Handsome Ghost - Bloodshot Lyrics

I've been running around like an unkempt kid
Tryin' to remember the things I did
If I went too far I hope it doesn't do me in
'Cause they tell me a man is just the sum of his parts
Well I'm body, and blood, and a terrible heart
And it all adds up to every different person I've been

I wanted to crash your party
But I couldn't find your house
I wanted to touch your body
And kiss you on the mouth

What do you want?
What do you want?

I know that you see me as a younger man
But cities and countries, they had other plans
And we all grow up
What do you think, you're gonna grow back?
And the people around me, they're not my friends
You can do what you want, I'd rather pretend
'Cause no one should be lonely
Everyone needs people like that

I wanted to crash your party
But I couldn't find your house
I wanted to touch your body
And kiss you on the mouth

What do you want?
What do you want?

Everyone you know is living at home
In the gutted out basements and chemical zones

What do you want?
What do you want?

What do you want?
What do you want?

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Handsome Ghost Bloodshot Comments
  1. Igor Brelaz

    Brasil ♥

  2. Cara Hayes

    I hope the band reads this feedback, or hears similar things to what I will say. First, I prefer the Aunt Martha name. Handsome ghost sounds generic for a band that had anything but a generic effect on me. I got a demo for 5 dollars at Bel Cher in Asheville. Really liked this band, easy to cherish, but am not a fan of this over-production. It sounds so much more natural and authentic on the CD I have. I say all this, and I am a huge POP FAN so often like all the effects that are added to music. However, this feels disingenuous. Aunt Martha, please find your roots.

    Nick Bishop

    aunt martha was better

  3. Elizabeth Daley

    Hey guys i went to the melanie concert in dallas in october and Handsome ghost played a song with the lyrics "Im lying wide awake in your guest room, but what if i took three more steps to the next room." or something like that, ive literally been searching the internet forever trying to find it, i really need help finding it, ANYONE KNOW THE SONG TITLE
    ?????????????? cuz im dying

    Allyson Cortez

    Elizabeth Daley I was there omf - eli

  4. paige sucks

    My cousin and I went to see Melanie Martinez, and we saw you guys opening, it was amazing. Ever since then we're obsessed

  5. Yourname Myname

    opened for melanie in vegas, dont regret it at all

  6. Narutofan2020

    this is already amazing but when you put it at 1.5 speed...

    Maryliz o

    omg so true!!

    Pole Gaskarth

    daaamn yassss

  7. Elle Barnum

    Just found them when the opened for melanie


  8. Hayleigh Stevens

    You guys opened for Mel last night and I fell in love

    Bridget Abigail

    Did you go in Columbus?

    Hayleigh Stevens

    +Bridget Abigail yep

    Bridget Abigail

    +Hayleigh Stevens so did I

    alec-zander rowan

    I was there too!

  9. Anonymous Dancer

    saw you guys opening up for tss. now im in love with all of your songs. want to see you in concert again. obsessed.

  10. Lee Ladouceur

    aunt martha

    Nick Bishop

    i feel betrayed. Aunt Martha isn't a thing anymore

  11. Zoe Nolan

    honestly this is so beautiful

  12. ziggy stardust

    Saw you guys in Birmingham & wanted to listen to all of your songs & now I can't stop listening ❤️

  13. Cara Grant

    Slowly falling in love with these guys! Fr though, freaking amazing....

  14. Stephanie G

    I have a feeling they will grow ^^ don't stop playing guys you sound great !

  15. Ozan Oral

    really that'z great song..

  16. Jonathan Haag

    just saw these guys last night opening for grizfolk, such an amazing show

  17. Skye Grant

    Can you make a fandom name already so I can join 😇☺️

    Brunnette BoneD

    The beautiful ghosts should be their fandom name like legit

    lazyclouds MSP

    it should be called something like ghosts or phantom fandom bc phantom and ghost (get it))

    diamond galaxies


  18. Esmée Elschot

    amazing ^-^