Handsome Ghost - Graduate Lyrics

You and I, we're all or nothing
Climb so high, we're gonna jump in
Darkening skies, we hear the thunder
You and I, surrender

We make the same mistakes
Ride this wave until it breaks
Tell me honey when we're gonna graduate
Tell me honey when we're gonna graduate
Night drives and wrong turns
Say you'll love me till it hurts
Tell me honey when we're gonna graduate
Tell me honey when we're gonna graduate

Bloodshot eyes, under the bleachers
Wasting time, into the future
You and I, surrender

We make the same mistakes
Ride this wave until it breaks
Tell me honey when we're gonna graduate
Tell me honey when we're gonna graduate
Night drives and wrong turns
Say you'll love me till it hurts
Tell me honey when we're gonna graduate
Tell me honey when we're gonna graduate

Around we go, to parking lots familiar roads
I know you know, the time has come to let it go
Around we go, dreaming that we'll leave this town
And if we don't, we'll both go down together

We make the same mistakes
Ride this wave until it breaks
Tell me honey when we're gonna graduate
Tell me honey when we're gonna graduate
Night drives and wrong turns
Say you'll love me till it hurts
Tell me honey when we're gonna graduate
Tell me honey when we're gonna graduate

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Handsome Ghost Graduate Comments
  1. Armita Bora

    They're so underrated that it's a crime. 😶

  2. Aleyah H.

    shout out to those who listened to it when they graduated

  3. Shaik Sajid

    The way the track ends from 3:22 is just heart melting 💓

  4. Sheanze

    I love this song

  5. The Perks

    I'll never graduate from listening this song.

  6. Reegan S

    When u realize there are so many underrated songs while some crappier songs are getting popular

  7. Priscilla Avlys


  8. Sebastian Biler

    at a clothing store when i heard this song and thought i needed to know its title. thanks to snapchat's shazam feature. this onE'S LIT 🔥🔥🔥

  9. Teara Martin

    I met themmm adswhrajaarj

  10. Gabriela Francener


  11. jknknh jhbbh

    please make more music lol i crave for more

  12. Hotline

    My music taste is all over the place but typically indie music doesn't always get me. I heard this song on Spotify and I love it so much. This and Promises are so good. Keep it up guys!

  13. united red

    I am 1 year late to this ! Better late than never

  14. Angela Delaney

    thank you so much for the Michalaks for bringing here xx

  15. Wiktoria Soboń

    i love this!

  16. cube


  17. Chris Schouest

    This is really bad

  18. Jesus Weebus

    This.Is.My.New.Favorite.Band (next to TOP)

  19. LilCupcake 266

    I personally do not like Melanie at all, and I'm glad I found this song a different way

  20. Thea

    this makes me feel something
    and i am dead inside

  21. School Thot

    I love this song so much

  22. Amanda Atsuko

    from Lany to Hotel Apache to Handsome Ghost. I need a break from these awesome discoveries

  23. Kimmy West


  24. Oliver V

    severely underrated band! found you guys on spotify and I'm hooked!

  25. N. W.

    say you'll love me til it hurts *

  26. Gabriela L.

    Saw you guys in Dallas,, I really love your music!

  27. Alexus Herrera

    You guys were awesome at the Dallas Tx Melanie show!!

  28. flower Boi

    so happy i got to see them in concert

  29. xsteveyx

    I saw Melanie in concert on July 24th!! Im now obsessed with Handsome Ghost 💕

  30. Haley War Gomez

    I went to the Melanie Martinez concert on the 24th and I heard you guys for the first time and absolutely fell in love with your music ❤️❤️❤️

  31. Animaljamisawesome00 AJ

    I saw you guys live at a Melanie Martinez concert in Memphis Tennessee! You guys did great and I think this might be my favorite out of all of them!

  32. dj. com

    Only listening to this because I'm going to a Mel concert and they're playing too lol

  33. Smoke

    what genre would this be?

  34. Extraordinary Eve

    Saw you guys opening up melanie in richmond. I loved yall and you truly are handsome 😂

    Winter Ivy

    Extraordinary Eve me toooo 💕💕💕

  35. milene

    Any Melanie fans?


    Kaori Ackerman yass

    Brallon isReal

    Kaori Ackerman Yes...I saw her in concert my life is complete...😂😂

    Yani Bae

    Brallon isReal your were in Las Vegas?

  36. tori Steward

    I heard handsome ghost perform the other night. They opened for Melanie Martinez. One of my favorite people in the whole world. Usually opening acts are so agonizing and everyone is just wishing they would stop singing. But that was the first time I have ever heard of them and I instantly fell in love. Every time the crowd cheered the singer (im not sure of his name yet) would smile so big and it warmed my heart. These guys were amazing! Great job! Very talented!

  37. Katherine Ghostly

    Brought here by Melanie Martinez!! They were awesome!

  38. britt & whateva

    This is my favorite song now. Wow. Sounded just as good live!

  39. Kristina P

    I saw them in New York at melanies concert

  40. Christopher Mclean

    Saw you guys last night at the NYC Melanie Martinez concert. Instantly fell in love with you guys!!!!!

  41. ThePuppyGirl

    Here from Melanie Martinez

  42. Bryanna Phillips

    I saw you open up for Melanie July 29th, I thought you were amazing.

    Kailani Shinault

    omg I was at the one in Columbus and it was amazing and this is my favorite song from them now

    Bryanna Phillips

    +Kailani Shinault This is also my favorite by them, they were perfect live.

    Bryanna Phillips

    +Kailani Shinault so was Melanie

    Kailani Shinault

    +Varsity Phillips yeah she's always amazing

  43. Tiffany Morgan

    I love you guys

  44. bluegeode

    saw y'all in portland last week, you were magical <3

  45. Lizandro Rodriguez

    Here from Melanie Martinezs Portland Maine concert

  46. Notmyfalter

    I saw you guys in Portland last night! I love your music! I'm so happy Melanie brought you on tour with her. Can't wait to hear more music from you guys!!! 😘💜

    Lizandro Rodriguez


  47. Hayleigh Stevens

    I'm here from Melanie I went to her concert yesterday and they opened and they were really good !!! You guys may be my new obsession 😍

    Lauren bagel

    Same same same 😍

    Kailani Shinault

    Same I was at the concert too

  48. Rip Madi

    I was at the Melanie concert and u guys were amazing . (I'm one the girls who screamed daddy when it was silent ) ❤️

  49. das

    I seen you guys on Sunday at the Melanie concert in Pittsburgh !!You guys were absolutely amazing.

  50. Sarah Doran

    I saw you guys last night and I loved you! I'm obsessed with this song!

  51. Tate

    anyone see them at Melanie in provedence?

    tori pentell

    yes and I like immediately fell in love

    Kailani Shinault

    +tori pentell sane

  52. Serena Rebok

    Saw you guys tonight/morning at MELANIE MARTINEZ concert. YOU GUYS WERE AWESOME! i absolutely loved the live show i totally jammed out the whole time waving my arms for you guys. AWESOME! it was spectacular


    yep I was there!!

    Serena Rebok

    @***** absolutely !

    Shefali Verma

    Me too! That's where I first heard about them

    Nina maui

    same bro

  53. Sylvain S.

    Melhor som! \o/

  54. jenna marie

    youre opening for my mel concert tonight!! 🍼💖


    I was there!!

    alex comeau

    omg i'm literally going to the one in portland maine

    jenna marie

    +alex comeau THEYRE VERY GOOD

  55. Isabelle Rachel

    Here from the latest Michalak's vlog! <3

  56. Mel Lazaro

    ever since I heard this live!!! I fell in love with it!!! took a pic with Eddie and he signed the cd. Such great guys 💕💕💕💕💕

  57. Eriks Jhonata

    Muito Boa

  58. Jessica Garcia

    I heard this at Panera Bread and it took a few hours to find but I did, thank goodness.

  59. Eliza Camille

    Beautiful ✨

  60. Deborah Hurtado

    This song's just perfect

  61. pisum sativum

    fallen in love with it😍😍😍

  62. Siall Goran

    awesome song love it

  63. Shontelle Mannion

    I've missed you both times to Denver. In October I was in the Dominican and April having surgery. I'm so BUMMED! Can't wait for you to come back!

  64. Danielle L

    So fresh!

  65. sjWiz

    Pandora brought me here! So good... :D

  66. Mandy Siu

    This is awesome omg

  67. Ana Carvajal

    Loving it!!! Thanks Spotify ha! ❤️

  68. glaggie aesthetics

    I've seen them live and they're so good! Idk why they aren't as known as other bands

  69. Juliette Aurora

    Thought I'd listen to Indie on Spotify when I couldn't focus on studying, and this is now my current favorite song ♡♡♡

  70. Jackie Clonan

    'm Love this group and all their music. First seen on Carson Daly. Each time they come out with a new track, I'm there. Love music and never tire of new groups. I'm 66.

  71. Zack Vilski

    Just saw you guys in Milwaukee and you were by far the best of the three openers! I was completely captivated by your music, it just drew me right in!

  72. Pradeep Pathak

    I guess, I'm gonna stick to this one for a while.

  73. Anila John

    Came here from the playlist "New Music Friday" on Spotify.

  74. kennennededy

    THIS SONG IS AMAZING!!!!!! and this video is adorable <3

  75. Al Jo

    This band needs more views!

  76. Isabelle Arp

    So awesome!!

  77. Its Trash

    SO GOOD!

  78. nelsonchen 14

    I'm crying. This is beautiful.
    I hope they don't get but but do. I just don't want more people to know about them. Idk I have issues ❤

  79. Gemma

    so proud of you guys!

  80. Phoebe

    That reference to bloodshot tho

    Seriously I'm so happy this is out I'm like geeking out over here


    omg what reference

  81. Giselle Gonzalez

    I've been looking for this song since you guys opened up for Melanie Martinez back in October and I'm so happy!!! This was SOOO good live and the lyrics are beautiful! I got goosebumps and started tearing up cause I knew I found the song!!!!

  82. MNINT

    omg! love it , thanks for this

  83. Blue Sky

    Best song I heard today this morning! I love the lyrics!

  84. theshadiestsarah


  85. Aralis Salcedo

    I love this so much!💕💕💕

  86. clary