Hammerfall - One Of A Kind Lyrics

Rising forces, thunder in the east
No fearless warrior could subdue the beast
No gallant man around could stand and hold his ground

Days passed by and weeks turned into years
Every drip of hope became a sea of fears
Somewhere in the dark, a light or just a spark

Brothers in arms fighting one for all
Fearless and wild we stand tall, one of a kind
No turning back, brothers fight or fall
Standing together, we fight, one of a kind

Years of darkness all torn by fate's hand
A nation cursed, once glorious and grand
From the ashes we will rise, like a Phoenix to the skies

Brothers in arms fighting one for all
Fearless and wild we stand tall, one of a kind
No turning back, brothers fight or fall
Standing together, we fight, one of a kind

[Solo: Oscar]

Come take my hand, don't leave me here all alone
Come make a stand, don't let us all fade away, fade away

[Solo: Pontus]

1666 - We stood in the valley of death
Steel in our hands, the final command
To cure and to heal our nation

Mighty warriors - mount up don't stare at the ground
Hold your heads high, resist and defy
Fighting, defending, we're screaming, avenging you all
We're standing all for one for all
One voice we're one of a kind, we are
Never look back, never surrender

We're fighting all for one for all
One heart, we're one of a kind, we are
Cause we are here and we are fighting

Brothers in arms fighting one for all
Fearless and wild we stand tall, one of a kind
No turning back, brothers fight or fall
Standing together, we fight, one of a kind

Fighting, defending, we're screaming, avenging you all

One of a kind

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Hammerfall One Of A Kind Comments
  1. Aitaana Requena

    lyrics: 1666
    me: sexting sexting sex

  2. ireth alcarin

    kocham 😍

  3. ireth alcarin

    sweet Hammerfall. ! 😍❤👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

  4. Sir Gwayne

    Nice song, I needed to listen this after listening that crap of Bushido u.u

  5. Gothaniel

    2:57 Beautiful Guitar Solo from Oscar.

  6. jorge koki QG

    thor + doctor doom? of the disc image

    MrSebereth II

    Why Hammer = Thor :D ?


    @MrSebereth II maybe because of the thunder?

  7. Henny Zhi

    *Power Metal dies down*
    Come, take my hand..
    Don't leave me here.. alll alone...
    Come, make a stand
    Don't let us all. Faaade away. Fade awaaaaaay *power metal builds back*

  8. Isak Viklund

    "Brig the hammer down" More so.

  9. Isak Viklund

    ehm, i dunno myself

  10. badre attabi

    i have the cover

  11. Ezequiel Romeo

    you mean London Burn?

  12. Bartonar

    The Four Days Battle is the only thing I could find, though the year was labeled Annus Mirabilis because the English were surviving the Dutch and the Fires and the Plague.

  13. Bartonar

    Legion was pretty epic

  14. coolguydakota

    How's it feel to know that your typo has been immortalized for 2 years?

  15. coolguydakota

    Does anyone know what this song is talking about?
    "1666 We stood in the valley of death
    Steel in our hands; the final command,
    to cure and to heal our nation," any ideas?

  16. zacho6661

    This band is underrated!

  17. Mace the Omnilution

    The band itself is underrated

  18. Viktor Novák

    this song is underated...

  19. Elvis Neves

    muito loco

  20. Isak Viklund

    No german alowed

  21. Isak Viklund

    But what about Something for the ages ;_;

  22. MetalHeadSRB

    Manowar is a band you either like or not, so don't be shocked if you become a manowar fanatic or just be like, what's so special here? My reccomendations for you would be: spirit horse of the cheeroke, hail and kill, dawn of battle, fight until we die, bridge of death, swords in the wind and many more. They have like million songs more, but who knows what you'll like? Some other manowar fan will probably bash me for leaving out some songs lol. Hopefully you'll like these :) \m/

  23. MetalHeadSRB

    idk Sabaton works for me, Manowar also.

  24. Henny Zhi

    You know why I have trouble liking more Power Metal? HammerFall is so good that it's hard to find anything that can compare to it. You have moments like at 2:20 that you don't get enough of in other bands; its like hearing the beautiful words of a fallen warrior.

  25. Pierpaolo Arquilla

    One of a kind and Legion are the best songs of the album.
    But, the problem is, they are the only good 2.
    Legacy of Kings has 8 epic songs over 10.. Why did they change their style? I love them so much..

  26. John Doe

    True, HammerFall is one of a kind.

  27. Pale_ghost

    i dont know any band better then hammerfall any1 else?

  28. downwiththemaster

    not only is that not what the song is about there was no war between england and swedeen

  29. UsualC SuspectY

    i love boobs

  30. GeoBlackPro

    2:18 is a moment of real magic!

  31. ireth alcarin

    I love Hammerfall

  32. Zarkos

    "Brothers in arms fighting one for all
    Fearless and wild we stand tall, one of a kind"
    Imagine a fuckin' army singin' that at your side...

  33. SkateOrSTFU

    @TheAwesome273 Like or GTFO :)

  34. legomaster5172

    @TheShatteredEntity I KNOW RIGHT

  35. Eternal Nightmare

    4:00 - 5:28 -> mindblow
    in original quality -> double mindblow

  36. grihat

    @8141benne LOOOOOOL

  37. jackelfang21

    brothers let us stand tall one of a kind !

  38. AlicinhaRP

    of all the views, at least 99% are mine

  39. Adam Ludlow

    the best song from this album

  40. MrMetallization

    One of the best Hammerfall's song!!!!! I hope to see them in Milan (in November) \m/

  41. Jordan Parkinson

    This really is..just such a breath taking song.

  42. tokorev747777

    HammerFall is "one of a kind!"

  43. Warlord Drudan


  44. TheFight4glory

    BEST BAND ever this is fucking metal! ONE OF A KIND!!!!

  45. Tamas

    We're all one of a kind!

  46. takarot1

    thats one of a kind song :D !

  47. Fredrik Borgström

    This song kicks ass!! Probably their best song..

  48. Gretanor

    The part 2:18 - 4:00 makes that song epic and that band unique!!!

  49. jhvfgvsfgbfr

    love it !!

  50. Se05239

    Now this is some fucking music!

  51. tokorev747777

    HammerFall. The greatest band in the whole fucking world!!

  52. Benjamin Schmiedl

    after hearing that i wanted to fell a tree

  53. MakeMeMad31

    No Hammerfall, No Victory

  54. D Matthews

    EPIC cover art

  55. grzegorz rombel

    super muza.

  56. Le Marcel

    Hammerfall rocks.....
    one of the best bands i've ever heard....

  57. Davathean

    on my ipod i have 13 play-list this song is on all of them. Hail Hammerfall!!!

  58. Collins

    Three people are not one of a kind...

  59. Kyra Lothian

    OMFG!!!! This is the best song i have ever heared!!!!

  60. tokorev747777

    @Medivh haha i hate when things like that happens :P

  61. 1337 PH4N70M

    @Xidphel Heh...this proves you can make anything out of everything.Interesting...

  62. jpw

    @Xidphel OR. . . he could actually be edwardgreat for reasons OTHER than a solid Satanist belief. . . *gasps of shock*

  63. edwardgreat


    Chill out man, go have a beer
    Iron Maiden's gonna get you...

  64. Xidphel

    They stood in the valley of death of death, steal in their hand, the final command, to cure and to heal their nation.

    Also, a fire apparently.

  65. Xidphel

    @edwardgreat That's nice. How is that bad for me that I found 666 in your name? It's supposed to be woe to YOU actually.

  66. edwardgreat

    Woe to you...

  67. Xidphel

    @edwardgreat LOLWUT?!
    There are 6 letters in edward. There are 2 ds in there too. Flip them around you get b which sorta looks like 6. That's 3 6 in your name. 666.

    Mind telling us who you worship?

  68. tokorev747777

    my second favorite hammerfall song and!!!! next to restless soul!

  69. Jeroen Smet

    @edwardgreat dude you have totally lost it...it's a freakn number why would you associate it with fakeing iron maiden...that's just sick hammerfall doesnt need to fake songs or parts of it to be EPIC

  70. LordPetee

    @MawBTS yes it's quite possible that jesper wrote the middle part.. but it fits very well in the rest of the song and i totally love it..

  71. MawBTS

    @LordPetee I wonder what part he wrote. Most of the song sounds like Dronjak, but maybe the soft middle part was Jesper? It doesn't sound like usual Hammerfall music

  72. Zepheeros

    que increible tema de Hammerfall, que gran composicion, el solo es genial, que gran coro!! y la parte de 1 6 6 6 perfecta!!!

  73. Dreffan

    my fav song by theses guys but i mean i love em all

  74. MA16Kryeg

    My Sharona covered by hammerfall in my opinion is better than the original

  75. xaxterius

    @bilaras1313 sos griego

    you are a greek???

  76. Exxy

    This song is just amazing...Joacim has quite the range.

  77. Martin gallardo


  78. MasterHarpuia

    New favorite song :D

  79. kogakid39

    its 1666 not like 666

  80. tokorev747777

    i wish people would quit putting this album in the dirt its an excellent album!

  81. andorhalier

    In 1666, London burned.

  82. windex656

    i love after the break down best part hole song is amazing tho

  83. edwardgreat


    6teen 6ty 6
    6.... 6.. 6


  84. MikeWoohoo


  85. MikeWoohoo

    poor louis XIII died. D: lol

  86. fredvain

    The bass thing is amazing!!

  87. David P

    jag såg dom också liv på pite dansar och ler 09

  88. Michael McDonald

    Hell yeah!! They're my favorite power metal band, ever!!

  89. jackwilsontube


  90. Rex Talbot

    I like the part from 4:41, kinda epic :)

  91. gangforce

    my favourite song at the moment :O

    btw is it refering to the anglo-dutch wars?

  92. ShadowWarrior496

    Jochiam Cans vocals are freakin epic dude..

  93. Kurogasa55

    i agree. This song kicks so much ass. This is real Metal!!!

  94. Maximilian Breisch

    I´m wondering why they don´t play this song live!?
    It´s fucking great!!

  95. Akantorkriller

    HAMMERFALL 4 ever!!!!!!!