Hammerfall - No Sacrifice, No Victory Lyrics

Sacrifice - Victory
No Sacrifice - No Victory

Once there was gold at the end of the rainbow
Honored by blood we kept searching for more
Light turned to dark as we lost what we fought for
Now we have come to settle the score

Sacrifice - Victory
No Sacrifice - No Victory

Light, brings us light on the pale darkened heavens
Lead us towards our vast victory
Fighting for all that we brothers believe in
Together, united we're standing all for one

On our pathway to glory, we stand together honored by blood
Sacrifice our resplendence, we fight for freedom, hold our grounds forever
By the code we are living, we are breathing, and then we die
Sacrifice our own lives, but we'll never stand to lose our pride and glory

[Solo: Pontus]

In the end only truth will survive, no matter what you sacrifice
So you can't harvest your glory all based on deceit, cause no one will swallow your lies

On our pathway to glory, we stand together honored by blood
Sacrifice our resplendence, we fight for freedom, hold our grounds forever
By the code we are living, we are breathing, and then we die
Sacrifice our own lives, but we'll never stand to lose our pride and glory

Sacrifice - Victory
Sacrifice - Victory

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Hammerfall No Sacrifice, No Victory Comments
  1. Francisco Sandoval

    ¡Live Power Metal Classic, Happy Christmas And Happy New Year! .
    (¡Viva Power Metal Clásico, Feliz Navidad Y Feliz Año Nuevo!).

  2. Stefan Damann


  3. LightNing 61

    Good music to play Skyrim

  4. UU DPA

    Gracias Thunder metal warrior

  5. EvilDeadlyWarrior

    Perfect song to listing while you destroy your enemy

  6. Arnaldo Andrés

    ¡Ésta canción merece ser un Himno del Power Metal!

  7. tapthewall

    Whenever this song comes on while I'm driving, I FOR some reason drive faster with quicker reflexes.

    Great Potato

    You must arrive at your location by any means necessary

  8. matster shardel

    Wow don't this on Xfactor. So Catchy. So thanxfull for youtube.

  9. Brettbren

    The mascot looks like he is wielding *MJOLNIR!*


    @Ebola Dealer Thought so.

  10. Carrion Hound

    That damn song, so much cheese but ill take it, and like it.

  11. Murian

    Esta cancion es perfecta como para dominar el mundo xD


    +Alice Picker Y bien lo que dices.

    Raziel redeemer and destroyer , peon and messiah

    Para matar a los que dominan el mundo

  12. shane hall

    the figure looks more like a character from Darksiders than it does batman

    Mira Miladinova

    Yeeeeees <3

  13. SublimeCS

    this songs good

  14. Nathaniel Throop

    This is the perfect song for PVP.

  15. MacDragard

    GEICO has the most obnoxious ads.

  16. no11ne


  17. no11ne

    Kill the dragon..

  18. Icho Tolot

    16 people are Justin Biber fans :D


    @Iceozo1 Justin Bieber had not been invented in 2008.


    @SlowAndSteady2 It's an exaggeration. The point is this is 2014, no one gives a fuck about Bieber so stop mentioning him and he'll go away.


    Everyone gets the point, Iceozo1. He still hadn't been mass produced, yet. Those Biebers are everywhere these days.


    @SlowAndSteady2 I haven't heard a mention of Bieber or a Belieber since the last time he got arrested. They aren't everywhere because no one cares anymore.


    Depends on where you live.

  19. Jack Berry

    On one evening... Batman and Thor, Fused to become the most powerful combination in History!


    @Jack Berry The most powerful? Someone hasn't seen the crimson thunder

  20. francois haugrin marcel

    sa  decoiffe  !

  21. peter m

    Great song for real time strategy. I will conquer him with any means necessary!

  22. Chance

    Makes you just wanna play some SWTOR do some warzones and win at all cost.


    I k ow right

    Raven Strategist

    For the Empire!

  23. Death the Kid

    Best song ever


    is it symmetrical?


    @highlyperps asecas
    do you understand the joke?


    @highlyperps ae86 "Death the Kid" is from an anime called "soul eater" and he has an OCD problem

  24. Death the Kid

    love this song +1 if you agree

  25. Death the Kid

    NO MERCY ON YOUR SOUL!!!!!! I love this song

  26. Will Morris

    i wanna kill a dragon

    Bogdan Doncic

    then play a skyrim -.- xD

    D3LTA WAV3

    +Will Morris IMAGINATION!!!!!

    Brian van Maanen

    Dungeons & Dragons mate, why kill a dragon when you can face Tiamat the dragonqueen

    Crypted Demise or Vaulted Death

    I do too in real life


    Kill the princess instead

  27. Will Morris

    i have this songon my iphone my ipod and my ipad XD

  28. Tomasz Rejowski

    sorry for bad englando no copy pasterino dongerino fraphachino macarino ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

  29. Will Morris

    I feel like the strongest thing in the World XD

  30. Homz K.

    yeah exactly it was a secret high tech of the vikings in that time...Genius Alcar....

  31. D Matthews

    no harm done, we Americans do too

  32. Aitherios

    I prefer a bow or 2 daggers for speed deadly and fast movement

  33. 107zombiekiller

    id prefer the hammer of thor

  34. Mace the Omnilution

    I prefer a bladed Mace for heavy damage but less heavy than the other mace types

  35. MetalMasManiac

    id prefer a black edge katana....with the red color of my enemies blood on it!!!

  36. Namless NoName

    While I do respect your use such an unwieldy device, I support the use of a lighter hand-and-a-half sword.

  37. k1ll3rbunny

    Morningstars are where it's truly at... Never was anywhere else.

  38. MrDracoss

    claro que no, dice de echo algo muy genial.

  39. Ogier the Dane

    Top comment is gay.

  40. VK_Box

    after listening to this song for a couple of time, in my head for the rest of the day:


  41. Willtality

    they have such epic riffs.

  42. Angelus Sanguinem

    what is your logic to this

  43. nautch900

    no its a dagger that's ware its at now

  44. lars bosen

    It sounds like they say "lionel messi"

  45. Xeo Nespydonum

    I enjoy Judas priest... I'm pretty sure i'm not homosexual....

  46. Skitzostockovich

    If you like this, you might like DragonForce, or Sabaton. Both super good. As well as this one obviously.


    Joshua Swhy cow ski sabaton yes dragonforce no.

  47. MrFuckuall101


  48. Maleficarum

    Nah, be nice to the kid. Let him have a pie.

  49. Dana O'Hara

    and darth vader lol

  50. 115madmax

    What does being gay have to do with your music? Unless your into pop, of course...

  51. Callum Weaver

    Even combined, none of them could match the power of the Ravenlord.

  52. 6flyer

    We're all gay in our own way.

  53. Partar1989

    Gay ppl cant listen to this :/

  54. Dinosaur ChickenNuggets

    Favorite Hammerfall song. period.

  55. korvlorten

    His name, is Hector!

  56. MachineStudioPL

    Wywalili mi śmieszne sery :)

  57. 115madmax

    Guy on the cover looks like a mixture of death, batman and thor.

  58. The Crimson Fucker

    If you think this is gay I have some bad news for you.

  59. Pyjamalama

    people stopped listening to metal for a few centuries so the squirrels devolved because they didn't have to stay as awesome as they were.

  60. Saica

    he is....

  61. Pedro Esteves

    of course.they were so awesome back then...i mean,you know the squirrels were mechanichal and shot laser through their eyes right?I wonder what happened to them.now they're just these fluffy little balls of fur

  62. Seythi

    i prefer "grimdark side"

  63. Pedro Esteves

    For you who didn't know,this is the kind of songs that the vikings used to listen to.It was(and still) awesome.

  64. AnonymousFawkes5

    HammerFall was my first Metal Band. Period. three years later, and even though I've gone on to listen shit like to Anal Cunt, Cannibal Corpse, Gorgoroth and the like, HammerFall will always have a special place in my heart as one of the most powerful and beautiful bands I have ever had the pleasure to listen to.

  65. Keith Alesana

    listening to this song makes me feel like a fucking middleage warrior!!!
    love it or be my next victim ^^

  66. steven minard

    the perfect band to listen to when you are playing assassins creed :)

  67. Zonking Darkness

    my self happens to like dragons an besides when I here it on my bike I fell like a witcher going tow war agents the lavilets

  68. ᛟᚦᚨᛚᚨ

    Nessun problema, amico mio! (That's about as good as my Italian gets! Hahahaha xD).
    Hammerfall is bad-ass, and you think so as well, so there isn't any problems \m/.

  69. MrHiman266

    there is a god change you never can escape by reading this you sell your soul (no refunds)

  70. The Coolest Person Ever

    @wernerizer79 Yes you are.

  71. nautch900

    @hrtuvchrome i too want to do the same except with a great sword

  72. Dylan Lozinski

    whats with all power metal with medieval sounds

  73. D Matthews

    @JDtheATheist i play the dragon lies bleeding when i'm fighting dragons

  74. Marko Ružin


  75. IronForMaidenLove

    @GLINDameer True, even though they made pretty many good songs, this song is still more epic! :D

  76. Celestial Warrior

    one of my fav song on this album!!!!!!

  77. megajelly100

    marvel ;)

  78. Too Much Sus

    @wernerizer79 Your statement reflects yourself.

  79. Too Much Sus

    @freak4388 me too

  80. Too Much Sus

    @wernerizer79 Right you are! You are most certainly gay!

  81. freak4388

    my first HF song ^^

  82. EvilBakaCat

    @wernerizer79 so your saying your gay?

  83. thegreatninjaman

    i will love the hell otu of this song by any means neccessary

  84. prosentron1

    They're the best...^_^

  85. thmoordman

    @wernerizer79 you're gay

  86. Thamian

    @krisiic1982 Welcome to the dark/awesome side. Here, have a cookie.

  87. krisiic1982

    today first time listened Hammerfall (actually first time listened any power metal band).
    and I like it!! powerfull!!

  88. Natsu Dragneel

    3 peoples died when they listen to this song

  89. Gabriel Darlan

    oh my fuck god !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  90. Solarain Knight

    @QuartuvLarry lmao yeah I know

  91. QuartuvLarry

    It would be cool if you'd post the lyrics.
    Some of us metalheads like to have a little sing-a-long, know what I mean?

  92. Paul Hausser

    fucking sie ja sehr gut comoraden!! xDD jebote ono u fazonu ko dje kud!

  93. BC Johnson

    \oo/ ( >< ) \oo/

  94. BC Johnson

    Isn't that Doctor Doom on the cover? BWAHAHAHHAAAAAA!!

  95. FreezingStorm


    BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  96. Goldenkitten1

    @bloodybow9 How do you even bring up AILD in this video? Doesn't matter which you prefer, everyones got an opinion, but in this case they're TOTALLY different genres that can't even be compared in a "Who does the same thing better?" sort of way.

    ...seems like someone just wanted everyone to see his "awesomes metals knowledge!"