Hammond, Beres - Land Of Sunshine Lyrics

Yah suh mi a stay, yes
Nah guh nuh weh, no oh
Yah suh mi a stay, yea aye

I wouldn't want to runaway
That's a no, no ooh
A yah suh mi born and raise
Yah suh mi grow
So no politician and no tribal war, aye
Not even immigration
Couldn't keep me from

Away from this land of sunshine and lots of beautiful people
Away from this land yes
Good life with reggae music

Can't stay away
Can't stay away
The system is one big hustling
And it's the same old story
Mama slaves
My brother is in jail for nothing
Can't afford good representation
So you know we have gotta to make a difference
Throw life a conference, yes
Like the march of the years, yea aye

Some people might be listening
While relaxing and asking
Is this an invasion
But no it's an intrusion yes
Into what you're doing
Tell me can you guarantee
That I will be ok
Or tell me do I have to run away

Away from this land of sunshine and lots of wonderful people
Away from this land
Good vibes and reggae music yea aye

I wouldn't want to runaway
That's a no, no ooh
A yah suh mi born and raise
Yah suh mi grow oh ooh
Not even politician no tribal war
Not even immigration
Couldn't keep me from

Can't keep me from
Love this yah little island
From Negril to St. Thomas Point yea
Do what you want baby

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Hammond, Beres Land Of Sunshine Comments
  1. Christopher Garwood

    Discover this song a few days ago and man oh man its great!!! Why isn't it promoted more!? Great great great tune plus the band behind it is awesome!! Good music is being put aside and the garbage is being promoted but guess what?? The garbage will die and the good music will play on.GOOD MUSIC WILL HAVE THE LAST LAUGH.

  2. David Barrett

    Respect to Beres Hammond for dis new tune

  3. MrSwarai

    What riddim is this?

  4. Matthew Priest

    this is reggae

  5. Patricia D


  6. Tonisha Williams

    Land of sunshine and lots of wonderful people!! I love you Beres!!! 😍😍😍😍

  7. Bill Roberts

    Beres mash dem down.

  8. Cherell Toe

    Yes! Loven Negril miss it after all these years after visiting 😥😂!

  9. Vinnette Wright

    Yes king Beres yuh do it again WICKED!!!

  10. Curland Noel

    Never ah dull moment father beressss

  11. SugarLane Sound

    Never ending greatness

  12. SugarLane Sound


  13. Duchess StaceyAnn Gouldbourne

    One love ❤️ Land Of sunshine ☀️ is my Jamaica 🇯🇲💣💣💣💣💣😍😍😍😍uncle Beres your Rocking 😘#TheDuchess Of #Concretemedia #Pinchy clarke

  14. George Tomlinson

    Tuff tuff up up up

  15. honeyzgirl1

    Beres does it againnnnnn........

  16. Nicholas Munyao

    Big tune... Bh

  17. Royal Royal


  18. meme Otter

    Who but beres?sweet voice

  19. Bayyinah El-Amin

    Yes Sir Beresssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss🧘🏾‍♀️

  20. Pamela Grant

    BH never disappoints!!! always something grand!!!

  21. Vincent Libosso

    Thanks Silverstar Sound on NRG Radio for bussing this loud in the 254

  22. Rey Brown

    Beresssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss Hammond

  23. Nathaniel Dixon

    original studio one rhythm, why oh why by Ernest Wilson

    Henrietta Wallace

    You can tell Mr. Hammond is a real musician and still enjoys his craft 💞💞💞👏👏🎶🎼🎵🎧

  24. lelo c.

    THE KING!!

  25. Zantar Reggae

    God musique brother One love!!!

  26. lamin Bojang

    Beres doing it again and again #salute#legendary

  27. Shaun Campbell

    Yes, Mr. Beres mi see yuh!

  28. iupatiG

    Yes truth

  29. Max

    R&B, Reggae and reggae dancehall clean vibes - https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL32WtWUIGdtq46kOydrmp9F29x_fTK92s

  30. august88837

    Big up beres , d tune wicked


    Big hit Blessings Sir Beres Hammond Respect VP Records

  32. reggaeshorty

    Fyah tune as always!!! Patiently waiting for the album to drop😍😍😍🔥🔥🔥

  33. unrulygaza lee

    yes legend

  34. George Kamau

    Legendary.Kenya is listening..Eagerly waiting for the album.

  35. Mike O'Neil

    A big tune Fi de road


    Great one

  37. Antonette Gibbon

    Love ❤️ ❤️❤️❤️this song again you just know how to please your fans/family

  38. Sunshine Davis

    Cannot Go Wrong with Dat #1HitNation On Fleek

  39. Brian Stewart

    Still got it


    Love this tune! Beres is truly one of the greats! I pray my company Earthtone Entertainment can have an artist of ours be this great one day! Keep up the great work!