Hank Williams - Ready To Go Home Lyrics

There's comin' a day when the world shall melt away
And Jesus shall come to claim His own
No more tears, no pain, no woe, in this wicked world below
Then will you be ready to go home

Will you be ready to go, ready to go home
To live with Him up there around the throne
When He says come unto Me, will your soul be clean and free
Then will you be ready to go home

In this world of greed and hate will you wait til it's too late
To claim the Saviour for your own
For He's coming someday, to bear your soul away
Then will you be ready to go home

As you travel day by day, down life's long highway
Are you on the road that leads to wrong
If you'll just travel in His light and pray both day and night
Then you'll be ready to go home

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Hank Williams Ready To Go Home Comments
  1. Kevin Mclemore

    The KING of country music . I love all his Gospel songs . Reminds me of my Dad. He played and sang all hanks songs and sounded so much like him . Love it

  2. Frank Elwert

    I am a german guy
    this is the BEST of it all
    Hank Williams was the first record i bought and it will be my last
    His emotions must have killed his existence

  3. frettedfun

    So fine...

  4. Jeff Reese

    Better than the new country today

  5. jesse odin


  6. bobby joe young #2 because stephenG blocked me

    Best country singer of all time too bad he died so young

  7. Frank Smathers

    Hank Sr. is an American treasure ....

    Robert Pogue

    YOU BET!!!

  8. Evan Carlson

    so good

  9. PasibaigusiTriusikuKarta

    thanks cf

  10. Nirvana cana

    his best

  11. buddyhooch88

    great quality thanks. im nearly ready