Hannah Kerr - Split The Sea Lyrics

Never thought I'd be where I am now
No way through and no way out
Oh, it's hard, but I'm still holding on
Even here, nothing's too far gone

I believe
Every promise that You've spoken
I believe
You are faithful every moment
And it may look impossible
But You're the God of miracles
You have always made a way for me
You can still split the sea
Split the sea

With a word, the waves will separate
Who You were, You are, You'll never change
Hearts would heal and mountains move
There is nothing that You cannot do

I believe
Every promise that You've spoken
I believe
You are faithful every moment
And it may look impossible
But You're the God of miracles
You have always made a way for me
You can still split the sea
You can still split the sea, yeah-ehh

As I wait upon the shore
Lift my hands up to You, Lord
I believe (I believe)
I still believe, oh-ohh-ohhh (I still believe)
As I wait upon the shore
Lift my hands up to You, Lord
I believe (I believe)
I still believe (I still believe)
I believe

I believe
Every promise that You've spoken
I believe
You are faithful every moment
And it may look impossible
But You're the God of miracles
You have always made a way for me
You can still split the sea
You can still split the sea

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Hannah Kerr Split The Sea Comments
  1. Kathy Iliff

    LOVE this song! GOD is good! Jeremiah 29:11

  2. Clarissa Hdz

    Love this song,God is good😄😄😄

  3. Hilda Morales

    You have to make new songs..... I love them so much👍👍👍😍😍😍

  4. Justin Loftis

    How can 79 people possibly not like this?

  5. Stuart Ratcliff

    Love it I just heard her song warrior for the first time tonight and then i googled her and found some other songs she did. its amazing how the music is very similar to hill song United which is my favorite and some other artists. I hope she keeps it coming with more incredible work towards the lord and for all Christians

  6. Geraldine Gaggia

    Use the pen. Darling. Don't be scared. 💏

  7. Erich Pengel

    This song encouraged me beautiful voice and its not easy to follow Jesus in these last days but with Jesus we are in victory Amen.

  8. Tracey V

    My husband passed away 10months ago. We were married for 36 yrs. This song gives me perspectie.even when life seems impossible. God is the greatest he can do it all

  9. Saitama

    Who God was He is, and always will be, He will NEVER change

  10. karlee. rane

    if you are reading this ... just remember ... you are strong and beautiful... and whatever you are going through god has got you . just believe in him 💗

  11. breanna woodrum

    hi Hannah! just wanted to say thank you for the inspiring music! i hope you have a great day! everyone that's reading this, hope you have a great day too!

    Javier cercas

    That's nice of you

  12. elisa araceli

    but your the god of miracles.

  13. Anna-Simone Phoenix

    Thank you

  14. Keila Rivera

    Me encanta esta canción 💞💖

    Javier cercas

    A mi tamvien❌❌❌

  15. Iseazeigh Quintana

    Hannah Kerr is my favorite singer I love her soo much she has made a lot of really meaningful points

  16. Claudette Nahjela

    Love it

  17. Zach Breeden

    168k views? This needs over a million view's, that's way too low! Awesome song/message.

  18. Bri Lutz

    This song is so awesome! God bless you!

  19. x brxxkensouls

    Amen!!!! My mom sent me this because I’m away from herewith my grandparents and it makes me cry the song but I remember lord is still watching over us and talks to me when I’m praying it really helps me

  20. Michelene Geffrard

    Hi. Hannah thank you for the song.this is mine.may God bless you with more and more.l am so bless by this.keep up the work.dont stop keep going.

  21. Michelene Geffrard

    Yes Lord l believe !

  22. Jose Vargas

    Nypd the new York police murdered me cold blood in the new York city streets GOD Sent his Powerfull Angel called Gabriel and put the breath back in my body GOD saved me he can save you too glory be to JAH

  23. Aisha Isaac

    How can you not love this sing?! I believe.. I attend a church and their slogan is IBelieve! Very lovely song.💛

  24. RachellysVids

    Christians really sleeping on this song, I was surprised when I saw this many views I thought it would be like 400,000,000 views

  25. Nouman qayyum

    Love you Jesus

  26. JMissy 205

    Thank God we can find these songs playing on these Christian stations!

  27. God's Grace

    God of miracles

  28. Nail polish Queen

    Your the god of miracles god bless all of you

  29. Elissa Hobbs

    This is my liltle girls favorite song !

    funny friends

    Its the best song my mom keeps saying some other stuff about this song i love it soooo much

    funny friends

    And sgod is in control remeber that

    funny friends

    God bless

    Princess Garcia

    Mine too😍😇

    God's Grace

    mine too

  30. sanjana syam

    I believe.....

  31. Macie Rogers

    It’s crazy how u go to a normal channel and the comments is just full of arguments and cuss words, but when u come to a Christian channel I feel like the comments are so nice and we kinda feel like a family. Thank u for great music your songs get me through the day

    God's Grace

    yes we all children of God

    Jim Chumley

    Macie Rogers I know, Its a really good feeling.

  32. Valance Bohm

    Have mercy on me a wretched sinner...

  33. AUB Smith

    I love ur songs, especially this one, It is too closer to ma heart. And you are one of my favorite artists. Wish u all the best Hannah❤️🎀 keep surprise us by ur wonderful songs🎉

  34. Stephy John

    Beautiful song.God bless you

  35. sheeba harry

    It strengthened me,,,

  36. Barney Ohara

    JESUS you are faithful and true and all praise belongs to you forever

  37. Kelly

    Beautiful I'm signing it tonight at church

  38. Mark Velasquez


  39. Life Help

    Somewhere in this song my hands always lift up to the Lord!

  40. JJthebestgamer

    Like Amazng!!

  41. Scott Brockman

    Wow, she has a good voice when she sings. Again if only she were from Washington state and local, I would DEFINITELY go out on a date with her in a heartbeat <3, but I don't know much about her or her lifestory. A Godly woman like her, is DEFINITELY my type :-).

  42. starsky nfume hope lefry

    Truly never thought I'd be here away from everything I've known without you

  43. starsky nfume hope lefry

    Have mercy Jesus help me to believe even if it seems impossible

  44. Yatta Cephus

    A beautiful song high pitvh

  45. brotherearl1944

    Well done, very creative background

    God's Grace

    Yes it is

  46. Roxanne Duran

    All of us are in Jesus Christ hands

  47. Dan Mapesa

    Amazing and uplifting

  48. Bill Clay

    What kind of human gives this a thumbs down?

  49. Lamphrang S Shabong

    I love this song and your voice and lyrics in particular

  50. Sarah Jairam


  51. Ken Clarke

    You have no idea what a blessing this song has been in my life at this time. THANK YOU Lord! Thank you Hannah! +Fanta

  52. Rechelle Brave

    I would love to hear Hannah Kerr sing the old hymn ‘Oh Lord, You're Beautiful.’

  53. msd blog

    but even looks impossbible your the god of miracles or whatever she sings...this is of course true...may more able focus on this and other facts instead of whats seemed realistic :/ wish all the same need this now,listened this song by christianpowerpraise while was praying in a chat(still most prayed hotline/phone or chat/web isntead in real fellwoship with nonsecta normal christians as friends...)and have to mention: really unsure (might tobymac and others cause of their pure aura)if most of the christian-named singers really live and believe in what they sing about!guess most of them only business-suspected...

  54. Lucas Newland

    Amazing songs. Blessed to say that I am one of the few to hear this awesome work!! A legend in the making by the grace of Jesus!!

  55. Ronnie Coffey

    Hanna is an amazing gift from God, wonderful song, i luv it

  56. Graham David Rajan


  57. Heather Hicks

    Agreed. Amen.

  58. John Wayne

    Awesome song,I love the words. God bless.

  59. wayne hamilton

    Love the meaning behind the words.

  60. Smart Gospel Piano

    I made a piano tutorial for this video. For real beginners!

    Geral Hdz

    WOW, That's amazing 🤗

    God's Grace

    sounds Good

  61. Bob Marshall

    I've made over 1200 YouTube videos. Whenever I hear a new song that I like, I start making plans to make a video for it. First I go and check if a video has already been made for it. So I stumbled across this video. Whoa. I would never be able to come anywhere close to that. So I'm moving on to my next favorite song.

  62. Zoe’s Life

    You are my new favorite artist! Please MAKE MORE MUSIC!! I love your songs! ❤️

    Geral Hdz

    I LOVE her songs too

    God's Grace

    mine favourite too😊

  63. Abby Dye

    Needed this today! I’m reminded of the promise he has given and he will be faithful to do what he said even when there seems to be no way

    Don Mayer

    Abby, here is another song just for you.  Help me find it by sidewalk prophets would be good for you.  Also, listen to God only knows from For King and Country.  I love music and I will tell you more if you want to know about it.  Also, listen to wrgn.com.  They play good music.

  64. Rogelio Aniban Jr.

    Hannah Kerr's videos has always made me cry cuz it makes me remember what Jesus has done in the cross for us

    Ashley Barrera

    I know right it is such a beautiful song and it helping me go through the days

    Iseazeigh Quintana

    I know how it feels I have had to go through a lot of stuf in life even juvenile hall and it is a but there then group homes and getting stabbed in the side I have needed a lot of encouragement soo I love her as an encourageing friend

  65. Deven L.

    Sounds like everything else

  66. Lazola Siyaka


  67. Chonglung Phom

    God is the same yesterday, today and forever. I believe in Him.

    God's Grace

    Yes He is

  68. Angela Walker

    AMEN!!! LOVE YOU GOD!!! MIRACLES. . . . . . .

  69. Karen McClanahan


  70. Danielle Livingstone

    Love you Hannah Kerr ❤️❤️

  71. Mimi Johnson


  72. Xenn

    Why would I want to split a sea? We need as much water as possible you know. Can’t just go around wasting it


    @Xenn but rising sea levels is a big concern so this could actually be a good things, right?


    Depends how fast the water is being evaporated compared to the rising water levels

    Princess Tatyanna

    @Xenn lol this is a nice conversation going on here

    Thotring Yangya

    'Split the sea'
    This song mean to describe the power of Jesus who can rescue us when we're in trouble of this world and dark forces.

    Anya G.

    @RAEF715 no it wouldnt. It would push the water to the sides hence compacting the water but still leaving the same amount. That's my theory anyway. IDK ask google

  73. The Arrow Project

    This song is incredible. So much talent in singing and writing. Would love to work with you sometime.

  74. Tyler Campbell

    A beautiful video.

  75. Addilynn Bri

    Wow your voice it's amazing God is truly blessed you such an amazing voice thank you sing his Praises forever and ever

  76. Christian Music Rocks Official

    I got the notification

    Christian Music Rocks Official

    @FAME Can you do Riley Clemmons songs because you haven't done any of them

  77. Princess Tatyanna

    I like this song already

    Geral Hdz

    Me too😊

  78. hidan nonos

    I love you ❤