Hammerfall - Punish And Enslave Lyrics

It's midnight, the clock strikes twelve
When the beasts come out and play
The headlines made it clear
Judgement day is near

They're crawling down the street
Sinking their razor teeth
They're knocking on every door
Now the steel begins to glow

They're vaporizing the earth, no mercy
Into the battle they thrust
With power and lust

Oh-oh-oh... oh-oh-oh... oh-oh-oh...
Punish and Enslave
Oh-oh-oh... oh-oh-oh... oh-oh-oh...
Punish and Enslave

There's something, a single spark
Out there in the dark
The metal is shining bright
Brings back hope and light

Bumber-to-bumber he reigns the wasteland
Turning their steel into dust, he will never rust

Oh-oh-oh... oh-oh-oh... oh-oh-oh...
Punish and Enslave
Oh-oh-oh... oh-oh-oh... oh-oh-oh...
Punish and Enslave

[Solo: Pontus]

All hail the chosen one - Fight proud, don't touch the sun
Come join our steel parade - Together in the last crusade
All drop the hammers down - Burn out, reclaim the crown
Speed demons never turn - at speed of light we ride, running flat-out let's crash and burn

They're vaporizing the earth, no mercy
Into the battle they thrust
Bumber-to-bumber he reigns the wasteland
Turning their steel into dust, he will never rust

Oh-oh-oh... oh-oh-oh... oh-oh-oh...
Punish and Enslave
Oh-oh-oh... oh-oh-oh... oh-oh-oh...
Punish and Enslave

Oh-oh-oh... oh-oh-oh... oh-oh-oh...
Punish and Enslave
Oh-oh-oh... oh-oh-oh... oh-oh-oh...
Punish and Enslave

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Hammerfall Punish And Enslave Comments
  1. Bence Pelikán

    Radics Peti előtt ismertem ezt a dalt ! 🙂

  2. James Mcdonough


  3. apedreitor

    most of hammerfall albums covers are too fucking awesome the look like something that should be on warhammer or on a epic D&D sesion

  4. Fides quaerens intellectum

    What a HIT.

  5. Dom D

    Huuuahhh yeeah

  6. Bence Pelikán

    Warhammer 40000

  7. Joey Slootjes

    1:39 bumpe rie bumpie rainbow wasteland???

  8. Modesto Rosado

    Hammerfall rules¡¡¡¡¡¡¡

  9. Máté Ágoston

    ÓÓÓ, Nagyi! Hát milyen kibaszott nagy farkad van neked?!
    Hrőő, és ennél már csak nagyobb lesz, te Fészbúk kurvaa!!

  10. Raziel redeemer and destroyer , peon and messiah

    awesome song hail hammerfall from argentina

  11. diana pagheh

    2:49 Skippy, the skeleton!!... XD What does he actually say?

    Mark Bridges

    something never turn?

    The Lone Trooper

    Speed demons never turn.

  12. Jefferson Sabino Jr


  13. malfuresz

    Radics Peti

    Under Zone

    +Malsaw ez nem az ő zenéje


    +Under Zone Gonosz farkas :)


    +Malsaw én az egyik walking dead paródiától jutottam el idáig :D


    Én is Radics Petitől jöttem...XD :D

    László Gólya

    Radics Peti fan, jelen!!

  14. Rolku Super Son Of A Sheppard

    These guys are one letter off from probably get sued...

    Poison Damage

    +Zereniah Erazha Dammerfall? or Hagmerfall? no, dont get it...

  15. Vince

    999th like. Am I special?

  16. J Reactor

    Great band and awesome power metal!

  17. Darko Pokas

    Great band

  18. Thomas the Tank Engine

    |-|AmmerFa{{ 4Ever ;D

    Larry Foulke

    Én egy rabszolgahajcsár vagyok és ez a szám tökéletes hozzá ;)

  19. lee hong wei

    gsl brought me here..good ole days



    Horrific Richter


  21. Aussie50

    If the missus wanted it, I'd be up for it :D

  22. Pablo Armañac

    ja ja ja ja ja hebi metal aupa tengo diez años cumplo esteaño 11 el 31 de diciembre mi tia se caso en berlanga de duero fue la limonera ese hammerfal manowar dheastars es black metal hua ou yea ou yea kiss hellowen

  23. Gitarrensuchti Krill

    never heard of this song befor man this is fuckin amazing!

  24. Luuqen


  25. Ryan Briggans-Jones

    the opening bars sound like "bow down".

  26. Pete Porter

    Hammerfall4Ever! \m/ !!

  27. Wernher von Kerman

    What's your point? You indeed have some good Music like Hammerfall, Amon Amarth or Sabaton but you guys also gave us ABBA for compensation =P

  28. klas larsson

    haha the good thing are that they are swedish :) . and im from sweden to! :D


    Hammerfall is the best band


    Hammerfall is a great band

  31. Isak Viklund

    awsome videos, fucked up people. And seriously why the fuck would you talk about the opposites of the awsome videos.
    *Brain damage is seeing level increase*

  32. Isak Viklund

    make that 16 ;_;

  33. LazyBlueStar

    If only more people understood that.....

  34. Darknees Krisis Combultations

    No, it´s more than iu can see

  35. shane marcus

    I was listening to Amon Amarth, a really good metal band. This came up as recomended, I like.

  36. o0redwolf5670o

    That include the random yelling of "...Sparta" and the kick's

  37. BTF82

    haha the only thing he spells correctly is fetish porn. typical human.


    yes...they can't help it.
    by science videos, the comments are all about A God.
    by metal videos, the comments are all about Justin Bieber.

  39. Mike Weeland

    Seems like typo's everywhere to me.

  40. Matt Weismiller

    I never talk about him. I look up his video every week to see how many view it has, but I never click on it. PSY has surpassed it. Keep laughing at someone who had his own mansion and Lamborghini when he was 17. Do whatever makes you feel better pal.

  41. Matt Weismiller

    I don't care about other things I don't like. I don't try to spend my energy on hating something. That's almost asinine and meaningless.

  42. Matt Weismiller

    Why are people so worried about other people's lifes? I remember when I use to live with my parents, my mom and sister would constantly read those celebrity gossip magazines and judge the celebrities and I told that it's pathetic. My sister flat out said, 'I love to negatively judge other people. I walk into a place and start hating on others.' My mother said something like : I like to know that other people have a life just as bad as mine. I just laughed at them and said that's terrible logic.

  43. Matt Weismiller

    The more you mention a musician's name. The more known he becomes. Your logic behind your hatred is very stupid. Stop talking about him and he will fucking disappear from the spotlight and fame doesn't last forever.

  44. Matt Weismiller

    The more you mention someones name. The more famous they get. Other people's extreme hate towards him, actually makes him more famous. The best way to destroy a musician or an artist is too stop talking about them.

  45. blarg2429

    A lot of people don't know how to not consider themselves to be right. This makes utterly trivial differences, such as musical preference, seem really important to them.

  46. TrueGamer181

    The god of Metal is pleased. Let the Hammer Fall upon those who dislike this kind of music!

  47. Edalwulf Bergmann


  48. GabrielMafiazicca

    Hell yeah, this is sad... try to not scroll down... u gonna waste your time.... enjoy the music and send em to hell!

  49. iTomes

    I dont quite get it.... isn't everyone entitled to listen to the music they enjoy? Just because we enjoy HammerFall doesnt mean that others cant enjoy something else o_O

  50. Serban Radu

    Then the hammer will fall on......you

  51. Bibidi Babidi Buu

    Dio had talent, but i never really enjoyed his music

  52. Templarofsteel18

    O_O then you have never heard any song with or by Dio (Ronnie James Dio)

  53. Dr.Oscar Torres

    The best band!...
    Respect from Puerto Rico

  54. maxime therrien

    count one by this post

  55. Erass

    Ah Hammerfall, The only Band that can Put Rainbow into a song and make it sound like Awesome, Yep, Awesome has a sound now.

  56. Revan09

    Well said.

  57. Camnui

    its just easier to say stuff about that embarrasment to humanity on the internet.....

  58. Zonking Darkness

    Bieber means us metal fans have a gay opponent no offence to people who like him yet ;)

  59. Eva H Hultén

    But I don't believe you*re bad...
    You're to nice:)
    (Sorry! Persistance....)

  60. egemen esen


  61. Unaya_the_Shadowkeeper

    Punish and enslave
    hammer has fallen 3:)

  62. Volgarr Stoutshield

    @the0007lord Yes, but nos as popular at you may think ;) I think that if all the posters of the video were gathered on a place, they will be burning Bieber alive xD

  63. AngryJoeShowFan

    my friend heard hammerfall and said they sounded like an 80's hair band........he dosnt know shit

  64. Anibal Fagner Da Silva Campos

    Great Heavy Metal Song, one of the best from HammerFall!!

  65. Illi Dian

    rlly epic song... thanks guys :)

  66. Mario Garcia


  67. lollurun

    @Mikeweeland argument maybe invalid. but the point is not

  68. Mike Weeland

    @lollurun Argument Invalid.

  69. lollurun

    @the0007lord 1st rule of hate. know what the f**k it is you hate. don't hate something cause others do, hate it cause you think it is better none existant.

  70. the0007lord

    @Asentajaa I haven't listened to this song in 5 months. Your comment brought me back.
    I thank you.
    If you think this is epic, I recommend Gamma Ray. The band is awesome.

  71. powerplayer1000

    haha metal is awesome... long live JB........ brutal legend was an awesome game and i highly recommend it to anyone who appreciated real music =] JACK BLACK is aweosme as the main charter ...... who were u think of when i said jb?

  72. rogantu

    random playlists are random, but after I watched music videos of one piece I started listening to metal and HF was among the first 2 bands I listened 2, then Heavenly a freaking awesome band locked me in. I love Hammerfall and I LOVE METAL!

  73. Hammmeride

    @Apollinaris111 -- haha the same happened with me , cheers :)

  74. Till Lindemann

    i miss a never-ending-button

  75. SantielGamer

    YEAHH !!!

  76. GuyFromCrowd

    yes this is really one of best albums from HFall....

  77. TheBonJovi100

    Punsih and Ensave - Sounds like fetish porn to me.

  78. TheRetroDude1


  79. Sempronia Aurelius

    you picked the right band

  80. the0007lord

    Over the past year, I counted how many times I heard Biebers name. I went to my school and counted how many people spoke about Bieber in the class. Considering the class was full with 12-16 year old girls, I expected a lot of times.

    None. Nada.

    However, I go onto an awesome video, this one, one all about metal and I see the name twice per page... Does that mean that Bieber is only popular around Metal Fans?

  81. Nyardyn

    sounds an awful lot like the themesong of barricade of transformers the movie.

  82. Natsu Dragneel

    @halo4695 lite random svenska? :P

  83. mastermanio2

    Bang Your Head from Infected is a total rip of the intro of this song

  84. eternalproject

    this album is the same as the last one in my oppinion.. the first albums i like more than the newer ones ;) but its okay ^^

  85. wolverine6807

    @priris No Threshold is their worst.

  86. wolverine6807

    Great fkn album.

  87. RobiDobe92

    9 people were punished and enslaved...

  88. LordTakeo

    2nd best album !

  89. Daniel Hookings

    9 people fell of the cliff and accidently hit the dislike button in a panic after watching this amazing video


    they are awesome !!!! .....one of my favorite metal band to all who this like these band your f.....cking sucks!go to hell and fuck the devil!

  91. DivineFtw

    @priris Now that i know hammerfall better i have to say that all ther work is awesome. There is neither a best nor a worst album. This comment was made about a year and a half, lol.

  92. Max.Sc.

    20.May 2011 New HammerFall Album \m/

  93. Gabrielle Nielson

    Yeah, I'm pretty sure these guys are fucking amazing. I've said before in a other video but Oh my god... I'm new to metal and I love it because it's not predictable!

  94. engasal

    need to go to bed for work tomorrow. can't be arsed, gonna listen to this song a thousand more times

  95. The Iron Knuckles

    I have to admit, while they may not be as good as HammerFall, I am indebted to Dragonforce for showing me power metal.

  96. Cristian Alin

    hammerfall u rull guys,love u

  97. crandor6

    @DivineFtw Best album evar. :)