Hands Like Houses - Fountainhead Lyrics

Here I am. The hammer strikes one, two, three.
I'm impatiently tapping my feet
In a murmuring room full of critics and fakers, all waiting to take their seat.

The focus of the room, all bating breath,
Waiting on a single word that could spill from my mouth
That would give them a reason to take me for all I'm worth.

I took the oath to tell the truth, so freely I'll tell you this.
My path's my own and mine alone.

You won't understand. You want what I am,
Forgetting the man inside.
I'm calling you out, so try take me down.

I took infinity from the sky and I made it my own,
But not for you to turn into your personal property.
I will outlast the turning of time, but I know that you're scared of me
And what I can achieve, but I won't be waiting.

I don't use your lungs to breathe, your feet can't walk for me.
So tell me where you take your right to my mind.
Brought the sky down on our heads, never mine to claim, you said.
So tell me where you take your right to my freedom,
My cause for creation, my mind, my direction, my life?

Unlock and engage. Everyone's equal but no-one's the same.
We give what we choose, but we give what we want to, not to be used.

I took infinity from the sky and I made it my own,
But not for you to turn into your personal property.
I will outlast the turning of time, but I know that you're scared of me
And what I can achieve, but I won't be waiting.

I'm the one who lit the fuse. I'm the one who pulled it out from under you.
I'm the one who wears the consequence.
I'm the one who will stay true to myself, so I'll wish you all well.
But I'll take my ideas with me.

You won't understand. You want what I am,
Forgetting the man inside.
I'm calling you out, so try take me down.

I took infinity from the sky and I made it my own,
But not for you to turn into your personal property.
I will outlast the turning of time, but I know that you're scared of me
And what I can achieve, but I won't be waiting.

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Hands Like Houses Fountainhead Comments
  1. Orion S

    I feel like this is one of their best tracks. Love the drumming in this.

  2. Music Monster

    This song makes my genitals twitch.

  3. Serendipity

    Heard this song years ago but forgot the name and vaguely remembered the band name. I'm so happy I found this again

  4. Primeval Art

    Great song! Still going with the Good Stuff!

  5. Alex Black

    Ahhh there's literally not a song I don't like from these guys

  6. Absurd Hero

    this song is so fun! It fuckin HYPES ME UP!!!

  7. Umer Shirif

    This song is quite obviously taking huge influences from Australian prog rock band Closure in Moscow

  8. J Doe

    They are so underrated!!

  9. Anderson Andre Ferreira


  10. TheDjentlemanIR

    Anyone else here in 2018??

  11. Sphinx

    Rhys community montage challenge

  12. Super Sp00py

    Still jamming this album in 2018

  13. Brett W.

    Umm.... I love the vocals... but the instrumentation is so good it could carry the entire song... If this was on an intervals album, it would sound right at home.

  14. Larson and Friends

    "oh, fountainhead, I doubt it's about Ayn Rand's book"
    "Thats ironically close"
    "oh this might actually about art and individualism"
    "this song is bad-ass"

  15. Richard Colmenarez

    easily best song in this album, maybe the only one that reminds me of ground dweller, and don't get me wrong, i really like when a band follows ther creative way into a new direction and i'm really comfortable with the latest hands like houses releases, but for me unimagine was kinda a deception, i fell in love with this band for their technical post hardcore-no screams style, and this album was generic. the moved into somo alt rock direction and are sounding more concrete in that way by now and i'm fine with that

  16. Jaime Carvalho

    These guitars lines remember me of the old Paramore sound.

  17. Grey Scott

    I'm so fucking mad how have I been a fan of theirs and not listened to this yet.. gahhhh so damn good.

  18. Haitch Cue Zed

    This is an ode against those who wish to silence the voices of others. Opinions stifled for being different from others. Acknowledgement and fighting against the silence is the only way for people to be free to express who they are.

    Larson and Friends

    it's a song about The fountainhead by Ayn Rand

  19. Immortal0bject

    I don't think I've fell in love with band so fast. This is beautiful..

    CDoG | Cory

    I just found this band and I love every song I've listened to so far. Idk how I haven't heard of them before.

    Ethaniel Wilson

    +Afterthefall54 Same!

  20. Ian Jo Semira

    That riffs ear orgasm! Who's listening August 2016?

    Katlyn Ehret


    Ian Jo Semira

    @Katlyn Ehret Yeah MMF got new one "Carry On"

    Ian Jo Semira

    @Jake Young Yeah MMF got new one "Carry On"

    Nakita Bunyan

    I have every song as of today on my laptop an half of them on my cellfone <3

  21. David Riehl

    "I took confetti from the sky and I made it my own".

  22. My Grains

    24 people were taken for all their worth

  23. Sean H

    Brenden Urie, Kellen, and Anthony green had a baby and this vocalist was born. But now they have the music or Emarosa/Slaves behind them so this band shall prosper

    Joshua bove

    Sean H Trenton is his name

  24. Chad M

    this is how Post-Hardcore is done

    Garri Ward

    this is one of the only post hardcore bands I've heard that doesn't do harsh vocals

    Truth Shockwave

    +Garri The Great I like to call it progresive alternative metal/metalcore

    Adam McCann

    @Truth Shockwave saying prog alt metal makes me think of Thrice, which is pretty widely recognized as a post-hardcore band. While I don't disagree, it's definitely on the opposite end of the spectrum from post-hardcore like Isles & Glaciers or HLH. Like many genres, it's an umbrella

    Serhat Murat Asbit

    @Garri Ward true

  25. nickegofficial

    "everyone's equal when no ones the same"

  26. TheBlackjack182

    These guys are really talented!

  27. Onewingedangel1000

    So happy I got a chance to see these guys live

  28. Monika

    Someone help! Why does everyone keep mentioning horriblesubs and anime and "Alice". I NEED TO KNOW.

    Bartosz Grzegorzewski

    @CausticCynic Alice was a mod on horriblesubs and alice linked this song in a featured section


    Oh, thank you. That's cool.

  29. RDMusic

    does anyone know the program used for the visualizer?

  30. Kyotic

    200th comment!
    Love this song ♥

  31. alecdawg11

    Came here just to see if this song had anything to do with The Fountainhead, the book. I'd say it definitely does.

  32. Destiny Perry


    Aaron Lind

    Destiny Perry thank you

  33. Shisui Uchiha

    lool good one alice

  34. Chris Ledesma

    I used to watch anime. But now i listen to music!

  35. LollyPopTuttu

    thks horriblesubs!!!!!

  36. Ajer jerd

    dang horriblesubs omg wait.. this is nice mhmmmm

  37. Glaive Kirishima

    Damn you horriblesubs

  38. Staticz

    Fucking Alice

    Diverv _

    +Staticz why

  39. Dave Staallekker

    ty horriblesubs ^^


    I usually don't click links, but when I do...

  40. Seth Fullerton

    Matt Demorest- 2013

  41. Tanner Rice

    Everytime I hear this song I can't help but think Hank Reardens trial from Atlas Shrugged

    Peyton Weir

    Trenton takes a lot of inspiration from that book in a lot of songs.

  42. Nick Gertler

    Sounds like a more awesome version of Panic! At the Disco

    Hentai Squad

    Nick Gertler to me it feels like a panic at the disco song and an issues song at the same time.

    Emily Bean

    I was thinking that it kinda sounded like a heavier version of a could be P!ATD song!

    DragonDad Productions

    Hands like houses is way better than fucking Panic

  43. Aviii

    won't be boring neverrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

    Victoria Madrigal

    Double negativeeeee

  44. critterclaws

    Wish they jammed more like this throughout the album. But, well, creativity takes its own route, so I respect the band's work. Its not that its bad, just not what I had hoped after listening to Ground Dweller

  45. Matt Wittlinger

    This drummer is fantastic.  I've said that with almost every single song this band has done


    When you're leagues ahead of the rest of your genre, that tends to happen. Natural talent is genuinely one of the largest breeders of boredom.

  46. catsjojomo20

    There's something about Hands Like Houses that just really pulls me in.

    Sassy Min-seok

    I love how they're rock, but still really melodic :3

    Primeval Art

    Very Descriptive and Imaginative Lyrics!

  47. Patrice Urie

    our little secrets!

  48. It's A'maria

    in love with another band.............

  49. Chloe North

    fuckingggg perfect

  50. Andrew Rigg

    this song is the best song

  51. mrmamaluigi9000

    This sounds like it could've been on ground dweller.

    Daniel Elliott

    Even Queen had similar sounds in their music. That's what made them special. They were different and had great lyrics.

    Sassy Min-seok

    Hands Like Houses have great lyrics too:)


    your mom's a ground dweller


    @technicality1 I dwell through your mom's ground.

    Sassy Min-seok

    *shakes head* Why.

  52. Kiere Hines

    i saw them in concert and i love them

  53. Hannah Herzog

    One of my favorite songs by them. They need to be more popular. Great talent right here.

  54. Tan Huynh

    Probably the best thing I have ever heard, this is now one of my favourite songs!

  55. Ciclopea2

    Fucking great song.

  56. Laura Greene

    amazing drums 

    Adam McCann

    I love this music but I'm so bad at bass drum work. Sticking to alt metal

  57. SohLoh

    This song is awesome,I love it.I first heard it on this video highlight for backyard wrestler Matt Demorest and now I'm hooked

  58. clairbouyan t

    Moriarty anyone? No? Okai...

    Døbby!The PhanElf

    Ahhhhhhhh :D yes we were thinking the same thing!

  59. Mitochondria_Khld

    I dont know why but it reminds me of John Proctor and Abigail Williams

    Kevin Paquette

    You're actually kinda right, interesting point of view haha

  60. FinalPlayX

    Just epic

  61. Karina Pirani

    This is just amazing!

  62. Universitychannel

    sounds a bit like Johnny Craig's stuff... also sounds a bit like panic... but then... it sounds completely unique, Hands Like Houses has their own sound which clearly takes influence from others, I love this... so much


    Universitychannel yes thats true

    oOo ShyGuy

    Yeah bro for sure lmao

  63. Rahil Shad


  64. Lagomaster24

    I feel like this song connects to my opinion of american politics at the moment, specifically Congress.

  65. Lagomaster24

    Cause its different and people fear change sometimes. No offence to them of course.

  66. Emily M

    Why isn't this band more popular <3

  67. Darrel Borge

    this is the only one that sounds like Panic at the disco!

  68. hurlexkid

    damn i like the chorus!!!!

  69. dreaminginnoother

    I think the "statement" is most likely one of complete ignorance of the cultural significance and divisiveness of her work, probably not noticed by most of their young fans. But as an informed person who held them in high regard, I find it extremely disappointing.

  70. dreaminginnoother

    I have no problem with him writing lyrics from novels, I always assumed that's what he did. It's just that Ayn Rand uses fiction as a device to convey her "philosophy" of selfishness being the ultimate virtue. She idealized the sociopathic mind and so much of the crazy right wing in America uses her to promote their ideas and policies that take from the poor and give to the rich. I don't think he means to, but by writing this song he is making a social and political statement.

    Lewis Bough

    First off, Trenton isn't credited with writing this song.
    Secondly, I doubt the songwriters 100% agree with Ayn Rand's philosophy as she'd probably massively disapprove of men writing lyrics and see it as a waste of time.

    The way I choose to interpret this song is that it's more about freedom of artistic exression, and rebellion against authority. Not full blown conservatism.

    Lewis Bough

    Also HLH's first two albums have a theme of freedom and rebellion throughout, so again I wouldn't jump to any conclusions.

  71. ChocolateGoldfish214

    No, but I'm just saying it's not surprising that Trenton would write lyrics based off of something he has read recently because he has already done this numerous times. Perhaps if he reads Atlas Shrugged, the next album will have a song about that, who knows. But you shouldn't think of it as disappointing that Trenton wrote lyrics about a novel that really inspired him, you should be happy! It's much better than some of the other lyrics people write =P

  72. dreaminginnoother

    other Ayn Rand works?

  73. ChocolateGoldfish214

    It's not like they haven't done this before. Spineless Crow, This Ain't No Place For Animals, Antarctica, The Definition of Not Leaving...they all are loosely based off of other works.

  74. dreaminginnoother

    which is more than somewhat disappointing. ME! MINE! BUTT OUT! Hard to still like the song after realizing this.

  75. dreaminginnoother

    I love this band and song, but then I listened to the lyrics and looked at the title on my cd player... fountainhead... really?... disappointing to say the least.

  76. Sergio Killstealer


  77. MeinKampfyChair

    that's a cute opinion. if you want people to shut up about P!ATD then why attempt to dis them and bring them up in the process?

  78. KandiKid Jak-3

    Woah....stop the Panic hate....they both are good in there respected genres but hlh all the way

  79. Slither

    I would love a music video for this song. Imagine like a 1950's setting in a bar with all of HLH looking like proper gentlemen.

  80. Kyle Harris


  81. Brittany Jones

    I didn't even think they sounded like panic.. they have two totally different sounds.. lol

  82. Sierra


  83. shucklesors

    nearly completely unrelated genres. stop trying to sound smart, you sound realy fucking stupid lmao

  84. Asar7a95xs

    Well hello there and welcome to my heart, newly found amazing band.

  85. Hunter Reichard

    Instrumetally, this is my favorite song off of this album. Instrumentally and vocally, this song sounds the most similar to Ground Dweller.

  86. vayden1991

    have my vote, just found you guys, LOVE IT!

  87. Oskar Holmblad

    just found out about this band, and ive gotta say theyve got me by the balls, im all yours!! regards, your new fan

  88. Bradley Williams

    How does this sound even remotely close to panic! at the disco. They are completely different, and their different genres. I couldn't see panic making this type of song. This band never has a song that sounds the same and the singers voice completes the band. I'm glad this guy doesn't scream, because then it would ruin his voice. HLH ROCKS!!

  89. Kwame Mintah

    Favourite song on the album! Great work HLH

  90. Kwame Mintah

    Favourite song on the album! Great work HLH

  91. Shane Myers

    To me they sounds a little like Coheed and Cambria.. but.. but before the rage. They do still have that distinct Hands like houses sound like knowone else has.

  92. Sam Edmonds

    Holy-crap! I was randomly scrolling through the comments whilst this song was playing and I read your comment at the EXACT same time as he sung it in the song... That was INSANE.

  93. Hope For Tomorrow

    People are silly, regardless both are good artist

  94. Scrinnypup

    This song has such a groove to it.

  95. Joe Lee

    "Is this the same drummer?" Yes, its still MP. On another note, in MY opinion, this does not sound like Panic! At The Disco even remotely. I honestly do not see how it does.

  96. Manny Aguilar

    dude i swear im reading this book now! My new Forum posting in my ethics class consists of the title "So my favorite band "Hands Like Houses" just made a song based off the book "Fountain Head" in the text book" "Im Flipping shit!"

  97. Jaslin Posadas

    I definitely think HLH have their own sound & it's perfect.
    I'm glad they're getting recognized for it.

  98. Terrence LeBeau

    This is probably the only Rise records release I like this year. I'm not big on metalcore these days.