Hammerfall - Stone Cold (Live) Lyrics

Outcast a time of war, when mankind lost control
of life and death, under surveillance
I watch the children pray, while God just turns away
out in the ruins thes seek shelter
These streets were once my home, but those
golden days are gone, now I?m fighting to survive
Stone cold, man or machine
Stone cold, the end of our dream

The word is on the street, it?s kill or to be killed
with no exeption you are on your own
We should have seen it all along, the writings
on the wall, tell me what have we become

Stone cold...

Who do you believe in now, when the pophecy
came true, the final deja vu

These streets were once my home...

Stone cold...

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Hammerfall Stone Cold (Live) Comments
  1. Jesse Ling

    Back when this band still made good music

    Vicmanu Bates

    They still do

    Jesse Ling

    @Vicmanu Bates Not _this_ good.

  2. Zsuzsa Zsuzsanna

    Imádom nagyon, ez az ébresztőm :)

  3. Jardiel Rodrigo

    View 2019

  4. Elias Contreras

    Accept in chorus

  5. Andres Gonzalez

    where can i find a live record froma radio in sweden... just released the glory to the brave. sound like a small theater. thanks! must be like 1999.

  6. Templarofsteel88

    My first metal concert I every went to, so many good memories.

  7. Xoan García

    Sometimes life is tuff and you have no way out ahead of \m/

  8. Arthur Florez

    5:35 When the singer cries like a baby

  9. Zsuzsa Zsuzsanna

    Ez a szám az ébresztőm :)

  10. 5ar

    Ganska bra

  11. Andres Hainriksen C.

    Temonnnnnn 💪💪

  12. Laelcio Veloso da Silva

    Quem vai a um show do hammerfall jamais esquece.

  13. Jeswen Titomn

    Nice demand of the fans!

  14. Mehran Ceramics

    cool wow

  15. jlenghaw

    STONE COLD! Best regards from Brazil!

  16. gundula gaukel


  17. MetaL ED

    best intro ever

  18. Carlos Eduardo Paula Silva

    Hammerfall is amazing!!!

  19. Juan Carlos

    Nice song!!!!!!!

  20. Господар Сенки

    When are they gonna start performing live again?? /m/ Long live hammerfall

  21. ath georg

    Give some more pain....

  22. Douwe

    I completely agree mate!

  23. Zep713100

    Hammerfall and Sonata :) Greatest ever! Joacim Cans and Tony Kakko Best nowadays:) RONNIE JAMES DIO = Best forever! R.I.P. RONNIE JAMES DIO

  24. Isak Viklund

    nja, han ser äldre ut i alla fall.

  25. Alcotoxic Vein

    One of their greatest songs...

  26. Mysikrysa

    Fu*king Great!!! <3

  27. Maria del Carmen Sclavi

    si esto no el metal, el metal donde esta!!

  28. x7VenGeaNcE7x

    @ampm91 actually their is a dance group called E-Type, they have a ten bass kit >.<

  29. LexiCat

    My brother and i saw you at getaway rock festival. great music and show. thanks for the adrenalin ;D tributes to hammerfall from two siblings in Gävle!!!

  30. Rodjar Nox

    Cada día me gusta más este grupo !!! Temazo!

  31. Ionuț Manea

    damn' so perfect \m/

  32. †omdeArgentinA

    Metal, fun and progressive lyrics, what more?!

  33. Mariana Bettio

    Is there a button called LOVE? I cant find it!

  34. x7VenGeaNcE7x

    \m/ STONE COLD \m/