Hardwell - Follow Me Lyrics

Is it a sin that I want it bad
Halfway to hell I've made my bed
Baby give in and we'll be gone
If I go will you follow me home?

Just like a pill,
It's going down
Just say the word and I'll take it now

Come get me high
So I won't be low.
If I go will you follow me hooooome tonight?
You don't have to be alooooone tonight
If I go will you follow me?

If I go will you follow me hooooome?
Baby follow me,

My name on your lips
Sweat on your skin
I wanna love you again and again

Don't make me wait
Cause I need to knowww
If I go will you follow me hooooome tonight?
You don't have to be alooooone tonight
If I go will you follow me?

Will youuuuu
If I go will you follow me
Baby follow me

Nothing ever last forever
All we've got is now or never
Baby where is good is gone
Won't you follow me home?
Won't you follow me?

Nothing ever last forever
All we've got is now or never
Baby where is good is gone
Won't you follow me hooooome?

If I go will you follow me
Will you follow me
Follow me yeah
I'm a take you there
If I go will you follow me
If I go would you follow?
Would you follow me

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Hardwell Follow Me Comments
  1. miguel valdes

    bro, que hermoso fue 2015 para los fanáticos de la música eletrónica en general.

  2. Madhurja Nayan Deka

    Why is this song so underrated?

  3. Christopher Carver

    Nobody gonna follow you if you dont like this song

  4. エメラルドスプラッシュ


  5. Lucas mateo Arias chavez

    Quiene el 2019 telón carajo

  6. Barça Fans

    Here is an English comment passing by

  7. Ferdinan Hardinata

    Oct 2019

  8. gyu hang lee

    feels amazing everytime I listen

  9. Jerry Junior

    Love it!!

  10. Melina

    I'd follow him lol

  11. Eric Cordier

    Chiba Marines
    Yudai Fujioka😎

  12. counter strike hits nandal

    gg tune

  13. TAI晟

    2番 ショート ふじおかー ゆーーーだいーー 背番号4ー



  14. ijang lomi


  15. 愛上男



    Still hot.

  17. ラーメンマン


  18. Akshay Deore


  19. Pricilia Maharani


  20. wahyu paran

    The best

  21. はまやらわあかさたな

    なう(2019/08/30 11:24:53)

  22. 長慶陸




  23. James Keya

    August 2019 anyone? It's 2 in the a.m and I can't get enough of this song, 4 years later!

  24. Lexey Mottershead

    A great song I listen to it every time i come on yt which is every day

  25. Miguel nuñez

    Hello guys. How are your...i love you su much Hardwell...... somebody else here August 15 ...2019......listen music........ OMG

  26. Kotteaa P.


  27. カルビエッグ

    高1の時どハマりしてたなー もう4年も前だ。

  28. Ерол Еголор


  29. LE THI Trang


  30. かみむら りゅうのすけ上村竜之介


  31. Emrul Kayes Emon

    Awesome this song👍👍👍👍👍

  32. ブラヒムさん


  33. Ardra Rajendral

    July 2019?

  34. -まっちゃん


  35. Siellyable

    This gave me david guetta vibe

  36. Subeg

    Story of Hardwell

  37. Henrik Bleckmann

    The Music is great but Jason Derulo is SOO annoying.. Even when the music drops he can't be quiet 🙄☹️😤

    Unai Rada

    as if jason would've chosen to do that himself... He just sang what the producer told him to sing and then they included in the song what they wanted. Not Jason.

  38. きなこもち


  39. 社長DJ

    The Summer Song って感じで好き

  40. サブリー


  41. patrick heitmar

    I still wonder this was from Hardwell... Just great I made a lot of party to this song😅

  42. Ku K


  43. アクション仮面YouTube official channel


  44. 三玖たその足踏んだ奴許さない会会長

    ピッチャー 今村ー!信貴ー!

  45. Poppy Desnia

    2019 still listening this song 👍🏻

  46. 晴晴


  47. Masahiro


  48. Yanely Tejada

    Hardwell the best😍😍😍😍😍

  49. Anurag kumar

    Super best music

  50. ac c


  51. hardwell

    Yo digo que ella le quería hacer una oral a hardwell

  52. Andrea Vinai

    Is great 😉😉

  53. Israel Ureña Alcivar

    Regresar al pasado no está mal!!

  54. Luu Hieu

    Mi casa es su casa

  55. Hernán Mujica811

    2919 2019
    2019 2019
    2019 2019
    2019 2019

  56. Sandi Mirza

    Why music follow me isn't on joox???😑😥😥😥😥😥

  57. Ilham Rizaldi

    29 march 2019 anyone ?

  58. fitri fahrina

    you the best

  59. zero

    Follow Me!

  60. Sekander Sheikh SK

    still listening this song..bcz i know for him(hardwell]

  61. Muhammad Juliano

    Why this song so underrated?

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    Muhammad Juliano karna lo main ml

    Muhammad Juliano

    @Football king foto lama bro,skrg gw main csgo

    Football king

    Muhammad Juliano ERERE MABAR PUBG YUKK

  62. Denis Albuquerque

    quem em 2019 ainda ouve essa!! pqp q som

  63. Hellen Caroline dos Santos Erthal


  64. Darkdoor !!

    His voice ❤

  65. Ale Reynoso


  66. Abhishek waghmare Nap

    Your name on your lips.... 💯😂

  67. ab98

    I am here thanks to taehyung of BTS 💜💜

  68. Christian Ozorio

    Waiting for Hardwell & Jeffrey Sutorius Follow Me Follow Up

  69. Ronnie Auch

    i love this song...
    long live hardwell

  70. Dwi Retno


  71. Egi ratna Juwita

    Love ❤️

  72. エメラルドスプラッシュ


  73. deivi Galvan Guevara

    Me encanta enta canción
    Ajjajajajajaja yo disque descargando
    Música para hacer
    Ejercicio y resulta
    Que me pongo es a bailar ajajjaja
    La amoo espectacular

  74. Heliana Erthal


  75. klever dat

    The intense passion in this song is jxt off the top whaaaaaat

  76. Dav Torre

    Remind me of Chris Brown - Wake me up ^^

  77. hello kittu

    finally found my old fav song HIHI <3

  78. Đức Tuệ Trần

    After 3 years, i think this song sill the one of the best songs I’ve heard

  79. きんちゃん!?


  80. Mustafa Sadik

    ¿Es idea mía o al final Jason dice palabras en español?

  81. ぺんぴよさん


  82. ドケイズイス


  83. Tudo A2

    2018 quase 2019🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷?

  84. Hieu Pham

    Underrated :(

  85. a i t o .


  86. Akash Sarkar

    This is the best song

  87. Akash Sarkar

    Hardwell I love you

  88. sachin bhalerao

    2018 but this song is alway fvrt

  89. Catherine Campos

    Good music!

  90. Tudo A2