Hank Williams Jr. - I've Got Rights Lyrics

I went down to the Mary Cater Paint Store
I said, give me one of them Smith & Wesson Magnum .44s
Cause there's a man that the law let loose and justice was not done
This man he killed my wife and my only little son

I'll never forget the way he looked all through the trial
He had a big name lawyer and he had that smirky smile
Oh yeah, he got you off on a technicality
But you'd have to grow wings and fly to ever get away from me

Cause I got rights
I got rights too
And this time there won't be no damn lawyers and systems to protect you
But I'm gonna read you - I'm gonna read you your rights
You got the right to know that you're gonna go to hell one of these black nights

And when the trial was over he had the nerve to say that's the way it goes
I said, well hoss you better get you some corks cause your gonna have to plug up a few holes
I guess he thought I was talkin' just to pass away time
But he kinda looks different now on his knees beggin' for his life

Hey, I got rights
I got some rights too
And this time there won't be no damn lawyers and systems to protect you
But I'm gonna read you - I'm gonna read you your rights
Cause I want you to know that your gonna go to hell one of these black nights

Yeah, and this time there aint no damn lawyers and systems to save you

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Hank Williams Jr. I've Got Rights Comments
  1. 2 Pimp Chimp

    .44 magnums are only typically used for squirrel hunting.

    Can't really trust them for anything bigger.

  2. Quentin Miller

    Anyone know what Hank Williams Jr's logo is? The same as Ruger. I'm surprised that he didn't say " Ruger Redhawk 44s.

  3. Jim C.

    Had a CI kill my son. Thought he was golden. They tried to sweep it under the rug. Took almost 2 years but the POS was convicted of murdering my only son of 19 years.

  4. Jack Edwards

    Forgot about this old gem love this song

  5. Dustin Leitheiser

    I always say to put serial killers and child predators in a room with one of there victims dads and look the door from the outside


    Mary Carter paint store still exists in Cullman, Al after all these years

  7. kim Martin

    44 mag.

  8. stephen sherman

    Same for those with a pantigam gaval. I'd love to see that in the church.

  9. Dl Allysin Kay

    How we roll these weak ass people need to go home,Look at the Boston bomber they should have killed that coward but now he has movies and book deals and many others the system protects

  10. Cole Kirtley

    Liberal think murderers have more rights than unborn babies.


    So true, but then again they do have a mental disability, so you can't really blame them for having mashed potatoes for brains.

  11. bevy bear

    . the people you can see face to face aint the problem.
    2yrs i have not had a safe email account after repeatedly changing it. 4 phones each hacked by the same people my privacy breached
    im not staying silent anymore Kathy Barr
    or so she says is primary on this group ..they wont face me they harrass and stalk steal lie manipulate and threaten daily
    but only hidden behind a dark computer screen
    weak ass punks & pussies

  12. John Spurlock

    The puppet government put in place by the global corporations who are Satan worshipers from the beginning. I've done everything they could do to destroy people's religion people's families people's traditions people's means of making a living

  13. dead fish tell no tales

    This song is the best.

  14. Wendell Cotham


  15. Greg Oneal

    Ok. I'm drinkin beer and this got me rowdy. Next is Freebird and a steak off the grill.

  16. Wendell Cotham

    This there ANT no dam lawyers and system to SAVE YOU

  17. Wendell Cotham

    That's the way I see it AMERICAN THEY ALL HAD BIG MONEY but they just didn't have WINGS 😁✋🌀🗽

  18. Wendell Cotham

    I like the album cover the best THE WAY I SEE IT AMERICA FUCK YALL ✋😁🔥🔥🔥🗽🇺🇸GET IT

  19. Wendell Cotham

    That's right Hank and they don't have wings ROAR ROAR ROAR ROAR 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥😁✋

  20. jeff hartung

    For my son Eric who was murdered in cold blood by Abel Horton, Abel's mother Helena Jones and her boytoy Tilman Wells111. We finally got justice son. After 2 years and 7 months.

    Ken Beichler

    Come on everyone where is this man's support. We need to stick together.

    Michelle Ayotte

    So sorry for your loss, Sir. And I'm glad you got justice for your son.

  21. Ron Babcock

    Read the declaration of independence....within you will see that not only is it our right but it is our duty to protect we the people from a tyrannical form of government but also the bad peolle in this world...it is our absolute right to defend each other and kill the bad guys

  22. Rodney Winkles

    Remember that. We got rights. U awesome bocephus as u always have been come to Ripley Ms I'd pay 100$ bucks to come to your concert n I live in Ripley Ms n bring kid rock with you too. Damn what a hell of a show that'd be man. Miss ole hossJennings n ole possum n Conway damn!!!!

  23. Benton Joel

    Southern justice

  24. Daron Moulder

    I got me S&W 629. Loaded and ready. Have gun, will travel.

    Ray Lingerfelt

    Colt Python here Brother!

  25. Gianmarco Groppelli, hillbilly

    *i hope U proud of me that i never went off Mason-Dixon line*
    *Long live to our proud flag* !

    Anthony Shue

    Sent from rhode Island 😂😂😂

  26. Jennifer Delay

    I wont let them go to anyone that wont take care of them like i do these are wild and f

  27. Jennifer Delay

    They are beautiful ok a boy and girl simease

  28. Gianmarco Groppelli, hillbilly

    *BOCEPHUS IS STILL THE KING* 💓 💓 💓 💓 💓 💓

  29. Andy Smith


  30. Karla Staley

    I'm just an American mutt.

  31. jim johnson

    oh hell yea...

  32. Bryan Collvins

    Bad ass song Bryan

  33. Muslim Slayer

    If the left here’s this they will ban it from you tube

  34. eyoung2289

    luvluv luv those drums

  35. Appalachian Runner

    My hat is off to Hank for being a red blooded American 👍🇺🇸



  37. Benjamin Cummins

    This song is the best you mess with my family you will pay

  38. Vincent DeLuca

    Fuck with my family. I will blow your head off. Law or no Law.

  39. Dee Dee Serpas, Ret Reserve Lt, widow 2/18/19

    Say it Bocephus

  40. Jason Andros

    Fuck it, everyone is some kind of dumbass crazy. To hell w bo, just a proud hillbilly idiot dinosaur... I still gotta admit that I love this particular song. Dude’s all full of shit, I had to witness him in person perform “all my Palin friends are coming over tonight”...it was embarrassing! He belongs in the 1800’s.

  41. Vincent DeLuca

    Some people deserve to drop to their knee andshit in there pants
    While you blow off there head with a mag 44. Hank#1

  42. Robert Nolan

    All the comments about leader like HANK closes we will ever get is what we have RIGHT NOW USA GO TRUMB

  43. Elora LizaLou L. D. H.

    I mean, link sent me here...

  44. Buck Mozingo

    Nothing like hank and the true country legends

  45. Wendell Cotham


    Brian Linz

    Wendell Cotham

  46. Wendell Cotham

    It can't be done

  47. Wendell Cotham

    I am in court all the time it's funny how the very judge is not allowed to be there and systems to protect them LOL public spectacle

  48. Wendell Cotham

    You can have wings and fly BUT YOU WILL NEVER GET AWAY FROM THE MOST HIGH

  49. Cindy Vincent

    BTW I'm so scared that I express my opinion.my coworkers don't like you & now me either.scared to be proud,scared to be me.thats what people died for freedom.I love my country

  50. C R

    I guess he thought I was talkin' just to pass away time....

  51. hellya hell ya

    Thank u fro ths song

  52. XIV Words

    why did he get a gun and a paint store

  53. XIV Words

    cleaver ad

  54. Christopher Thomas

    There's mike from New York that got mugged and stabbed!

  55. jeremy

    This song is bad to the bone

  56. 88kingofhearts88

    God damn good American right here.

  57. DARK 6

    Some people deserves to die like dogs Paul Jordan Jr from rocky mount Va

  58. the nerdy guitarist gameing

    Take the us back to the old west

  59. perry humphries

    I Know
    where Mary Carter paint store is

    troy gabriel

    I want visit that store, howdy from troy from karabar

    Brett Morgan

    Cullman Alabama

    derek lovell

    Cullman alabama

    Kaye Littles

    Yes it's in Cullman, Alabama.

  60. Wendell Cotham


  61. Katina ShultzWeaver

    One of these days! I am going to read all 3 of them their fucken rights

  62. Brad C

    Your goin to hell one of these black nights

  63. Tony

    Nothing like Hank 🎶

  64. Sam Burton

    So what i have my right to you ant the Only man out there with gun right there people out there to with right

  65. Wendell Cotham


  66. Wendell Cotham


  67. Wendell Cotham

    THE WAY I SEE IT America ⚡⚡⚡⚡⚡⚡⚡

  68. Wendell Cotham


  69. Daniel lee Johnson

    Does anyone know where the Marry Carter store is,??

    Wendell Cotham

    Daniel lee Johnson ⚡⚡⚡⚡⚡⚡⚡

    Bulma Briefs


  70. Morrison Dailey

    God bless hank williams too drunk to not listen keep the good ole boys going even when we think we can't WV born and raised country proud and country loud yee yee

  71. Jorge NLdesmadre

    Ive got rights #2amendment
    #support #the righttobeararms #2018

  72. Ecto 1

    Hank for president 2020

  73. Eric Simpson

    I am waiting for your releace

    Wendell Cotham

    Eric Simpson ⚡⚡⚡⚡⚡⚡⚡

  74. Tyler Hobbs

    Murderers should be tied to the back of a truck by a chain and dragged across the road going 100 MPH

  75. Eric Simpson

    Cody beebee is a child molester

  76. JennyFord Rushing

    Hey I got right's to when it comes to BRADY

  77. jason h

    Nashville won't allow songs like this

    JC JCC

    Are you joking? Nashville?

    John Hopley

    Hahaha hank is the most true outlaw

    George Moore

    Nashvegas is just another skinny jeans soy kale sjw liberal bacteria town.

    Austin Jones

    I wish this is the real stuff

  78. Justin Hughes

    Thank God for hank jr best role model ever.

  79. DeeDee P

    Hank for president in 2023


    2023? Is thst when the South will rise again?

  80. watch dogs 3 boy

    Love listening to this while I play red dead redemption

  81. vaughn winslett

    144 idiots.

    Wendell Cotham

    vaughn winslett ⚡⚡⚡⚡⚡⚡⚡

    Wendell Cotham

    vaughn winslett no there is a whole world FULL 🦁🦁🦁🦁🦁🦁🦁

  82. Edd Ter

    Im not racists or radical but if someone commits murder just like school shootings..guilty beyond dought ..remember how they stopped it the old west ..just saying ..trials aren't helping...punishment but no pleas..or mercy for god sake there shooting kids ..stop them!! Damn the games

    Bulma Briefs

    Hell yeah! We need to hang the hell out of them!!

    Cody Whittenton

    Tired of wasting our tax dollars to feed and shelter these evil people 1 round of 9mm or 5.56 to the head would save us a lot of trouble and money

  83. Billy Holloway

    I dig the shit out of this song

  84. Edd Ter

    True..slap'em on wrist...no punishment for true criminals!!

  85. Daniel Barnett

    Cause I want you to know that you gona go to hell one of these black nights

  86. Benjamin Grubich

    Shot out too Andy Douchy for showin me this song junior year of highscool great song bro. Peace!!!!!!

  87. selena newsome


    jason Lawson

    selena newsome best line in a great song

  88. Hunter Scott Cox

    I've got rights and this is America!!! Well said Hank Jr!!!!

  89. Frank Jeffers

    He went to the paint store to buy a .44??

    Not how I'd doit

    back in the days of Great America guns were commonly purchased in hardware stores, which a paint store would also double as.


    The Mary Carter Paint Store that Hank references is in Cullman, AL and is still open today. Think of it more like a Hardware/General Store & Sporting Goods than just a Paint Store.


    Harry Bawlsack

    @rcw372 you can also buy dildos and other sex toys and pleasurables there also. I was just there couple months ago. Bought a .30-30 and a rocket dildo and lube for the ol lady

  90. Michelle Ayotte

    As a mother who lost a daughter to a POS driver I would do what this song says. She was a loving 2 yr old then . Miss her every day, still.

  91. superjoint41


  92. Addie Sharp

    Damn good song right there

  93. ¡TheRealJackXCovington! C Renegade Ω

    I'm what's gone wrong with This Country.

  94. David Lichtenfelt

    I love this song

  95. zig zag

    We will. Get them. In this life or the next brother count on it...