Handsome Ghost - Creatures Lyrics

Frozen scene, in a dull month
And we're pixelated, hands are shaking
Queue these dreams, end my bad luck
Cause we're celebrating, sun escaping

We're raising our drinks, in an ode to something
And you're pulling my coat, in the glow, the glow, the glow

Moonlight, let's go

Rental car, to escape routes
And we drove through country, black above me
Your parents' house, to an old roof
I was silent wondering, said "just say something"

I told you that now, was the best that I felt
Since forever ago, in the glow, the glow, the glow

Moonlight, let's go

Tell me your secrets
Cobwebs and creatures
Slow to show, to show, grow
Through cracked windows
We learned this language

Patterns and pavement In the glow, the glow, oh
Moonlight let's go

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Handsome Ghost Creatures Comments
  1. Pratham Talekar

    Tim and Eddie,
    We need more music from you guys

  2. Kelly Usry

    I love ur music i knew you cause you were with Melanie in tour

  3. you should know

    The kind of vibes i get from their songs is amazing.. its takes me to a journey within myself..

    Amazing song like always.

    Thank you for ur music.

  4. William Talbot

    Wow you guys are just amazing I love your music

  5. Extraordinary Eve

    So wonderful wow

  6. wddbmm

    This really gives me vibes of the old handsome ghosts like bloodshot, trapeze swinger, and blood stutter. I wish they would would dabble a little more in the sound of their older music. It is so unique and powerful.

  7. Wing Cheung

    Another terrific song from Tim and Eddie. Way to go! I've had this song and video on repeat for 20 consecutive times.

  8. Hưng Hoàng Nghĩa

    This video is so beautiful

  9. 11: 11


  10. Veronica Julia

    Guys I’m crying

  11. Luisss Carlosss

    QUE LINDO <3

  12. LhynotLie

    So calm and beautiful ㅠ ㅠ thank