Hank Williams - I Can't Help It (If I'm Still In Love With You) Lyrics

Today I passed you on the street
And my heart fell at your feet
I can't help it if I'm still in love with you.
Somebody else stood by your side
And he looked so satisfied
I can't help it if I'm still in love with you.

A picture from the past came slowly stealing
As I brushed your arm and walked so close to you
Then suddenly I got that old time feeling
I can't help it if I'm still in love with you.

It's hard to know another's lips will kiss you
And hold you just the way I used to do
Oh, heaven only knows how much I miss you
I can't help it if I'm still in love with you.

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Hank Williams I Can't Help It (If I'm Still In Love With You) Comments
  1. Sandy Juntunen

    Sometimes you just have to shut off the trash they call country now and come listen to pure country singing and writing. Clean out your system! 100% full proof Hank, cure for the country deprived soul!

  2. Greg McLean

    My dad's favorite and he would embarrass my mom who was from the jazz town of Chicago when he was courting her. Hahaha, but it turns out they got married for over 50 years until death did them part. Raise 6 kids working 2 jobs most his life getting a bronze star and purple heart in Europe as an Army Sgt in the infantry fighting the Germans. They both did their generation proud as being part of the greatest ever. Love you, mom and dad, and remembering you both today..P.S. as kids when riding in the car with dad we had to listen to K-Fox Long Beach Ca a hick country-western channel and hated it back then but now it's in my blood and can't get enough of country classics just like I can't get enough of good homemade stew that I also hated back then with mom making it so often but now it's pure heavenly manna to enjoy now and then

  3. Rhonda Roberts

    I love me some Hank Sr.

  4. Casey Henson

    I couldn’t even skim read this fast enough

  5. Arnold Mooney

    I've been a Hank fan since 1962 when I first heard him. That voice can make any song he does great.

  6. patrick ryan

    I can't help it if I'm still in love with your music, Hank; very little has ever replaced its excellence. Love this song and "Cold, Cold Heart" especially. You really understood the human condition (at least as it once was). And I think I understood your human condition more than most. God gave you to us, and I'm certain that finally He simply wanted you back. On loan for just a short time, but never to be forgotten. 11/2019

  7. Aryca Wiesen

    I like the song, but, you could have given us more time to read what you wrote

  8. creeky 86

    you know reading is done word by word,right? not by taking a mental photograph of a paragraph and reading it later? at least not for me, if it is for you you should be studied. all ball busting aside, thanks for uploading a great song

    Rayah Pahpasay

    creeky 86 it’s 2019 now but I am still listening to this my dad showed me this 😥😢

  9. Carlos Lopez

    to me hank. wilians. is 0ne the. best.

  10. Bob Harris

    Recorded March 16, 1951. Jerry Rivers on fiddle, Don Helms on steel. Hank wrote it.

  11. mr. warmth

    thats more like it was gonna call the geek squad

  12. Richard Pineda

    I was raised hearing both hanks Thompson and Williams and both Johnny's Horton and Cash!!!

  13. Shawn Rogers

    Who ever wrote that video crap dont know a horse from a ass

  14. christine solet

    my daddy always told me when i pass away play his music and that was MR HANK WILL AM.MY dad played a guitar and sung his song's to us.LOVE AND MISS BOTH OF THESE MEN

  15. Thomas Paine

    Real music.

  16. Tom T

    Great video but I'm not a speed reader.  You should have slowed down a bit on the info you were trying to give.

  17. Lydia Bennett

    no country music better than hank's

    June Oates

    Sorry … There is no music better than Hank's.

  18. Colin Beardshall

    Country as it ought to be from one of the first rock n roll casualties.  RIP Hank.

  19. don totten

    Great story behind this song.He and Audry went to Fred Rose with his songs and Fred asked him to write a song about walking down the street and he sees his old girlfriend coming towards him and he penned this hit. Fred had taken Audry for a coffee and came back to this. never be another like him.


    Yes and you are also listening to Hanks delivery of his lyrics. Very Very few can write it and deliver it like him. A singer song writer reveals their heart and soul.

  20. Max Mooney

    Country should return to THIS. This is the real deal!

  21. David H

    Hank Sr. was the best of the best.  I love to hear him sing his songs. When others mess with his music it always seems to get messed up real bad.  He will always be the heart of country music.

  22. emily lauren

    ive listened to hank ever since i was young, im 15 now still aint a day that goes by that i dont listen to a tune or two.

    Isaac Beckman

    @Angelo Flores Careful..  those are fightin words.. 

    emily lauren

    @Angelo Flores you obviously don't know what real music is. I'm fifteen and I'd rather listen to Hank then that rap crap any day.

    Max Mooney

    @emily lauren Keep being you Emily. The world needs more people who appreciate true Country music. Don't listen to Angelo. He's just a troll with no life.

    demonic alien cat princess

    +emily lauren

    I'm 22 and I've been listening to country music since the turn of this century (thanks to Stars In Their Eyes). Most of it is the golden oldies stuff, but I am starting to like modern country music. Bluegrass, however, is my most favorite genre, and the band that I'm currently listening to is the Foghorn Stringband (they are awesome and their mandolin player can write songs that sound like they should have been recorded by Hank).

    Steve Endicott

    Angelo Flores: I'd just like to see you write a song,have a recording career(burn out at an early age,sorry no disrespect!) intended and go on to have your songs remembered 63 years after you're dead!

  23. Patrick Monahan

    Hank was to country what Woody and Pete were to folk.

  24. Joe P

    I've been a fan for 60 years. So much talent. He still has no peers. If only he could have beat his addiction.

  25. BJ T

    He was on drugs and alcohol but still all country singers still today bow down to the master song writer, Hank Williams, you just got to love it!!

  26. sauquoit13456

    On this day in 1952 {April 23rd} Hank Williams, with Anita Carter, performed "I Can't It {If I'm Still In Love With You}" on the NBC-TV program 'The Kate Smith Evening Hour'...
    The year before in 1951 it peaked at #2 on the Country chart...
    Five covered versions have charted; Margaret Whiting {#74 in 1958}, Adam Wade {#64 in 1960}, Johnny Tillotson {#24 in 1962}, B.J. Thomas {#94 in 1967}, and Al Martino {#97 in 1969}...
    R.I.P. Hank Williams {September 17th, 1923 - January 1st, 1953)...

  27. joshua morgan

    this is the real country right here none of this dirt road anthem bullshit


    i hate country but for some weird reason this is the only one i like

  29. Mikaéla Månson

    This is my favorite song, I really love it. <3

  30. Ashleigh Messer

    I grew up listening to this. My daddy had his records and every Saturday morning we were going to listen to Hank or Jim Reeves. What a legend he became in such a short time and to think of how much more greater he could have been had he not died so young. Billy Joel said it best, "Only The Good Die Young!"

  31. Rolph Artieda

    Men!! I liked Hank´s music from the beginning but couldn´t imagine living a life hooked on the booze, that... I may say belongs when we´re young and idiotic anyways I just wanted to say I wish I would find a dedicated artist to his art... only

  32. dylan rose

    the king stil today

  33. sadoldemilio

    Haven't heard this in a while but never forgot it. Seemed to stay with me for life since I first found it forty years or more ago. Love it.

  34. bvallier100

    Old records never die.

  35. Thomas Lynn

    A country classic!!!

  36. Scarlet Darkstar

    58 years he's gone now, but still being discovered and loved. legends don't die...but no one gets out of here alive. grateful for sharing.

  37. torgo714

    A song that is so true to so many people, me included. What a great blues song, yes I know Hank os country but still he is singing the blues. A true classic song and one of the best songs ever written.

  38. ComicBookSyndicate

    So beautiful.

  39. vandergraff

    hank williams greatest hits. its a necessity.


    @debbieg64 hell yea!!

  41. debbieg64

    Can't beat old country & Hank does it Great

  42. Shane Henning

    awsome song

  43. Harold Place

    man, this is where it all started

  44. arinvests

    I have listened to several versions of this & apart from HANK & Charley Pride. I reckon my version is as good as any , go to arinvests Videos. & leave comments Please ~ Arthur

  45. Shane Henning

    great song

  46. Richard Tanchoco

    @danielle21809 because people has different sets of favorites alright?

  47. 1150ram

    @jtls8 You can't find any better music than this ! Not in this life time, not on this world !

    Jaap Bakker

    True, sooner or later you'll find yourself listening to Hank on your porch on a summer's evening all over again.

  48. dudecartwright

    @jtls8 you can't !!!!!!!!!!

  49. jtls8

    How can you find any better music that this?

    Gary Greer

    jtls8 You can't.