Hammerfall - The Outlaw Lyrics

It started with the holy water rising to a boil
The crops went bad, no life coul breed,
beneath the rotten soil
Imprisoned for his make beliefs,
impending dire views
Became accountable for every flaw,
spreading the news

Disturbing dreams of the future - reverie
Seven flights of imagination

These taunting dreams no one could read or even understand
Desilutions of insanity banned from his fatherland
Just leave the ship and swim ashore, life's hanging by a thread
Days of mass destruction, armageddon lies ahead

Disrurbing dreams of the future - reverie
Seven flights of imagination

Bring out the Outlaw, how do you plead
To the allegation
Bring out the Outlaw, charge him, decree
Eternal damnation

So, seven years of devastation followed in the land
One for every prophecy, served by tha almighty hand
The outlaw was imprisoned for scattering his dreams
None stood up to hold his ground, spineless so it seems
Disturbing dreams of the future - reverie
Seven flights of imagination

Bring out the Outlaw, could you forsee
The allegation
Bring out the Outlaw, charge him, decree
Eternal damnation

A life could be saved, if someone stood up for his rights
Now cursed and condemned, mistreated on his last nocturnal flight

[Solo: Pontus]

Bring out the Outlaw, how do you plead
To the allegation
Bring out the Outlaw, charge him, decree
Eternal damnation

Call for the Outlaw, help us forsee
God's allegation
Call for the Outlaw, charge us, decree
Eternal damnation

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Hammerfall The Outlaw Comments
  1. Jean-Philippe Michaud

    Fucking good chorus

  2. Rubén Darío Muñoz Medina

    Damn! This song makes me feel like I was in Wild West!

  3. Average Canadian

    2018 still awesome. Keep it up.

    Alex Carrasco

    2019 lml

  4. Alex Carrasco

    2018 lml

  5. Dmechu

    in 2017 still good

  6. Deva Pein

    Still rocking this shit!

    Bring out the Outlaw! How do you Plead!!!

  7. LP13 CurryFace

    Damn, comments from 3 weeks ago.. 1 month.. 4 moths.. 2 years.. 3 years ago!
    Does noone listen to this anymore? I realise there are other formats to listen to this music but I thought that since this was the top result on YouTube it would have a lot more hits.


    @Decklocation makes sense

    Gaël Scarselli

    Now your comment is 1 year ago...

    LP13 CurryFace

    +Gaël Scarselli I can't believe it is the latest comment on here too..

  8. ThibautVDP

    Let the Hammer fall from Belgium!

  9. MyDragooner

    3 people are listen to miley cyrus ^^

  10. josh squidlyburgh

    its sad how many people my age listen to rap and hiphop. im 13 and i dont know any other people my age who listen to real music. long live hammerfall. (honestly i hope there next album will be better because this was a great album but it was still there worst in my opinion).

    josh squidlyburgh

    @Kaju Bubanja i can summarize all rap I've heard in 5 words. "Pussy drugs money sex death"

    josh squidlyburgh

    @Kristóf Bedleg I actually like those two, but that's more energetic than most rap, so I think it might be a sub genre of rap.

    josh squidlyburgh

    @Kristóf Bedleg I was talking about danbull and boyinaband lol


    +josh squidlyburgh I was listening to Hammerfall when I was ten years old boy.. to nowadays I'm still listening this and more metal bands.. :D

    Daniel Weber

    there is just as much great hip hop as there is metal. you just gotta look for it. same concept as all the bullshit rock that ends up on the radio so does it with hip hop

  11. Marcus78

    This is great.

  12. Christian Ivanov

    Can anyone tab this song, it seems no one has done it so far

  13. Brian Nielsen

    Godt Rune andersen. Du ved hvad godt musik er, forsæt med det....... Hilsner herfra det Danske

  14. Brian Nielsen

    My Nephev, like Blood Bound and Last man standing.....He is 6 yr old. So i think Hammerfall, still are i the future. Old swedish Metal rocks

  15. Francisco


  16. Michael Barry

    Woaah...I'm a true fan because I don't like them covering My Sherona..lol. No seriously...I just wasn't feeling the last album but I'm liking this. I tried the other many times. I have my 5 1/2 yr old son and 2 1/2 yr old daughter listening and loving Hammerfall. Brings a tear to my eye hearing my kids sing along to Hearts on Fire. When my girl was just learning to talk, she would say Hearts when the band did near the end.

  17. alepaHD

    So your not true Hammerfall fan! Dont listen if you dont like it LOl

  18. Michael Barry

    I wasn't impressed with anything after Crimson Thunder. I couldn't stand the My Sherona cover. Terrible. I think they may have me back. I will listen to each song and decide on whether I want to go purchase it. I love Hammerfall. I loved all the battles and stuff they sang about. One Crimson Night was amazing.

  19. DeathJester921

    Yep, pretty much. We live in a time where people consider pop, rap, and hip hop the best music ever. I respect their tastes in music and their opinions about said music, but it doesn't mean I have to like the music. It all sucks. Hopefully there will be a time when people start realizing that rap, pop, and hip hop are all shit and go back to good music.

  20. Marleohar

    This sounds infected.

  21. Jarrett Domm

    Certainly an equal to No Sacrifice, No Victory that's for sure.

  22. D Matthews

    so epic

  23. Rune Andersen

    let the hammer fall from The 15 year old boy from Denmark
    I fucking love you :-) Long Live Heavy Metal!

  24. Doge Butt

    because bieber is shit and this planet is filled with shit eating morons.

  25. Doge Butt

    fucking loved this album, this song was one of my faves. METAL! \m/

  26. Kaga

    A life could be saved, if someone stood up for his rights ~

    How i love this sentence

  27. ahhhitsrob

    well you're not helping the cause if you're looking him up. pay attention and support the music you enjoy. \m/

  28. Jippietheater

    I FEEL LIKE, I am Immortalized!!!! hahahaha

  29. ShootEm

    Long live NuclearBlastEurope and Hammerfall!

  30. AClockworkWizard

    The album is great, enjoying it a lot. Lacks hammers though.

  31. NiggeliNG

    no it isn't...

  32. maxime therrien

    who said that this album wasn,t great 0.o! i want them to get hammer to smash their heads

  33. kissmaidenfan

    I agree...

  34. Sam Falcon

    People's attention, probaly its the total of girls that had watched Justin Bieber with Selena Gomez :(

  35. Sir Sherlock Lecter of Tardis

    How can this song only have 40.000 views and Justin Bieber got millions?

  36. TheatreVancoor

    Difference between Hammerfall and many other groups is that Hammerfall although some albums are not as good as some of their others, as stated in other comments, it depends on your mood, ALL of Hammerfalls Albums ARE AWESOME

  37. Jakub Rektořík

    this song is great, one of hamerfall bests

  38. Excaldax

    this album has a different style than the others but thats what it makes it great, not more of the same, but a new unique one! :)

  39. SuperVideoman12

    Hammerfall is from Hammerfell. The Elder Scrolls!!!

  40. Matt Lee

    @MinigunVulcan As long as they keep their singer the same, I don't care what the hell they do. His voice is what got me to like this band in the first place. That and I love power metal a lot.

  41. MinigunVulcan

    Obviously in the latest two albums we saw a sort of Genre-Twist in this band.Once we had a strongly Power Metal oriented Music,while No Sacrifice,No Victory and Infected are more Pure HeavyMetal Oriented, also the themes of the songs are no more Warriors,Monsters,Glory, and they don't give you the epicity that once they gave you, but still,i think that these albums as of the Quality of Metal side are pretty good;Hammerfall are changing and evolving with time but their still good (before>now IMO)

  42. Nynzy

    I have been listening to Hammerfall for over a decade now (well over actually), and they continue to improve quite beautifully. Hammerfall always has been, and always will be a truly amazing band!

  43. tokorev747777

    @wolffe93 Agreed! Its annoying as hell. I've heard people bitch about Coat of Arms by Sabaton, Surtur Rising by Amon Amarth. People have even complained about Final Frontier by Iron Maiden! People just aren't satisfied by anything! lol

  44. LP13 CurryFace

    @extremokaoos696 I have heard plenty of Hammerfall. All of their albums. I think this is a good album. A fucking TEN!!

  45. SalemGreywolf

    really, what is the difference between Infected and Glory to the Brave? not much

  46. Paulo Bairrinho

    Anyone who thinks this album good, surely never heard Hammerfall before!! This album is so poor that I have to go steal to eat. A fucking ZERO!!

  47. Eugen Petrovic

    this is not the real hammerfall:(

  48. Templarofsteel18

    @morton420420 my thought as well mate :P

  49. VideoGameMetal01

    The last album was a huge let down for me, but holy shit is infected Kicking my ass \m/

  50. josh harrison

    i dont really see any difference with this when compared to their last album, but to each their own I guess. Another good album from hammerfall is what I think :/

  51. Robert Kroeber

    @tokorev747777 you're fucking right hell yea!

  52. Sand Summerstorm

    @LordMordred100 Hah,yeh,right...

  53. Thesryn

    @stanger963 I don't expect anyone to...I don't even care, I never tried to make it my problem if someone has narrow views... I don't expect anyone to care about anything...Maybe you care though, considering you bothered to reply...Don't know?

  54. Sand Summerstorm

    @LordMordred100 Who cares?

  55. Barderaker

    @thegreatninjaman I know that!

  56. thegreatninjaman

    @Barderaker and a myth

  57. JokerFarts

    who ever would ever dislike this, thinks this is EMO and someone calls this EMO 1 more time and ill punch them in the gut

  58. Barderaker

    @tbjHelsing ofcourse they are nowdays is almost illegal to fart :/

  59. Barderaker

    robin hood was an outlaw :P

  60. blackjack2win


    You sir , just blew my fuckin' mind O.O

  61. Transmissional

    @CaliSourDiesel Thats why its the best song on the album perhaps? Though I miss Stefan...unless he got back into the band?!?! I'v falled out of touch ever since then really...

  62. Никола Караклић

    To me, the best song of every metal
    (I don't listen to metal) :D

  63. CaliSourDiesel

    This song has a medieval feel to it.

  64. Metroided R34

    @Naval334 man!!! that happened to me too!!

  65. Ukalaylee

    I heard this song on my Audio Programming on my TV and could not for the life of me find it. Finally found it! LOVE THIS SONG!!!!

  66. Hand Banana

    @JohnyX8881 It'll always remain a mystery my metal brother.

  67. mowgle619

    i like all the songs but this one is my favourite

  68. Celednikov

    I can't get it. Why there are people who listen to rap (and shits like that) when power metal exists?

  69. tokorev747777

    I don't care what people say. This new album is great!

  70. Lino José Hernández Rodríguez

    @bringthedrums mmm ? no no, i agree xD

  71. Lino José Hernández Rodríguez

    @bringthedrums hehehe ok xD

  72. Lino José Hernández Rodríguez

    @JohnyX8881 lol ,I read that sentence in many places (best song ever) I guess people are changing their way of being easy xD, but no problem men, the song is awasome

  73. Bradley904

    Oh my God this song shreds!

  74. Celednikov

    BEST SONG EVER!!!! Let the hammer fall from Czech republic