Hank Williams Jr. - I Love You A Thousand Ways Lyrics

I love you I'll prove it in days to come
I swear it's true darling you're the only one
I think of you of the past and all our fun
I love you I'll prove it in days to come

You're my darling you've been true
I should have been good to you
You're the one that's in my heart
While we're apart

I'll be true I'll prove it to you some day
I love you in my heart you'll always stay
I've been so blue and lonesome all these days
I love you I'll prove it a thousand ways

I'll be nice and sweet to you and no more will you be blue
I'll prove I love you every day all kinds of ways
Darling please wait please wait until I'm free
There'll be a change a great change made in me
I'll be true you'll have no more blue days
I love you and I'll prove it a thousand ways

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Hank Williams Jr. I Love You A Thousand Ways Comments
  1. Lena Andersson

    Very GREAT 🎤🎸👍🎼🔊🔊🔊

  2. Loretta Burnell


  3. Tina Beck

    Love this song I love u a thousand ways

  4. Tommy Vinson

    Yeah he does a good job on this one.

  5. John B

    Hank lost me a little bit in the 80s but his early stuff shows his talent

  6. Colin Purssey

    Pure Gold ! Lefty would be proud.

  7. the winner

    Thanks for posting this one Jack!  Great video too.

    J.W. Gauntt

    @the winner very welcome my Friend, thanks for listening

  8. shuffle877

    I love Hank Jr.'s early stuff. He can really do traditional country well if he wants to. Thanks Jack!!!

    J.W. Gauntt

    @shuffle877 very welcome shuff man, i agree wholeheartedly

  9. latokatn506

    Super  Super Job  Here Thanks Jack 

    J.W. Gauntt

    you're welcome LT's, glad you enjoyed it

  10. Károlyné Szépvölgyi

    Kedves Jack Nagyon tetszett ez a szép dal,
    Az énekes csodálatos volt,
    Köszönettel Klára Szépvölgyi

    J.W. Gauntt

    you're very welcome Clare, glad you enjoyed it