Handsome Ghost - Promises Lyrics

I've been living like a pretender
Ready for a reason to fall apart
Demons living deep in the center
Of my heart
But listen, I have made a decision
I am finished fading into the dark
I need another shot at beginning
Let's restart

I'll tell you once
I'll tell you twice
And I don't care who listens
I will shout it to the northern lights

I'm gonna keep
All these promises, promises, promises, promises, promises
And you're gonna see
I want all of it, all of it, all of it, all of it, all of it

Patient but it's making you restless
Turn into tomorrow, you follow moons
Cigarette, you're tracing the edges of your room

I'll tell you once
I'll tell you twice
And I don't care who listens
I will shout it to the northern lights

I'm gonna keep
All these promises, promises, promises, promises, promises
And you're gonna see
I want all of it, all of it, all of it, all of it, all of it

Front door
What have I been waiting for
You're out back
You should know that

I'm gonna keep
All these promises, promises, promises, promises, promises
And you're gonna see
I want all of it, all of it, all of it, all of it, all of it

I'm gonna keep
All these promises, promises, promises, promises, promises
And you're gonna see
I want all of it, all of it, all of it, all of it, all of it
Shout it to the northern lights

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  1. AnotherOcean_

    Vim pelo s&r

  2. Danny Buenaventura

    Promises are bonds, when broken, it takes more than an apology to fix.

  3. Eduarda Guimaraes

    Quem veio pelo vídeo de SKINS ?

  4. Risy Shoyam

    in for some fresh indie air

  5. kovN

    Thanks to this amv i always feel reminded of Kimi no Na wa.

  6. Marielle Ranagan

    bro i heard this song playing at old navy’s and i fell in love with it so i listened to try to find a lyric so i could look it up and now here i am

  7. Odd

    Hella groovy 🤙🏻

  8. Tygor

    Are there any other music like this? Sorry for my English.

  9. Anime World

    great song

  10. AMV Anime

    Oh my gooooood it's fucking beautiful !!!

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    Amazing song.

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    The world need discover this song 😍
    It's the best song

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  14. uma pessoa qualquer nesse mundo de merda

    Vir pela S&R

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    Best ever

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    i love this song so much

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    Its already 2018 still my favorite song and i keep getting the chills....
    I keep experiencing frisson on this....

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  20. Patrema Gilbert

    Still good

  21. Mildred Perrott-Cooper

    Dude Idek how I got into this band but all their songs are bomb asf and holy Fuck

  22. morgan 7777

    Damn I love this song

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  24. Monica Cantale

    Love it!!

  25. KarenBNRS

    the amount of tears that escaped my eyes...man...

  26. Aila Reyes

    Did anyone else discover them from a Melanie Martinez concert. They performed like 8 songs

  27. Pozsár Béla

    I can't thank you enough for this upload!
    This song is amazing!

  28. Patrema Gilbert


  29. Patrema Gilbert

    lovely thanks

  30. Christoph Stein

    wow! love it :)

  31. Zandra C

    This would be so beautiful in a round. 💗

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    best ever song

  34. radicalscar

    Looks an awful lot like 'Bittersweet Genesis for Him AND Her' by Kishi Bashi

    Facing North

    radicalscar I listened to both songs back to back and they're the exact same lmao. Not sure how I feel about that

  35. all4asmile

    Bravo! Another gem. Thanks for the inspiration.

  36. Regine de Castro

    Everything about Handsome Ghost is so beautiful

  37. oshomah ikhena

    so am I.. obsessed

  38. wonderfxl

    Je voulais sincèrement vous remercier car vous diffusez des musiques peu connues qui sont vraiment géniales. Je doute que vous compreniez le français, mais sachez que vous avez tout mon soutien ❤ Love u

  39. I'm Illiterate

    I love how you make the video look so aesthetically pleasing and so tempting to click on. The amazing music is a plus. I love this channel.

  40. Ahman pacheco

    I wish I could just stand on top of a skyscraper looking at the horizon with my special person, 😋idk, I'm just saying whatever's on my mind listening to this song

  41. Anna Crenwelge

    Thank you for always posting the lyrics. So helpful. :)

  42. TheFunPop

    Downloaded the whole album this was in. God, I love this channel and this genre.


    I was getting "Kiss the girl" vibes at the beginnings.

  44. Brandon Tejada

    That pluck melody tune is sampled from kishi bashi "The bittersweet genesis of him and her "

  45. Jessica Amber

    I saw them open for melanie martinez

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    Cool upload! Count me in as an avid subscriber.

  47. Bxbyalmaa

    i saw them at the melanie Martinez concert they were great I love this song

  48. L P

    I just saw them last night on tour with Melanie Martinez! They were so good :D it was all such an awesome performance from everyone! :)

  49. Natalie 210

    Tim sounds so much better live but it's still really good. Melanie introduced them to me last night, and now I have their album, autograph, and a wholeee bunch of pictures.



    Natalie 210

    Yesssss I told them to come back to SA for their own tour and Eddie liked it!!

  50. Haley War Gomez

    You were amazing at the Melanie Martinez concert 💜💜💜

  51. jennah zambrano

    How is this so perfect?

  52. The Italian stalian

    saw them at the melanie concert in vegas it was lit and i love em

  53. Yani Bae

    Heard him for the first time at the Melanie Martinez concert he sounds amazing live, I love this too! #NewFan

  54. Amanda

    came here from Melanie

    Ruby Ledesma

    amanda me too i was at rhe concert in LA!! THIS ) PAST 20th



  55. M D

    Had the pleasure of being introduced to them at MELANIE MARTINEZ Cry Baby tour last night at The Shrine Auditorium and this was the song that sold me! I actually think i prefer the live sound of his voice. So dope. loved the vibes... I can say I am a fan now :)

  56. Jose Herrera

    I saw them live yesterday and they were so amazing keep up the great work 😊

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    YESSSSS OMFG Melanie is everything and shes amazing for showing us handsome ghost


    Lonely Emoji OMG YES! THEN I MET THEM!

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    issa's twenty one crybabies we went too and it was awesome!

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    issa's twenty one crybabies i was there too


    OMG I loved them there. Which concert date did you go to

    Ruby Ledesma

    Nix_mermaid_04 :3 the past october 20th

  64. EliteR-01

    I just saw them live yesterday! They opened for Melanie Martinez performing Cry Baby! They got us really pumped up for the night! Glad I got to hear them!!!



    Miranda Wofford

    Me, too! Great opener for a great act! 😍😍😍

    Ruby Ledesma

    EliteR-01 i was there

    Melanie Rael

    ME TOO!!!

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    I currently speak french, so I'm learning english. I love this song, but i'm not sure if I understand the song's signification perfectly. Is there somebody that could help me and tell me the right signification? Thanks :)

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    Maria October It doesn't have quite the same vibe, but Time to Share by Gemeni evokes the same emotions as this song for me.

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