Hannah Kerr - Radiate Lyrics

You turn my hurt into the
First breath of my worship
Beauty out of the ashes
Made a future out of my past

Your love is stronger than the
Moments of my weakness
You meet me right where I am
It's all part of Your plan (hey!)

'Cause in the dark Your light shines brighter (hey!)
Shines brighter, shines brighter

No matter what comes my way
I'll let my life, radiate Your light
Now always
I'll let my lips speak, only for Your name
In the good, in the bad, in the mistakes
No darkness gonna stand in my way
If my way, is Your way
Then You'll make; me
Radiate (for Your glory, for your glory)
Radiate (for Your glory)

You turn the scars that I see
Into a masterpiece
Lord, let my story
Be a glimpse of Your glory (hey!)

'Cause in the dark Your light shines brighter (hey!)
Shines brighter, shines brighter

No matter what comes my way
I'll let my life, radiate Your light
Now always
I'll let my lips speak, only for Your name
In the good, in the bad, in the mistakes
No darkness gonna stand in my way
If my way, is Your way
Then You'll make; me
Radiate (for Your glory, for your glory)
Radiate (for Your glory, for your glory)

'Cause in the dark Your light shines brighter
Shines brighter

No matter what comes my way
I'll let my life, radiate Your light
Now always
I'll let my lips speak, only for Your name
In the good, in the bad, in the mistakes
No darkness gonna stand in my way
If my way, is Your way
Then You'll make; me
Radiate (for Your glory, for your glory)
Radiate (for Your glory, for your glory)
Radiate (for Your glory, for your glory)
Radiate (for Your glory, for your glory)

O... o-oh (hey!)
'Cause in the dark Your light shines brighter
Shines brighter

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Hannah Kerr Radiate Comments
  1. Donaldo Herrera

    It's a fantastic song is so beautifull including to she :3

  2. Dustin Richie

    This one has a sort of a "Love and the Outcome" flavor...

  3. Damaris Garcia

    Do not change for anything. keep worshiping the lord

  4. Truth Shockwave

    Uplifting and musically better than most everything on the radio

  5. God's Grace

    light shines in the darkness.

  6. Emrei Shearer

    Hannah, you’re so anointed!

  7. Anne Martin

    Your voice is like a fine blend of Lady Antebellum's Hillary Scott and Colby Caillat, but uniquely yours! Keep shining!

  8. 7773 rock

    This song needs millions of views.

  9. Scott Brockman

    I have just heard this song for the first time, and also on K Love 104.5 FM and Spirit 105.3 FM. What a good voice she has when she sings. In my personal opinion, if only she were a Godly religious woman and also from Washington state, I'd DEFINITELY date her in a heartbeat, forget about those other so called women who are actually someone working in secret as a scanner. But I know that God isn't protecting me from the right woman, He's protecting me for the right woman, even though I haven't seen or met this woman nor do I know anything about her and the same goes for her, honestly :-).

  10. Torna Kom

    What a nice song.. Hanna your voice is gold..

  11. K C

    "If my way is your way then you'll make me radiate" ✨✨✨

  12. Christian Music Rocks Official

    Absolutely Amazing I love this song and you are a great singer and I love it when you worship Jesus and God i love you one of the best female Christian Artists

  13. Stephen S.Marak

    I love your songs May God bless you

  14. Kissinger Kiss

    She's so beautiful.

  15. william Raber

    No way you could listen this girl sing and deny GOD

  16. Odell Mahabeer

    I love Warrior and now this song ... you're a blessing

  17. Jim Chumley

    What a gorgeous smile! Such nice perfect teeth too! She also seems so decent and such a breath of fresh air for womanhood. Her lyrics and music are awesome I I believe of God and annointed.

  18. Jim Chumley

    I pray you remain decent and radiate the Lord. You have an incredible voice. Reminiscent of Susan Ashton.

  19. Angela Walker

    HANNAH YOU ARE LOVED. . . . . . . GOD . . . . . . .

    Angela Walker

    I AM A FAN. . . MIRACLE. . .

    Jim Chumley

    Angela Walker Its not often that God himsef makes a special comment.

  20. Pedro Cortez

    i was away from the world for 3 years. this song, Radiate, i was only able to listen to 5 times. it helped me through that time to make me realise that his light still shines on me no matter where i am.

    Angela Walker


  21. Christian Music Rocks Official

    Hannah Kerr is pretty

  22. Perry S

    seth up irvin2018

  23. Zach Gladden

    I love you Hannah Kerr you are a very good singer.

  24. Nathan Dunlap

    I talk like we do person to person u should know Ashley because we used to hang out tomorrow warned all of u.. people don't call or talk sentence in public anymore they forgot how they text or massage on there phone's just bring awareness to the commplaction in doing this see already not the best way to communicate is all I am saying and what talking Tom was trying to say..stop mis using specking in touges meaning some pretend to be another change there voice in use of tounges is not mend how God ment specking in tounges

  25. Valerie Morrisgill

    Love this song so much, needed in this season I'm in.♥♥

  26. กS:ต่ๅe lด็กติ๑lกม


  27. elizabeth coari

    Also thank you for being so Nice to Sydney when met her in November of 2017. I know in my heart she was deeply honored and felt very special but was very humble to say anything about it she was more interested in making sure there needs were taken care of first.

  28. Chelle L

    Love your music ... Awesome worship. Especially “mercy won”

  29. Billie Vinal

    Heard "warrior" for the first time about a week ago and had it playing on repeat. I'm just now heading this 1 and about cried! Keep at it Hannah, you're doing great!

    Nathan Dunlap

    Billie Vinal I was looking back and seen my little nephew trying to have my back in certain things so I has to write God little warrior

    and some other people have done the same

  30. Joni Beichner

    Hannah Kerr is such a beautiful girl! I love her spirit and she has such an amazing voice!

  31. Taki Taki GO

    I want her to come to the philipines to concert

  32. Miss T


  33. Jimmy Wills

    Ya like her look up Carrollton I seen her and them in concert amazing

  34. Miss T

    you have amazing voice!!!

  35. Daniel James Quartararo Music

    I absolutely love this! God bless you, richly, in Jesus’ mighty name! 😃

  36. First Last

    Hannah Kerr has a smile that can light up the darkest of days, and she has a heart and soul that is full of God's Grace. In my humble opinion, the true quality of any gifted artist, is one who can put the mind at ease and erase for a moment all of the troubles surrounding the day. Hannah Kerr has achieved just that. An excellent song, an excellent performance, by an excellent performer. Keep up the good work!! Your fans appreciate you and so does our Lord.

  37. The Variety Kid

    Her voice is pretty good! But the other parts of the song is not as good. Is not terrible and definitely not as bad as it was back in May when it was constantly played on 103.7 but the chorus of the radiate Part is probaly the worst but that’s not completely terrible espically the vocals, but it’s still can get pretty annoying if listened to more than a few times in a short period. Also the music video redeems (some of) the lost good quality.

  38. Nekoda Phillip

    Amazing Worship and Praise Hannah Kerr! God Bless and Keep You! https://plus.google.com/communities/100910038926282374769?sqinv=dXNLakZwWkppNGEyUHR0VHpFWTFvb2JUY0wta1B3

  39. Rebekah Lang

    I heard this once on family life radio

  40. arlena humblebeast

    I love love this song radiating Jesus light

  41. John Smert

    Needs 100million views 100million subs! I am ashamed to see pop music get 10 million hits in a day and people need the Lord and all these great Christian channels only got a couple thousand subs all glory to the Lord we need a great awakening in the U.S.A. praying for

    Jim Chumley

    John Smert Doesnt matter, Jesus has nevery been popular and never will be.

  42. Luz Orahdjkian

    0:32-0:34 #lol i luv her voice this is my favorite song from her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11😘;):):D:P^_~^_^O.O~_~=DB-)> <=]=P^_-;D

  43. Joshua Hiltibidal

    Amen!!!Amen!!Amen!!!(to god be the glory!!)😇❤️❤️🌎❤️❤️😇#🌟🌟🌟ehs!!!👍 TOV,BON,BOM,YOI(良い),BIEN,좋은(choeun),dobry,Hao(好),........&(Good!!!) SONG!!!!!!!❤️❤️❤️🌎🌟toda,merci,gracias,obrigado, kamsamnida,Thank you Yeshua,YAHWEH, ,El ELYON,jehovah jirah,jehovah Nissi,El shaddai,jezus,hesus,Adonia,Emanuel,god Almighty,Jesus of Nazareth.....Great touching song!

  44. Harminder1 Kaur

    Hannah your song brings smile on my face, after the hectic day now I feel relaxed..... I do believe on my supreme #waheguru ji.

  45. Mthabiso Phungula

    Oh my, I think she is Sarah Reeves' doppleganger :-O

  46. Shortstella Bella

    Why I dreamt of this song...I don't know. But I love it.

  47. Jana Horáková

    You are so beautiful!

  48. Marcus Couch Music

    Wow! Really good song Hannah!

  49. DOC ZED


  50. Tabitha Ameen

    Great song! I love your voice! I love singing your songs. Keep up the good work.

  51. Joana Stacy Nunes

    I love this song!

  52. Joana Stacy Nunes

    She is so cute!!

    Emie Melika

    That is true but we can not only look at the outside its the inside that really matters. And from what i can see her inside is being the best she can be, to me that kind of inside is really good, and loving.

  53. camilla almeida


  54. Sarita Ferraz Oficial

    Brasil ❤

  55. Victor Diaz

    Love this song!!

  56. Jim Chumley

    She reminds me of Susan Ashton. Susan Ashton has always been one of my favorites.

  57. Ariel Figueredo

    Excelente! Esperamos algunas mùsicas en espanhol!

  58. Doug Benson

    Love hearing this song on Air 1 in Arizona!!!!

  59. Grupo Radio Católica Orizaba

    Saludos Hannah Kerr, de tus amigos de Radio Católica Orizaba en México, Dios te bendiga, te dejo mensaje por Inbox de Mario Sánchez López.

  60. Ezekiel

    I love the tunes & the lyrics, the production of the music video!

  61. Alejandra Aguilera

    love this song❤

  62. Tom George

    great song. Very uplifting. Thank you for allowing God to use your talents.

  63. Elisha Ethan

    Such a beautiful song.

    Doug Duncan

    Elisha Ethan your right

  64. christoa91

    Heard it on 95.9 The Fish in Los Angeles. Love it!! (:D

    Little J Jr Munro

    christoa91 Rdote

  65. Jedidiah Cheng

    I really enjoy this song. I first heard it on Spotify a few months ago, and I have been loving it ever since. I also love the songs Warrior, Undivided, and Never Leave Your Side! God bless.

  66. jayc

    we go through so much
    and songs like this one
    make you feel so good
    love it

  67. Bryana Samuel

    This song gets me through the day!🙌🏽

  68. Marisa Lenardson

    i went to a concert and she played the first 3 songs

  69. Zoe Guzman_22

    I love this song!! You have a beautiful voice!!! Keep worshiping the Lord!! I would love to see you in concert!!

    Christian Music Rocks Official

    I love it too I love all of her songs

    James Calabrese

    I saw her two days ago live in concert it was the first time listening to her music she is way better live her voice is so powerful to God be the glory

  70. Matt G

    I LOVE THIS!!!!

    Zoe Guzman_22


  71. Kendra Lane

    My first time hearing this song! And thank God I did. It brought so much joy to my spirit. Thank God for purposely leading me to this song! 🙌🏾

    Elenoir Cheruto

    Kendra Lane me too😁

    Alana LaLaMaybe

    Kendra Lane . It does and I believe God is bringing Joy to his Children. the Time of Hurt and Refinement is Over ! There will be Trials but Joy will Surround us !

    Kendra Lane

    Alana LaLaMaybe Amen! I believe that also!!! We serve an awesome, loving, merciful Heavenly Father!

    Naomi Lewis

    Kendra Lane Amen!

  72. Elly Eli

    Wow! where is ccm? I put this in my favorite gospel songs list

  73. Daniel Hawkins

    Great job...your smile makes me smile. :)

  74. Atrocitus Collectibles

    Great song! Best of 2017!

    Zoe Guzman_22

    Oh yeah!!

    Ayookd 1

    Atrocitus Collectibles very good song but not best of the year imo

  75. Jeeka

    Love this song that I can't stop listening to it. Really great! :)

  76. Abel

    I love this song!