Hank Williams Jr. - We Can Work It All Out Lyrics

Wouldn't it be so nice if we could all live in peace and harmony
If Arab and Jew and North and South and me and you could just work it all out
I used to cry and wonder why war had to be fought and people have to die
But now they don't count all I think about
Is that me and you could just work it all out
I had a dream the world's leaders came together to talk and stop to think
I wish me and you could make it come true and show the world how to work it all out
The yellow and red the black and white
North and South me and you we could work it all out

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Hank Williams Jr. We Can Work It All Out Comments
  1. Doug Sweaney

    No, we cannot work it out.

    Jeff Sartain

    If everything was just that simple.

  2. Emperor Hundred Head

    What a very, very familiar tune, Not one of Hanks

  3. eyoung2289

    Elli still support obola today or had a change of mind?

    Doug Sweaney

    You make no sense.

  4. Guy Cicinia

    hank is one of the most outspoken musicians in country. he isnt racist, but he is right about obama, hes a terrible president. and the longer he is in office the farther this country is going to go down the fucking drain.

  5. elli madison

    i'm an obama supporter, but i love my hank. if anyone thinks he's a racist, this song shows he's not. he shares my ideals - and this song was inspirational to me as a child raised in 70's alabama - but he and i have different ideas about the right path to these goals. love him. thanks for posting.

  6. Chris Fontenot

    I had this on on 8-track a long time ago. I used to love these songs.....and still do!