IamDylan

    This guy defo gonna make it big

  94. RF DE

    It's hardy season

    Rivaldo Brown

    RF DE hardyyyy

  95. S6 Unq

    Hardy's work rate is at an all time high, straight fire

  96. Neonoh


  97. Count Doobula

    hardy doing big tings big up!!!

  98. GormyBear

    Hardy caprio dressed like a 12 year old on free wear day

  99. KayEffinGreez

    Never even heard from this guy before. Feelin the old school vibes though.

    JACK 07

    Check out some of his other tunes his gonna get big

  100. SBTV: Music

    Mad work rate this year! Big up Hardy Caprio.


    +SBTV: Music *JAMAL, when you going to drop your warmup session for us? I've been waiting since 2006 fam, 9 years you know! Bring Aaron unknown on it as well*