Hanson - (Encore) Save Me From Myself Lyrics

Amelia was always the one for me but she—she wouldn’t stay
On a warm day, I came home to find that she had sailed away

Maybe I am broken, in some way I can't tell
I don’t wanna change but lord knows that I need some help
To save me from myself

Cecilia with flowers in her hair was like the sun, brought me to life
And I can’t tell you for the life of me why I would choose to let it burn out

I wish I was numb, alone here in my cell
Something in my heart is making me not feel so well
Won’t you save me from myself

I get no sleep ‘cause I’m all alone
Like a living shadow where there once was bone
One cut deep and the other went sour
And no one’s to blame but I feel so shattered

Maybe I am lacking, still inside my shell
‘Cause I keep making waves and falling victim to the swell
Please save me from myself

Cause I'm no good to myself
Please save me from myself

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