Hammerfall - Patient Zero Lyrics

I breathe alone, my skin
begins to peel
Forsaken in my misery
to battle this ordeal

I can't resist the cravings,
no I have to ease the pain
My screaming brain is melting slowly,
turning me insane

Devastation all across the nation
Infected, but I am not alone
My days are numbered but I am a patient
From zero the counting has begun

I resist resistance, I survive the
hangman's noose
Future looks sinister,
I'm a zombie on the loose

Cuz I feed in darkness,
I feast in broad daylight
Whatever you do, better hold on
tight and stay out of my sight

Evacuation all across the nation
Infected, but I am not alone
Our days are numbered
and we are patient
To zero the countdown has begun

We exist but our hearts don't beat
The streets, our sacred haven
Fight or flee
don't waste another round

[Solo: Pontus]

We exist, but our eyes run red
The dead will feast upon you
Aiming high, don't chocke
or you'll be downed

Retribution a suicide solution
Infected but you are not alone
All lives are numbered
and we are all patient
To zero the countdown has begun

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Hammerfall Patient Zero Comments
  1. Caleb

    anti vac, just no zombies

  2. Blake K

    When I woke up from the fire alarm this morning this song briefly popped into my head as a possible scenario


    este riff es BRUTAL, no puedo dejar de mover la cabeza!!!!

  4. Supreme blood

    I was about to buy this cd but is so generic

  5. Jack Raiden

    I know this is more about zombies, but for some reason the song reminds me of SCP Containment Breach.

  6. Jutta Beckmann

    This song is the most accurate depection of studying biochemistry I've come across so far.

  7. Sandra Dias

    7 bastards

  8. Joao vitor Ferreira

    3:45 the best part

  9. KimCharleen v.Rönn

    I am girl and I♥ Hammwrfall zero

  10. michael nüsser

    kick ass song \\m//

  11. Aliz Monroey

    esta cancion esta bien pincheeee vergaa!!!!!

  12. HellDivineMagazine

    Sector 7G?
    That's Homer Simpson Sir!

  13. Kyle Johnson

    no negative comments this band is very good. lyrics are in the description i think

  14. Kyle Johnson

    no negative comments this band is very good. lyrics are in the description i think

  15. litar

    Patient zero has escaped.
    (Dr. who reference)


    Yep, but then where would be the reference to this song?


    @mergele1000 Infection for zombies, so if you want something to refer it to, Resident Evil


    @John Woods sorry, i don't get what you want to say. 


    @mergele1000 You was trying to reference this song to something, which this is a song about zombies. Resident Evil is a game, very popular in the horror genre, that is based on zombies. While Doctor Who is based a LOT on aliens.


    @John Woods Now I understandand I have to agree it is very far fetched, but I only intended to match the title "Patient Zero" with the (at least for me) very memorable quote "Prisoner Zero has escaped"

  16. Delta KT

    5:07 best part ;D (for me)

  17. Anonymous Killer

    The best part beggins at 1:43 :)

  18. TonsOfFun A

    4 people got infected

  19. FeelsBadMan

    where are the lyrics

  20. owertire1

    who dosen't? well I guess someone dosen't I feel sorry for them! :/
    I still think they are awsome! :D

  21. MrNirusu

    I love the thrashy riffs... awesome ! :D

  22. MrNirusu

    D'oh ! :p

  23. Barderaker

    well.... everyone have different taste so I can't say anything else then sorry! :/

  24. rexxar12345

    I don't. Not one bit.

  25. TheMastersofmetal

    I Prefer the old hammerfall

  26. Malte korella

    I love Hammerfall

  27. McTavish18wss

    My favourite song from Hammerfall.

  28. Darkevo 23

    Fuck Yeah!!!!!!!!

  29. Στέφανος Λιάσκος

    It;s awesame!!!!!!!

  30. Leonardo Miguel

    Can someone please do me a favor and do a hamerfall patient zero instrumental i just love the intrumental of this song one of the coolest i ever seen.

  31. Barderaker

    me to I have done sinch I was a little kid :D

  32. NorthernReptile

    I just love it! I still love this band, really, still awesome =D

  33. Barderaker

    thats to bad :/
    I know how it feels when a band you like turns and you don't like the turn :O

  34. 115madmax

    Eh...this isn't exactly hammerfall the way I like them. just my personal opinion

  35. black7eath

    Love the song, but why has a emergency shutdown a countdown? thats why the infected will escape one day ;)

    Wehraboo Games/Letsplays

    so true rip the world

    Some Guy

    black7eath I know you made this 5 years ago but its because if there is a containment breach people would be sent in to re-contain them, if that fails the door would be shut already as to the countdown. Without the countdown people would have no chance to fight back.

  36. Senlac1066


    and yes, that's true but in this instance your opinion is wrong, im sure most hammerfall fans would agree with me

  37. Barderaker

    no I am not I have a opinion so blow it out you're ass!

  38. Senlac1066

    no, you're retarded

  39. Barderaker

    to bad :/

    I feel sorry for you :(

  40. Metaler31

    I wish I could agree, but the new hammerfall isn't similar to the old days with Stefan Elmgren or Magnus Rosen.... this was the Epic time of hammerfall and i know a lot about them because I am listening to them for more than 10 years now.
    The new Hammerfall Alben turned since Threshold and the new sound changed, on the one hand because of the new Band members and on the other Hand because of the fac that they wouldn't do Power metal/Epic Metal for their whole life.

  41. roran jager

    this music fits better on that CANS album this is not the style of hammerfall

  42. shadowwolf1918

    Lol, amazing Simpsons reference.

  43. jodrleio

    1:09 (:

  44. Sporky_10

    I saw them yesterday...I had the best time in my live...

  45. Barderaker

    @Hyp3RxBlaC I love the turn hammerfall have taken! it made them more awsome! don't you agree? ; )

  46. onpsxmember

    sector 7G...homer: D'oh!