Hardwell - Where Is Here Now Lyrics

I’ve awaken on a sidewalk on a street unknown
City lights here, they blind me
Can’t find my way home
All the faces that surround me
Stare with eyes so cold
To the stranger who is lost in a world unknown

Where is here now
I’m looking for answers
Without the right questions
It’s hard to figure out

Where is here now
I have no direction
Without your compassion
It’s hard to figure out

I’m running with the night time
Through the avenue
Try to find my way back
To the world I knew

Where is here now
I’m looking for answers
Without the right questions
It’s hard to figure out

Where is here now
I have no direction
Without your compassion
It’s hard to figure out

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Hardwell Where Is Here Now Comments
  1. katii Garcia

    🎶So good work 👌🎶😌❤️

  2. Noah Radford

    Hardman & Funkerwell

  3. Jose Ochoa

    2019 😍

  4. Janie Bui

    This is nice but if this song was Progressive Houde it will be better

  5. R21STRAIKER hanzo

    Sounds like Oliver Heldens !

  6. Luis Olivera

    Hardwell s back to TECHNO !!!!! <3

  7. Will's Joey de Albrtt

    😍Una de las mejores canciones que se puedan encontrar❤✌

  8. Nimes Beats

    hardwell has the best mixing / mastering in edm in my opinion. Kicks and lowend, and overall impossible to figure out

  9. Miguel silva

    i read in REEDit that Hardwell once had a demo for the album with The Script, but he didn't "make the cut"... Is it true?

  10. Arktik

    It's up to this day I didn't know about the existence of this track and that is way I am hating myself right now

  11. no u

    hardwell goes deep! wow

    Schwig Syasz

    Akt 0173 this is old hardwell..

    no u

    nope he is back with his "thinking about u" that 's also deep house little bit of.... i think

    Schwig Syasz

    Akt 0173 thats what i said.. deep house is his old style.. so his old style is back..

  12. ラヤ

    hardwell is so diverse as artist, he stuck with his roots and making diverse branches of EDM . he's really awesome.

  13. Raphael Gonzalez

    reminds me of the old hardwell. still got it 💪💪💪

  14. Yudistira Efendi

    nice song

  15. Robert Ariciu


  16. Alex Snow

    Sounds like Oliver Heldens, but it's good :D

    Pieter Post

    Not even close

    Jason Joby

    true dat


    not even 1%

    Ceferino Aguilar perez

    This is Old hardwell

  17. Martin Garrix

    Hardwell 0%
    Duke Dumont 100%

  18. Emily Rubalcava

    I <3 u hardwell

  19. GM LAZER

    I really did not liked thissong

  20. Manuel Aquino Lay

    United We Are, Listen y Skrillex & Diplo Present Jack Ü son los mejores albumes mas recientes en mi opinion

  21. Ben Aussem

    Hardwell's amazing take on Future house

  22. Angello Suarez

    Hardwell es mi DJ favorito ✌. Hardwell is my favorite DJ ✌.

  23. Valentin Klug

    Oliver Heldens ????

  24. christian jesus sanchesz carrera

    ooooo beatiful the music

  25. Jean Segovia

    great track from the real number 1 in the world!! GO HARD OR GO HOME

  26. Andrés

    Great track!

  27. Michael Martel

    Sounds Like Feel So High <33333

  28. Heber Ferreyra

    Hardwell 1% Funkerman 99%

  29. Sotiris Ribas

    i think funkerman is the mind behind this....

  30. jame komodaji


  31. X-MINI Sound Beyond Size

    Hardwell the best

  32. X-MINI Sound Beyond Size

    This song fits Duk Dumont

  33. Álex Carreres Valiente

    I can't believe!!! Hardwell is also so good making deep house tracks!!! This song did pretty well to me!!!

    Fernando Ruiz

    + Alex Carreras Valiente la verdad ya habia hecho antes amigo xD Hardwell Ft. I-Fan - Feel So High

    Álex Carreres Valiente

    No sabía k ya había hecho otra canción de deep xD @fernando ruiz​

    Fernando Ruiz

    jajjajajajaj Tranquilo yo también tuve la misma reacción ._ xD 

  34. ZxZ MASTER

    Este tema tendria que tener millones de visitas no solamente 500.000

  35. Roberto Sladic

    wondering when will Hardwell release extended version of this track.... its awesome :o

  36. Florencia Coronel

    You Hardwell are The best! ❤

  37. Sergio Moy

    Ghostproduced by Oliver Heldens?



  39. Sara Guatache

    soy el (me gusta) numero 4,000 <3 :D

  40. Jazz

    I hate when the people say "this is oliver heldens", "wow new style of hardwell" or "hardwell, you changed" is like SRSLY???? THIS IS HARDWELL 5 YEARS AGO!!! if you don't believe me just watch 👉Feel so high, Hardwell ft i-fan" 👈


    @Jack Alexander of course, seriously i love him, but I'm a woman... hahaha.

    Don/Phu Thien Hua

    wait some of it is an cut from Oliver Helden's track


    hahaha, NO. @Phu Hua 

    JoelR 853

    finnaly someone said it

    Suraj Nambiar

    true dude

  41. Leroy Ignacio López Hernández

    Hardwell eres un máster saludos desde México

  42. Kali Jim'Car Zombiee

    Amazin song ! :D <3

  43. Franco Quintanilla

    What's next?
    Hardwell producing dubstep?!!

  44. Jeronimo Arrubla

    this seems like oliver heldens

  45. Jan Kronester

    Lots of respect for the one and only hardwell for taking a risk to do sth. New!! You succeeded

  46. Photo GG

    ich hasse deutsche 

  47. Anielka Uriarte

    He is the best DJ for me!! :)

  48. Manzanita

    The drop sound just like Funkerman .... That's all! 

  49. Harry Suggy

    Shuffle song

  50. belefoxen

    Garage House !!!

  51. Rhys Crossley

    I need an extended mix of this... TOO DAMN GOOD

  52. RastaKiller

    Ghost produced "Drop": 100% Oliver Heldens, 0% Hardwell


    Hahaha, not. Because this is Hardwell 5 years ago 👉Feel so High , Hardwell ft i-fan👈


    @RastaKiller No

    Andres Munoz

    People these days never heard his old stuff. Oliver Heldens is garbage. Tchami is GOD!

    Fernando Ruiz

    + Rasta Killer No xD

  53. Fabrizio Martorana

    oliver heldens ? style


    No, this is old hardwell style

  54. fernando becerra

    Que buen deephouse perfect

  55. sotisb94

    Great track but i think that the beat should,definitely last more!lot of vocals with no meaning..cant wait for a remix with more beat :)


    Don Diablo style its going big ;O

  57. Mauro Busin

    bellissimo album unitedweare  complimenti hardwell!!!!!

  58. Alex Martinez

    Watch and Learn Oliver Heldens haha

  59. Djgaspedal

    "Follow Me" and "Let me be your home" are my fav tracks on #UnitedWeAre . Thanks Hardwell for releasing these awesome songs!!!!

  60. GabrielAndré

    great track, would be better without vocals

  61. Bunnydrum Crimblefinch

    I listen to deep house all the time and Hardwell did REALLY great on this track!

    TransgenderFromBrokopondo W

    tech house*

  62. Fleur hubers

    my favourite from this album

  63. Mark Molenaar

    I freaking love this type of musicl!

  64. IHVAHN

    Amazing track, this is one of the best songs of the album with Echo

  65. Robert Vujo

    99% Funkerman, 1% Hardwell


    If i could only give you 100 likes... 


    @Robert Vujo lol no

  66. Levi H


  67. Leandro Alves

    Is a good song to listen in the car lol (:

  68. Soufian Nordine

    1:03 Sounds like Oliver Heldens 

  69. Thecacke Rick

    Odio el estilo como el de Oliver Heldens >.<

  70. Emifariz

    Nice song <3

  71. Sayan Bandyopadhyay

    ok hardwell... you win this time. you win this time.

  72. Roborosky

    Wow so different from Hardwell,thats cool

  73. Gustavo J

    The vocals are unreal! Perfect! What a great song! 

  74. chuka biloba

    nice deep

  75. dengissien

    I love this sound :)

  76. Jason Maradiaga

    Hardwell empezó muy rápido hubieras empezado con un sonido lento y después rápido o con un sonido que empiece desde el fondo y después suene un sonido más fuerte como que este lejos y se vaya a ser cuando poco a poco y que empiecen a cantar

  77. SpaceSound

    Dude Future House!!! Verrrryyyyyyyyy Goooooodddd :3 :3 

  78. Brian Drach

    You're trying too hard. Stick to the cheddarbombs

  79. Diogo Oliveira


  80. Doppelgänger

    Reminds me of Smoke,Molotov,Voyage ..Great Stuff <3 #Future

  81. May Seetha

    Hardwell go deep ! Love it ! 😍

  82. Pablo Taboada

    Future house? Why? Only Oliver Hendels make good future house

  83. Daneswara Perdana

    can somebody help me for the lyrics?

  84. sebastian acevedo


  85. Maher Dridi

    Hardwell made all types of EDM music in united we are !!! he is the best dj ever 

  86. Ismael Pelayo

    Todo son criticas para Hardwell yo pienso que el album esta muy bien YOU ARE THE BEST HARDWELL

    Gabriel Destefani

    Si a mi me gusto mucho el album

  87. Ben Shapiro

    This sounds like his 2010 stuff, I love it!

  88. Felipe Miguel

    this is not Hardwell,is Oliver Heldens


    @Felipe Miguel It's hardwell

  89. Raghav Khandelwal

    Amazing...jst WOW Hardwell....so much talent u got...!!! <3 #unitedweare

  90. Hector Perez Music

    Me explican la diferencia entre Deep House y Future House?
    español porfavor :')

  91. Rodrigo Lopes

    Ahhh?! You can do deep house too?

  92. Crazy Stuff

    Hardwell ti si težak buljaš! Poor attempt to make "Deep house", its better for u to do "deep throat"...with I-Fan!

  93. T0m¡

    Remix me!!

  94. Housepitality

    People.., this isn't deep house actually! Listen for example to the track shadows from pitto..! Then you know what real deep house is. Oh.., and i do like this track..!