Hank Williams III - White Trash Lyrics

Well I was raised in a holler
And I grew up eatin' mud
And in my baby bottle was whiskey
And I came from bad blood.

Well I got relatives here
They just don't look quite right.

A couple of 'em only got one eye
That I heard that they lost in a fight.

You know why
You got any idea, what I’m talkin about, boy
Do you know why

It's White Trash
It's White Trash
It's White Trash
It's White Trash

My daddy started beatin' me
At the tender age of five
He said, "You gotta be tough motherfucker
If you're ever gonna in this town alive"

He used to beat my momma
And he’d spit in my face
And laugh at the world
Cause he was such a fuckin' disgrace

Do you know why
You got any idea, son
Do you know why

White Trash
White Trash

Stand up
Take it like a man boy
Do as I say son
You put this beer in your hand

White Trash
I'm White Trash
I'm White Trash
I'm White Trash

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Hank Williams III White Trash Comments
  1. Aaron Cook

    I fucking love this album

  2. William Cutting

    Almost sounds like the intro to heart shaped box

  3. ChevyBM

    This was for some reason deleted from Spotify!?

  4. Mark Fabin

    First song I ever heard from Hank 3. I want to say it was in the "Audiogalaxy" days. May have been a live clip


    Fuck yeah

  6. Ian Hastings

    Fuck curb! Download this album.

  7. Grim Reaper

    Yelawolf Hank3 lets see it

    Christine Brown

    Grim Reaper omg 😮 YES

    Chris Moore

    @Dead Man bustin like an addict with a semiautomatic who done had it and he ready for anybody to buck back

  8. TXzombiekiller

    Damm...hank jr did that fuckedup shit 2 hank3??? That’s fuck up. If I ever see any1 harm a child or a woman n front of me I will put u down. By down I mean over 6 feet under. I don’t care if itz hank jr. Hurting a woman or child is just fucked up.

  9. Graimee Mimes

    He signed with Curb again? I dont care just surprised.

    Douglas Wiener

    No he did not. This was the last of what they had of his unreleased shit. #FuckCurbRecords

    Graimee Mimes

    @Douglas Wiener thanks thats great news hahah


    Fuck curb!!!!

    John Jay

    I heard he gave Curb herpes on purpose.