Hank Williams Jr. - Does Your Mama Know You're Here Lyrics

There are no signs of age upon your face
So I wonder what you're doin' in this place
You're too young to know so much about life
Does your mama know you're here tonight

She said Mister I learned about life from men just like you
I know how to hold 'em and kiss 'em and make 'em want me too
Now you see me here with a painted face and my dress is a little tight
But I'm lookin' for fun that's why I'm here tonight
She said I can tell you many stories about the things I've done and seen
Why I was smokin' and drinkin' before I was fifteen
My daddy left mama when I was but a little bitty child
Mama was pretty reckless and I guess that's why I'm so wild
That's my mama sittin' over there just in back of you
Here's some pictures of my daddy when I was only two
Yeah mama knows I'm here tonight
And now when I look at these pictures daddy you do too

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