Hank Williams - Just Waitin' Lyrics

The old maid's waitin' for leap year to come
The crooner's Just Waitin' to sing
The old cow's standin' by the Bull Durham sign
Just a-Waitin' for the grass to turn green.

The bar-fly's waitin' for an easy mark
'N' the hitch-hiker's waitin' for a ride
The life-termer's waitin' for a prison break
The beachcomber's waitin' for the ride. (tide)

Farmer's daughter's waitin' for the salesman
To take her into town
The city slicker's waitin' for the country boy
To lay all his money down.

You know ev'rything comes to a standstill
Nothin' seems to make a turn
Worm must be waitin' for the early bird
I guess the early bird's waitin' for the worm.

Nobody wants to do nothin'
Just Waitin' to get a finger in the pie
Waitin' for a call from a big quiz show
Or hopin' and a-waitin'for some rich uncle to die. (deleted 'and')

Katy, she's waitin' at the garden gate
The moonshiner's waitin' at the still
'N' the gambler's still waitin' for that Ace in the hole
I guess Jack's still waitin' for Jill.

Ev'rybody's waitin' for som'thin'
Nothing seems to turn out right
'Cause the night shift's waitin' for mornin'
And the burglar Just Waitin' for night.

The congregation's waitin' for the preacher
Preacher Just Waitin' for the groom
The groom's Just Waitin' for the June bride
And the bride's Just Waitin' for June.

Sunflow'rs waitin' for the sunshine
Violets Just Waitin' for dew
Bees Just Waitin' for honey
And, honey, -- I'm -- Just -- Waitin' -- for -- you.

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Hank Williams Just Waitin' Comments
  1. jack bobrick

    everybody is wait'in for something,,,except those down at the morgue tonight,,their not wait'in for noth'in, for they lost their appetite...

  2. Marshall

    You have to have smelt a lot of mule manure to write a song like this.



    extract (metal) from its ore by a process involving heating and melting.
    "tin smelting"
    extract a metal from (ore) by smelting.