Hammerfall - My Sharona Lyrics

Oh. my little pretty one, ah pretty one
When you gonna give me some time, Sharona
Ooh you make my motor run, my motor run
Gun it coming off of the line, Sharona
Never gonna stop, give it up, such a dirty mind
I always get it up from the touch of the younger kind
My my my ay ay - HEY!
Ma-ma-ma My Sharona
Come a little closer huh, ah will ya huh
Close enough to look in my eyes, Sharona
Keep a little mystery, kissin' me

Runnin' down the length of my thigh, Sharona
Never gonna stop, give it up, such a dirty mind
I always get it up with the touch of the younger kind
My my my ay ay - HEY!
Ma-ma-ma My Sharona
Ma-ma-ma My Sharona

[Solo: Pontus]

When ya gonna get to me, g-get to me
Is it just a matter of time Sharona
Is it d-d-destiny, d-destiny
Or is it just a game in my mind, Sharona

Never gonna stop, give it up, such a dirty mind
I always get it up from the touch of the younger kind
My my my ay ay - HEY!
Ma ma ma ma ma ma ma ma
My my my ay ay - HEY!
Ma-ma-ma My Sharona
Ma-ma-ma My Sharona
Ma-ma-ma My Sharona

[Solo: Pontus]

Ooooh, My Sharona
Ooooh, My Sharona
Ooooh, My Sharona

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Hammerfall My Sharona Comments
  1. lordfulgus

    Am I the only one to hear "NY NY NY NYYYY SHARONA" ?

  2. 2schläge OneHitter

    It's 5-5-5-3, not 5-3-5-3!

  3. Yus Rizal

    Its like When punk and metal collide

  4. Mikey D

    Holy hell this is an amazing cover! 🤘🏻🤘🏻🔥🔥

  5. Carl Marks

    Hearing this decent metal cover makes me realise just how much balls and power the original 1979 version had.
    Top 40 music from 1978 to 1984 really was amazing. So many great one-hit wonders and inventive pop stars.

  6. Joanna Drozhzha

    Świetny utwór. Super wykonanie.

  7. Speedy94

    Radics Petitől valaki?

  8. Nayra Raquel

    Stranger Things ❤️

  9. Sharona Causby

    I give This One My Approval. CRANK IT UP !!!

  10. Wupme

    Badly recorded and mixed, but awesome performance.

  11. ireth alcarin

    This is great too. .

    i love music Hammerfall ❤

  12. hulagan808

    Oh shit, it doesn’t suck! Clap clap clap.

  13. Horny Pervert

    Joacim cans förde mig hit

  14. Motoroil

    Pretty amazing cover guys, really! Doing covers is touchy. People like to hear the original version... usually. You guys actually made it better...and more metal ( where it belonged in the first place)

  15. Franza Rodel


  16. TheNatureboy64

    Hammerfall knock this old classic Knack tune out the Park. \m/

  17. Aaron James

    Came for 2:39 pretty good.

  18. sharona causby

    Great Cover. Thanks LOL <3 ;)

  19. Matty Ice

    Great cover. But of all the songs you could have covered, THIS is what you choose to do

  20. fer rodrig

    nice cover

  21. Sanja Gjorgiovska

    TURN THAT MUSIC ON BABY👄👄👄👄👄👄👄👄👄👄👄 🔊🔊🔊🔊🔊🔊🔊🔊🔊🔊🔊


    this song remind me of bevis and butthead :D

  23. Andreas Nordvall


    Katie Brooks

    I see what you did there!

  24. Bálint Kelemen

    Kylo rencikeh

  25. Dinda Zivic


  26. Chris Purolover

    No...just no.

  27. Júlio Salotti

    Gotta love this song :]
    They did an awesome job at covering this

  28. 橋口直樹

    It's , Awesome rocking!

  29. Thomas van de Haselnuss


  30. Bendzsamin Csukárdi

    Jo zene nagzon kiraly

  31. Randiir

    Is it just me that first read in the title " My Shaorma" and was like wtf hammerfall....xD

  32. Adam Tomaszewski

    Hell fuckin yeah !

  33. LesSmith45

    Damn GOOD Cover! of a great song from my senior year in HS!

  34. Erick Abner

    10000000000000000000000 times better than the original, and the original is a great song :)

    Chris Purolover

    Erick Abner Bullshit.

  35. Martina Cvetko

    perfection :D

  36. Tracy Connors and celina pollock

    good remake awesome band

  37. Cindy

    Comme des CONARD !!! 😈😂


    I like it!!!

  39. John Menyhard

    Wow like it

  40. Mołły AxA

    kylo rencikehhh😂😂

  41. Kristóf Varga

    Radics Peti <3

    shaman b.

    +Kristóf Varga Te most komolyan szidni merted anyámat. Golyót akarsz?

    Gergő Pelyvás

    +Kristóf Varga Nekem is róla jutott eszembe:)

    Peti Kocsis

    Dikk mivan itt😁👊

  42. BennyOars

    Mamama my cum shot!


    please no

  43. We Remotely Low

    The...solo, though...

  44. Optimum Energy

    Warframe Kawai warframe has brought me here. LOl. Hope it becomes a thing lol.

  45. Susan Lesser

    Go back to old Times... So i miss IT

  46. andre wieckhorst

    Gute Version!

  47. Ramsey Hildebrand

    this is exactly what my soul wanted when I wished The Knacks should be a metal band.

  48. NPC #49616392


    The One Above All

    Yeah, it sounds great as a metal tune. Alot of metal bands covered it in the 80s. One of my bands did it.

  49. Lexington Deville84

    Trust Hammerfall to make a pretty decent and catchy metal cover.

  50. mariel.makeup

    Es joda? Jajaja está buenísima

  51. Andrea Davis


    Colby Gonzalez

    +Andrea Davis I see what you did there :P

  52. TheNeji92

    My Sharona!!!

  53. stanmarsh14

    Not so keen on this cover..... found the one this Italian group called Eldrich to be much better.

    Greg O

    This one is ok, but yeah the Eldrich cover rocks harder than this one.

  54. Reinforced Steel

    The cover would have been perfect if they hadn't ruined the solo

    james pearson

    Yea...the original just had the perfect amount of everything.

  55. gpgpgpgp1000

    Kick ass!  I love when some song out of the blue is covered really heavy.

  56. zom 63

    I remember the Orginal,i love this Song long time before,i was young.I thanks for this coversong,wonderfull specaly.

  57. jakub turek

    I love solo ! :)

  58. Shir Castro

    Nice cover


    @DeathMetalThunder Spoken like someone who's never heard Quitedrive's cover of Uprising.

  60. tom Scott

    Best cover I've heard of this great ol' song, and if any of you pups out there think this is the original you are so sadly wrong, look it up. lmao Its was put out by the Knack back in the 70's lol,. and was about the lead singers real girlfriend at the time. Yea I'm that old lol


    the knack who❔ xD

    tom Scott

    ALBERT YO just " the knack"


    This cover is clearly the best of the worst covers of the song. Just listen to the drills if you want a good (not necissarily the best) cover


    Here we look for the best, go best or go home❕

    Dave West

    Only complaint is the original guitar solo was more tasty.

  61. Nero Ribeiro


  62. Slam Ebraheem

    my cat name is Sharona hahah lol , i love it so much 

  63. ElaborateTiger

    In a parallel universe somewhere; this is the original version of the song!

    Slavica Milic

    So true 😊

  64. Heavy Metal Mighty

    forever ramones

    Juan File

    The Knack.

  65. Santo Droni

    Eldritch's version is still the best

  66. Josuke



    ...I didn't say stop

  67. Sharona Devine

    As someone named sharona I can say this is one of the better versions of this song.

    Ping Pong

    youre right except for the solo

    sharona ayson

    I agree.

    Katie Brooks

    Ping, a cover is not copied note for note. Including the solo.

  68. blade0954

    sounds a bit less good than the original for me im afraid,luv the band though!

  69. Torstens Hammer

    Why can't all Covers be as awesome as this Thing?!?!?!?!

    Ping Pong

    Because today talent is not as great as is the past


    @Ping Pong It's still there, you only have to sift through more crap these days.

  70. bak j

    My 19 aged with this music yeah

  71. Fabien Salles


    Valentin L'Hermitte

    Mickael Youn les fous rires cette chanson

  72. axtarmas sepolia

    thats how great covers makes you forget the original. great job from our mighty hammerfall \m/

  73. Howard Atkins

    This is a good version... best of the covers so far. LOVE THE ORIGINAL THOUGH.


    Helps that the original is as good of a song as it is.

  74. AtomicWandMassager

    Never has a classic song kicked such massive amounts of ass.


    @AtomicWandMassager Try Rob Zombie's version of We're An American Band

  75. Joachim Boaz

    the younger kind are all flash boom.

  76. Negative Vortex

    My Shawarma

    Ken Presting

    My Bologna

  77. Lord Baktor

    Musical value is subjective. Does a song or solo say something special to you? Then it doesn't matter where it ranks on any kind of list. I am pretty sure my favorite guitar solo is not on any ranking whatsoever and for me it has much more value than anything by Jimi Hendrix (who wins 90% of the greatest guitar player ever contests) or anybody else.

  78. Charles McGowen

    Who would be the ones to determine the musical value of the piece then? Is there some stuffed shirt dude judging how wonderful it was to put an F sharp so close to a B flat?

  79. meisteryoda1313

    cause pressing like just isnt enough!

  80. Gabriele Vallini

    What a great, wonderful cover, thanks for posting!!!

  81. Rat King

    I'm so happy this exists...

  82. Waveman MAV

    Unlikely remake for Hammerfall, but they sound great.

  83. LeRouleauDePrintemps


  84. Ouate Da Phoque


  85. Norma Achar


  86. Peter Burgos

    Wow this was poop

  87. Joachim Boaz

    I used this song on philosophy forum. [sexual arousal/ethics]
    love it

  88. Patrick Heepmann

    MMMM Mike Shenoda

  89. Joachim Boaz

    no pain. no gain.

  90. Joachim Boaz

    great sound

  91. Joachim Boaz

    didnt even know this band existed awesome

  92. MrCinghialotto

    good jobs, but from a metal band like that i expected a little more...thunder! hi dudes!

  93. slashfan7964

    So much better than the original.

  94. dmcxxx

    Shitty lead vocals, but the rest is pretty kick ass. It doesn't top the original though!

  95. James Alexander

    This is wonderful

  96. Ignar Baldur Åndersjön the Husky

    Dat bass in the start

  97. Endugu07

    Wow this is amazing.

  98. The Marvel & DC Report

    i think hammerfall did a great cover of this song! LOVE IT!