Hammerfall - Renegade Lyrics

See the outlaw stands alone beneath the burning sun
The raging badlands now is his home
There's no sign of victory, he lost his liberty
and the only woman that he loved

An outlaw chasing outlaws, a runner in the night
By the radiant moon he will strike
The seeker of all dangers has come to take his toll
From the dead of night he will arise

Renegade, Renegade
Committed the ultimate sin
Renegade, Renegade
This time the prowler will win

He stalks in shadow lands, soundless, with gun in hand
Striking like a reptile, so fierce
No chance to get away, no time for your last prayer
When the prowler sneaks up from behind

An outlaw chasing outlaws, the hunter takes his pray
The law of the jungle he obeys
Craving for the danger to even out the scores
Face to face, once and for all

Renegade, renegade
Committed the ultimate sin
Renegade, renegade
This time the prowler will win

On through the night he rides, on his raging
horse made of steel
Nothing can save you now, before the renegade
you will kneel

Renegade, Renegade
Committed the ultimate sin
Renegade, renegade
This time the prowler will win

Renegade, Renegade
Committed the ultimate sin
Renegade, renegade
This time the prowler will win

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Hammerfall Renegade Comments
  1. Tree of No Return

    Why wasn't Lorenzo Lamas in this video?!?!

  2. Yankee Diddler

    Is it just me or does this sound almost identical to hollywood hootsman?

  3. Paulo Vitor Côrtes

    Bons temposss!!!!!!!!

  4. Gamer Metal

    Essa música é muito boa!

  5. Morice Sotto

    Me acuerdo cuando Roger Smith hace de Renegado xD

  6. Zsuzsa Zsuzsanna

    Szuper, imádom :)

  7. Ronaldo Skyhunter

    It should have been Lorenzo Lamas former series, Renegade.

  8. RoCkDaSs Röa


  9. Mohammed Boukhris

    I love the rythem of renegade mery chritsmas for all and happy new year 2019 All lave you all

  10. Milan Kolarski


  11. Nico Nietzsche

    well... I guess..
    In memoriam is next.

  12. Арсений Прохоров

    Hello from 2018!

  13. Pipsy DKR

    Nostalgia nocturna uwU una vez esta banda vino a mi ciudad y estaba con mi pareja disfrutando de la música :'(

  14. Juancarlos Columba

    Chvr hamerfall

  15. William Black

    I feel like all of us take this music more seriously than the band members.

  16. Lencsés Imre


    Fabien L'amour

    Not enough skill on guitar to be king.

  17. mr180Grad

    very good! greetings from germany

  18. Dagoberts Sack

    That riff, total rip-off lol https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VLx5r5MGCnk

  19. R.G. Koncyk


  20. Roman Shcherbakov

    люблю HammerFall

  21. Luciano Venturuzzo

    Ogni volta che ascolto i Hammerfall mi piacciono di più. Grandissimi nel fare circolare il sangue nelle vene.

  22. thestickbot

    Really can't help but giggle whenever I watch this video.

  23. Thomas McMahon

    SPARTAN.S^🛡⛈🔥♊🔥♏🔥♌🔥♈🔥⛈🛡^ Power PERCTER you Evill🚧 Good.😇 people always been PERCTER not bad ones like my Techer😈 fack Friend😈 fore them no one ♈Boss of Aries♈😡^🛡⛈🔥♊♏♌Spartan♈🔥⛈🛡^ Legerdey God's 👑HORES👑

  24. Stas Kovalenko

    бомбезная группа))) тащууууусь)

  25. Pauko

    first listen 2k18 :-D

  26. Zin Carvalho

    breno é gay, breno é gay....

  27. Robert Majsak

    Super nuta rolezzzz

  28. Lucas

    Guys, take a look at this cover /watch?v=LhCM5tXCpZ8 ! Seriously.

  29. Arhl Herlop

    Huele a ser libre x siempre

  30. Doc

    Veja, o criminoso está sozinho Sob o sol ardente
    Os desertos hostis agora são seu lar
    Não há sinal de vitória, Ele perdeu sua liberdade
    E a única mulher que amou

    Um criminoso perseguindo criminosos, Um fugitivo na noite
    Sob a lua radiante ele atacará
    Aquele que procura todos os perigos Veio receber seu pagamento
    Da calada da noite ele irá surgir

    Renegado, renegado
    Cometeu o pior dos pecados
    Renegado, renegado
    Desta vez o gatuno irá vencer

    Ele espreita em terras das sombras, Silencioso, com a arma na mão
    Atacando como um réptil, tão feroz
    Não há como escapar, Não há tempo para uma última oração
    Quando o gatuno se aproxima por trás

    Um criminoso perseguindo criminosos, O caçador pega sua caça
    Ele obedece a lei da floresta
    Suplicando pelo perigo Para acertar as contas
    Face a face, de uma vez por todas

    Através da noite ele cavalga,
    Em seu cavalo enfurecido feito de aço
    Nada pode salvar você agora,
    Perante ao renegado você se ajoelhará

    Através da noite ele cavalga, Em seu cavalo enfurecido feito de aço
    Nada pode salvar você agora, Perante ao renegado você se ajoelhará

    Renegado, renegado
    Cometeu o pior dos pecados
    Renegado, renegado
    Desta vez o gatuno irá vencer

    Renegado, renegado
    Cometeu o pior dos pecados
    Renegado, renegado
    Desta vez o gatuno irá vencer

  31. Vitoko skullerx

    Good song bad video xD

  32. Hector Jesus saucedo

    Ups hammer fall

  33. christiano Chapouto santana junior

    what is this song about?

  34. Aries WildChild

    Man I love this band!

  35. Cryptic Wintermoon

    Time fucking flies. I remember watching this for the first time on this Monsters of Metal DVD ...

  36. GymbalLock

    2:25 "Amish raging horse made of steel"

  37. Flynt

    That was epic.

  38. Raziel redeemer and destroyer , peon and messiah

    si esposito cree que nos va meter miedo esta muy mal

    Raziel redeemer and destroyer , peon and messiah

    estoy de acuerdo renegado

  39. Migel Stayers

    They were amazing earlier, played this song.

  40. Роберт Стивен

    Damn, I forgot about these guys... Good, Pure, True, Metal.

  41. Bæ Bæ


  42. 08 Dumahia Royal Wolf 80

    What ever how many years pass, still loving you Hammerfall!!!

  43. Romy Kien Sepputra

    One of great metal music favourite song. Long live Hammerfall

  44. Nicolás Pizarro

    Rene Gado

  45. Дмитрий Воловов

    Нестареющая классика))

  46. missiletoe99

    Every Hammerfall song makes me think of 90's toy commercials. Not a bad thing, though.

  47. Rico Janeiro

    Bom som

  48. Charlie Robinson

    Love this song, but this video is ridiculous. It doesn't have anything to do with the song. Loads of potential for a great video. Can't believe Nuclear Blast wasted all that budget on this rubbish!

  49. Omer

    okay so it's the first time I've heard this band, and to me it seems like the singer is the weakpoint of an otherwise great band. Not to say he's BAD, just a pretty weak voice, It dosen't feel whole and captures me the way other power metal singers do.

    That riff is SICK though.

  50. Lennart Aspenryd

    Vad vore slik music utan bra trummisar!

  51. Lennart Aspenryd

    Nu har jag snart läst ut boken "TrumslagarePojken". Bra läsning.
    Tack Kecke för tipset och lycka till Linus i samma spår ;-)

  52. irrelevant music backgrounds

    Anybody else getting the faggot hp laptop commercial with the guy hitting his guitar like a jackass?

    Nimulos Maltibos

    Your comment would be the perfect setup for an Adblock-commercial.

  53. Sacred Hell


  54. Antik

    de tiempo

  55. Anonimous Qwertyasdfgh

    wau soy primer latino que le gusta esta webada
    PERÚ VEÍAN PR0 \m/ \m/ \m/

    MetaL ED

    No eres el primero. Y apuesto a que no sabias que HammerFall vino al Perú hace muchos años, pero lamentablemente no volveran.

    Ricardo Kdn

    tocaron en el caos en la av alfonso ugarte, allá por el 2001, fue una pésima organización, por eso creo ya nunca mas volvieron

    Arquitectura Total

    En ese concierto midieron con una webada nuestra bulla y quedamos 5to o 6to...de toda su gira....para los que fuimos fue un conciertazo...

  56. da_hooliii

    Yeah that rocks.

  57. Gabranicus

    I the only one who heard the lyrics and instantly thought of Mad Max? Not to mention that it is Nuclear Blast Records...

  58. Thaze C

    Barndomen <3

  59. Ignacio García

    i want out...i want out....cool song ever ...great hammerfall....what about The actress ...Preattttttty girl

  60. KadSkirata

    I cant be the only one who thinks of Mad Max when I hear this song right...?

    Philip James Aragon

    the riff reminds me of an In Flames song, but I forgot the title.


    "He was a cop, and good at his job.
    But he commited the ultimate sin, testifying against other cops gone bad.
    Cops that tried to kill him, but got the woman he loved instead.
    Framed for murder, now he prowls the badlands.
    An outlaw hunting outlaws.
    A bounty hunter, a RENEGADE."

    From the intro of a TV show with Lorenzo Lamas as a tough ex-cop-now-wanted biker.

  61. Ian Pombo live


  62. mightybulls10

    This was the fist number i heard, and i never looked back.


    that is too bad. Means you missed two great albums :P

  63. Josh Sonon

    The lost episode of Goosebumps.

  64. Daniel Gerolde Gava


    'man are gay, man are gay
    Committed the ultimate sin'

    Gipsy Sidney

    I wish to unhear it. How do i do it? :D

  65. MattStormage

    why does the singer always look so asian


    I've always thought that too, I haven't heard him having any Asian heritage


    Maybe he has some Sami heritage...?


    stupid sweden. they destroy Sami people and let muslim come

  66. LEngl

    Anyone in 2016? <3

  67. Robert Koncyk


  68. Charles Araújo

    amazing song. a hymn!

  69. Morgana Freeman

    xD dat musikvideo.. so bad.. but i like i t xD

  70. LeDari

    this is so cliche shit lmao. How can this band be more popular than TURISAS?

    The best band in the world.

    talas attila

    @MattStormage Of course. Sorry.


    GTFO man Hammerfall is way better than Turisas.


    sthu the fuck up. no lyrical progression or any depth in lyrics.

    mathias is best songwriter in history



    Turisas is generic shit, wannabe metal. You know nothing.

    Zsombor Krucsó

    Nobody cares about Turisas there.It is a HammerFall song here.Go and pour your drool under a Turisas song.

  71. Elvis Llacchua

    Demasiado estupido el coro.Mejor es el Renegade de Running Wild.

    Arce Arce

    El unico estupido sos vos

  72. Redmike41

    its me or the singer look like Mike Myers !!

  73. Гаджи Меликов

    старый добрый heavy metall 😉👍

    Арсений Прохоров


  74. Buzz Feed Cancer

    I love the singers voice

  75. Alex Jallow

    Rather gay?


    cannot be unheard


    god damnit...i applaud and condemn you at the same time

  76. Mattias Larsson

    thanks im a proud metalhead from sweden you got that right guys eurpean metal is Great

  77. Lilla Sked

    Iron Maiden is strong with this one

  78. Marcel S

    Renan Gay


    +Marcel S I knew it. That fuckin renan


    teu pai kkkkk

  79. Donald Box

    Great Song and sweet opening riff

  80. Célio Azevedo

    Looks like Helloween - I Want Out.


    +Célio Azevedo i don't see tbh

    Smile Bird9Extra

    No Its dosent look like Helloween

    Célio Azevedo

    Looks like a xerox.

  81. Gabriele Jedrzejczyk

    SUPER :SUPER:SUPER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  82. frangiskos merk


  83. Marcia Aparecida da Silva


  84. Marcia Aparecida da Silva


  85. anedcav

    Thanks Obama, this is what happens when you cut the military budget they are forced to abandon secret bases hoping no one will find them.

  86. Sabine Bruhns

    Does anybody else realise, that part of the lyrics is directly taken out of the trailer for "Renegade" a TV series with Lorenzo Lamas. "An outlaw chasing outlaws." Or "commited the ultimate sin." I wonder, if these two are connected.

    jonathan bos

    +Sabine Bruhns yep, they are

    Markus Nävergård

    I can assure you that it is correct. I´ve met Joachim cans at a UDO concert and brought it up. " Strongly inspired by it" he said

  87. Heath Mordin

    Im all for this band and all but im curious. Why do some European bands sing in English and not their native language? Only 2 or 3 people of Nightwish speak English but they sing it anyway. Sabaton does English when they're Swedish and Lacuna Coil is Italian but English singing. I'm just wondering

    Heath Mordin

    @N0rdW1nd Huh that's what I assumed ヘ(。□°)ヘ

    Joper Amod

    +Marcos Sanchez You could say that to every part of the world.

    Heath Mordin

    @Joper Amod Those were just examples but yeah I see what you mean about that.

    Johnny Daniel

    +Marcos Sanchez Clearly you have never heard of Ensiferum, Finntroll, Vintersorg, Otyg, Thyrfing, Ásmegin, Månegarm, Mago de Oz, Equilibrium, Aria, Falkenbach, Burzum, Valkyria, Skyforger, Thrudvangar, Siebenbürgen, Asathor, Enslaved... from the top of my mind (and European ones), but there are a bazillion more I may have forgotten... not to mention a gazillion more from different continents out there...

    Heath Mordin

    @Johnny Daniel I know several of those bands. Hence, the reason why I asked *some* bands sing in English

  88. Kesseleth

    This is one of the most entertainingly bad music videos I've ever seen. Song's fuckin' great, though.


    It becomes extra silly because it has nothing to do with the song.
    The song is about the TV show "Renegade" and large parts of the lyrics are taken directly from its intro.

    I guess copyright issues fscked up the natural choice of video (scenes from the TV show.)

    Nick Achilleopoulos

    totally agree!!! haha cheese everywhere, great song though

    Judita Dunkova

    Kesseleth u

    Horny Pervert


  89. Christopher Furtner

    What I love about European power metal is that it is metal in its truest form, tales of honor, battle, and glory, none of it is satanic or has a bunch of pentagrams, Nothing but true metal!

    Thomas Lefebvre

    thers no honor in war

    Steph back #30from30

    could someone link me examples of other ones liek this?

    George Avram

    Hammerfall build to Last

    build...Man force =Bull...Arhiteckt =Latitutde and longityde...
    Why add to lasts? becouse u cant take a hint...To Last..praise assh to preseve LORE!

    ..reminds me of my firt metal mixtape i 206..21 novembre...Sonata artika..
    we fail to communikate...If u dare :)...Ouu hammer Hy Until I die..
    ammer..Lore her..there for i H ate `THem` becouse they direspkt her..and
    make our collective aura FALL!

    George Avram

    And Satan...Means To Satyr Ann...The Angry Woman...thats Killing Other
    EVEs AURA!

    Stellarion Prime

    so you never heard of gorgoroth

  90. marcelotigre79

    264 boludos!!!!!!!!

  91. Mystogan Edolas

    Cops raid,steal and destroy a madical marijuana shop!


  92. Chip Tracy

    TFS Vegeta's theme. Renegade for life.