Hank Williams Jr. - Born To Boogie Lyrics

Well my momma met my daddy down in Alabama
They tied the knot so here I am.
Born on the bayou on the Texas Line
Loved Louisiana and raised on Jambalaya.

Now before I could walk I had a guitar in my hand
By the time I could talk I had my own band,
Went on the road when I was eight years old
When I turned fifteen I was stealing the show.

Money to burn and the girls were pretty
It didn't take me long to learn that I was born to boogie.

When I was eighteen I went to Hollywood
I met Elvis, Marilyn and Johnny B. Goode,
Got my guitar painted in the California sun
A red caddilac having to much fun.

Now we were playing them halls and jammin'
Then until they moved me on over to M.G.M.
They said this is the boy we've been telling you about,
He lit a cigar and stuck his hand out.

He said son have we got a deal for you
Gonna make you a star give you fifty thousand too.
I told him my Momma didn't raise no fool.
I'll take your money, I'll make you a movie
But I can tell ya' right now I am born to boogie.

Well my name is Bocephus I drink whiskey by the gallon
And I never back down and I love a good challenge
What I do now is what I did then
I like to get down with all my rowdy friends.

Now I can be sweet and I can be mean
I still got my hat and I still wear my jeans
My shades are chromo my guitar is steal
If you think I won't then believe me I will

Get down on you baby because I ain't no rookie
I was put here to party and I was born to boogie

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Hank Williams Jr. Born To Boogie Comments
  1. Melissa Kerns

    I still love to get down and party with a cold one on Friday night

  2. Kelsey Grant

    Love it

  3. Wes Collins

    One of my fondest memories as a child is being in the drivers seat of my daddies 18 wheeler blasting this song as we burned the roads up going all over

  4. Mikie's Mustangs

    I love this man lol one of the greatest ever

  5. CreeperSquad

    like to vote for the confederate flag to be welcomed again


    @Azahliya Snow what weird ass screwed up religion did you come from to get that information? That is legit a lie.

    Nirvana Lynn

    CreeperSquad The Constitution says, “Treason against the United States, shall consist only in levying war against them.” The confederates did exactly that. They were U.S. citizens who took up arms against their own government. Also, keep in mind that the flag most consider the confederate flag is actually a battle flag. A battle flag that was flown as confederate soldiers slaughtered American soldiers. Flying the confederate flag is dishonoring your country, spitting on the idea of patriotism, and stomping on the sacrifices brave men and women have made for us all.


    @Azahliya Snow never in my life have I heard anyone tell me that phrase when I talk about this flag. Never in my life have I even heard of that phrase period. If you’re telling the truth then how the hell have I gone this long without hearing anything of this until now


    Also it’s not that they were fighting, it’s what they were fighting for. Which was slavery. So yeah

    Nirvana Lynn

    CreeperSquad I think most of it is just ignorance of the background. However, those who do know mostly choose to ignore it because they don’t want to change anything.

  6. Frankie Chalkey

    I love this song so bad

  7. Lauren King

    Money to burn and the girls are pretty didn't take me long to learn that I Was Born to Boogie. Amen!

  8. Chris McCurdy

    This is one of favorite country song by Hank Jr. and Hank sure puts on a wonderful concert.

  9. Richard McLean

    Shut the f$%^ up about politics and leave politics out of this. There are no mentions of it in this song... F&#^ politics and enjoy being born to boogie!!!

  10. Richard Fortune

    the timing is all fucked up like Hank and the crew was when they made this Number.

  11. roger mauck

    The best country music about the boogie

  12. Alexis Chavera

    Wish I could go see him he is coming to Morgantown West Virginia in a couple days! Love you Hank Jr😘

  13. Aurora Marie Almeara

    Great song love it

  14. Paul Brockman

    You sure are pretty tonight.

  15. Gianmarco Groppelli, hillbilly

    *Hank Hill is the king* from old school when country music was real 'cause real country music is a *FAMILY TRADITION* 🏅
    ( bigger hillbilly star )

    Travis Smith

    Hank Hill sells propane

    Travis Smith

    Your a little confused but you got the spirit

  16. acountryboycansurvive

    If your foots not moving with the song what are you doing


    trust me it is

    Marlon Isaac

    Yup it's a moving alright as I came across your comment 😂😉

  17. J BELL


  18. Dark Bishop

    One day I hope I see Hank Jr, Already made the mistake on missin' Tom Petty in concert.



  19. Koala Dünyası

    He is legend

  20. james dorsey

    [><] Rockin Randall Hank [><]

  21. Crystal Haynes

    Hank jr at Springfield Illinois

  22. The Crimson Knight

    I was put here to party and I was.. Born To Boogie!!!!!!

  23. Dimmu666ist

    2019 yeehaw

  24. GunsNmore

    Love the flag!

  25. josh williams

    best song

  26. David Triplett

    Love the flag🇺🇸

  27. Daniel Burns

    this song went to #1 on the country charts in 1987!!!

  28. Giants588

    Hank Williams Jr definitely plays some hot music!

  29. Jason French

    You a family Bocephus Man (too bad for my maw, she dreams of you, your music, your canons and digs lol) kickbutt music man. No disputing her good taste.
    PS: that Confederate Flag drove her nuts. Rock on.

    little dixie Mo

    Why did the flag drive her crazy?

  30. Jason French

    I’m da maw, Lordy they don’t come close to the “Bocephus” and the Rebel Flag

  31. niccanada01

    This is my song

  32. Erik

    Big band boogie uptempo country. Nothing beats this !

  33. VintagePassionMBTK7

    Gemmy Pop culture series Hank Williams Jr.!

  34. Pimmie

    BORN TO BOOGIE IN 2016! :P

    Nicholas Smith

    Pimmie 2018!

    Lauren Peak

    @Nicholas Smith here in 2019

    LoLo Pardus

    2020 here

  35. OakiLory

    when did this song come out? I just stumbled upon it, and I'm 20!

    My Mountain Memories

    OakiLory early or mid 80's

    Jake Lott

    Have you been living under a rock !?

  36. Gabe Little

    haha aint that the truth!

  37. TwiztdTruckr25

    you can tell 3 dislikes voted for Obama

    Jason French

    Hahaha luv that comment, bless your Rebel soul

    Terrick Smith

    Actually I love Hank's music and Obama being president I loved it

    Chief Beef

    I voted for bernie but idc cuz hank with the best

  38. Spook

    GO BAMA!

  39. david walker

    dat dat dat dat dat

  40. jcarmell

    Hank bitch!

    A B

    Wtf are u

    Lauren King

    This comment is an oxymoron... in the real world Hank Williams jr is The Man and anyone talking shit behind a keyboard is a bitch! Put that in your crack pipe and smoke it.

    Lauren King

    My comment was directed at Jcarmell

  41. carmen harper

    true dat

  42. tyler Waldrop

    im happy to know there r still country lovers out there. to all the country boys out there go grab a cold one and getcha girls cause its the weekend GO PARTY


    I'm a fan of real country music like this, not the crap they try to pass off as "country" on the radio now

  43. Tausha Thomas

    line dancing is for city slickers! :P

  44. Gregory

    when this song came out i was little, but realized how good it was. I remember playing it on the record player over and over! great song! If you think i wont then baby i will!

  45. csmith2219

    best song

  46. Dave Wollenberg

    ACC's #36 song of '87. God bless ya, for postin' it. Thanx! Have a blessed weekend!

  47. John Giller Jr.

    tare it up hank

  48. Morgan Ely

    This song is soo awesome!!!!!!! I was born to boogie!!!

  49. Morgan Ely

    Love this groovy tune!!! Yay!!!

  50. Morgan Ely

    I can't stop dancing to this awesome tune!!! What am I gonna do? I was born to boogie!!!

  51. Maria Kastanis

    perfect tune....!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!