Hank Williams Jr. - If I Could Just Go Home Lyrics

Oh Lord if I could just go home
I'd do things different from now on
There wouldn't be near the gray in my ole daddy's hair
Oh Lord if I could just go home

I know it wasn't daddy's fault that mama died when I was just a kid
And the very best he could do to raise me right was all he ever did
Now I never stopped to think that he'd loved her a lot longer than I had
And he was every bit as alone
And I don't guess I'd helped him very much to build a happy home
He made sure I got to church every Sunday just like mama had always done
And I could tell that he was sorry he had to work so hard
And we never had much time for fun
He knew I missed mama a lot
And maybe he was easier on me than he should've been
But it sure ain't his fault that I didn't turn out to be much of a man
Well I've grew on into my teens and I guess I thought I was real hot stuff
Goin' into town and hangin' around bars and actin' pretty tough
Well you know I'm lookin' out at a different set of bars now
And that little window don't let it much light
You see I got roarin' drinkin' mad one night and I killed a man in a fight
Well I got a letter from back home the other day sayin' daddy'd had a stroke
And he ain't doin' too good and I guess if I'd of done right
I'd be there to help him and God you know I would
I'd pay him back for all the years of love that he gave me
And I'd try so hard to be a better man the way he always taught me to be
Oh Lord if I could just go home

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