Hammerfall - Life Is Now Lyrics

6 am, we still rush along
The open road and we're feeling strong
Another town - HEY! - just lay it down, down to the ground
Only our way, or the highway straight to hell

Never give up, never give in
Always ride out the storms, so fight
Never give up, never give in
It's your life make it right

Our life is not a fashion - Life is Now
Pedal to the metal - Life is Now
Our life is based on passion
And we live our lives the way we want

Hit the lights, time to bring it on
Ten thousand fists, they can not be wrong
We've come to slam - HEY! - the hammer down, never lose the game
Please come inside, do not be afraid, ain't no requiem

Never give up, never give in
Only one way to shout and scream
Never give up, never give in
Please take hold of your dream

Our life is not a fashion - Life is Now
Pedal to the metal - Life is Now
Our life is based on passion - Life is Now
And we live our lives the way we want

[Solo: Pontus]

Our life is not a fashion
Pedal to the metal
Our life is based on passion
And we live our lives the way we want

Our life is not a fashion
Pedal to the metal
Our life is based on passion
And we live our lives the way we want

Our life is not a fashion - Life is Now
Pedal to the metal - Life is Now
Our life is based on passion - Life is Now
And we live our lives the way we want - Life is Now

Our life is not a fashion - Life is Now
Pedal to the metal - Life is Now
Our life is based on passion - Life is Now
And we live our lives the way we want

Never give up, oh, never give in
This is your life, a thing you can't set aside

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Hammerfall Life Is Now Comments
  1. Sui Ari

    Awesome band! Hey rockers all around the world. Feel free to join in our metal group at facebook. \m/ :) https://www.facebook.com/groups/Metal.LoversHML/

  2. Xavier Lavoie

    2:04 "ANAL REQUEM"

  3. Toaster Robot

    This is so catchy.... "Never give up, never give in"

  4. Marius Bancila

    Never give up! Never give in!

    Pure Metal

    masterplan? XD

    Gipsy Sidney

    You got me good :DDD

  5. JoeCamelLives

    This is my favorite song. It has a very 70's Metal vibe to it

  6. Nimulos Maltibos

    Brothers everywhere

    Cosmin Honda666

    Metal Brothers are everywhere \m/ for metal we will die

  7. VRtual Boy

    good to hear some people still have respect, as man o war would say, we're all warriors of the world.

  8. Nectarbro

    Sad days when metal heads aee devided by nationality... those of you that are putting others down just because of where they were born make me sad. All the people watching this and other videos aee brothers in arms, act like it...

  9. XXVorteXX

    I do not know what is your point and I'm not interested, of any country in which you live in the world, people are all mixed in them.

  10. Pelasgos11

    Really?I thought that Europe was a woman who was kidnapped by Zeus who was transformed in bull.
    Tell me...where you Americans come from?
    Because once upon time i think that some red people called Indians were living there....and this is not a joke.
    Aha....now i remember,some Crusaders[or something] came there from England,Spain and France and slaughtered these people and conquered their land.....
    And after few centuries these mix of nations,gained their independence from their motherlands!!!!

  11. XXVorteXX

    you can not generalize, there are Americans who may have more knowledge than you in your country and continent. (when I use the word American, I speak for all people of the continent and not of Eu. Eu is not America, it's just a country of america .)

  12. XXVorteXX

    i don't care.

  13. Isak Viklund

    that my friend is not a joke in my eyes

  14. XXVorteXX

    I have not studied the history of europe my friend, I'm from America, I did not understand your joke, but it is accepted.

  15. Isak Viklund

    skandinavians from vikings, englishmen and germans from celts, frenchmen from celts and romans, italians from romans, turkey and spain from muslims and romans etc. You shold probebly take that with a grain of salt >.<

  16. Isak Viklund

    *favorite ~_~

  17. tuipale

    that soundtrack is called the BIG BANG and its still playing...

  18. Ge La

    not every nation...for example, Hungarians came from the "finn-ugor" clan from the Ural, like the Finnish nation too. But there are a lot of other nations, who are not celtic or viking :) read about history of Europe.

  19. XXVorteXX

    Europeans come from Vikings and Celts?

  20. Isak Viklund

    oh, now i see what you did there

  21. fumblebeef

    whould probably be I believe that whould play in churches too.

  22. fumblebeef

    yeah. The hammerfall mascot's name is hector. Just google it, thats how i found out lol :P

  23. Juancabenitez Benitez

    Escelente grupo cuando vendrán a colombia?

  24. Shantanu Manerikar

    album cover looks like thor and Death(darksiders) combined

  25. Project omen gr

    you don 't say?

  26. Daniel Prado

    essa musica é muito boa!!! mas prefiro sabaton.

  27. Indigo Kid

    why so little wievs? WHERE ARE YOU BROTHERS AND SISTERS

  28. SuperHeia

    only thing i dont like about hammerfall is that i have not been on a concert yet

  29. Guilherme Miranda

    foda foda, viajo junto com as musicas

  30. disastertruck

    @MrJivePirate Anal requiem

  31. Kibikayuki

    @BrandonMourier Same here!! D:

  32. Cainsgames

    LOL I always heard "kriptonite" instead of "hit the light" and I just realised it xD

  33. Brandon Mourier

    @TheMasonBrotherhood another problem is that i dont have enough money to buy all the albums :( there are too many

  34. Mr. Meeseeks

    So inspiring :)

  35. Choctaw468

    New to HammerFall...damn, I missed some good shit for a long time.

  36. sven isele

    Dito, Brother,dito!! :)

  37. Sleepybear

    the only thing i really dont like about this song is whenever i listen to it i always lose the game D: (love the song though)

  38. LegendaryA37

    Why do HammerFall songs have to fucking end!?

  39. Narification

    simply amazing song with a true message, i love it

  40. opellossou

    @Keinichn i always check the best place to buy cds in the town and still i cant find any of hammerfall. they are either sold everytime i check or they dont bring anymore!

  41. Stuart Wentworth

    So inspirational and uplifting!
    I could listen to this over and never get sick of it.
    Hammerfall, you are the best. \m/

  42. Fil Jan

    :D this is verry good song

  43. Phire9

    Like this listening to headphones its perfect.

  44. Baked_Potato0934

    SHITT!!!! i clicked the wrong thumb button -_-* Hhhhhhhhhhh well I clicked the like too so i guess it evens out :\

  45. Keinichn

    @opellossou If they're so awesome, why not go out and buy the albums?

  46. opellossou

    quite true my friend!! when i decided to download the full discography of hammerfall i said i would delete the songs that werent good, but it turned out to delete only some lives that the quality was not good and keep everything else. u just cant hate any of their songs!!

  47. MaverCZ

    I'm really curious how the new album will sound. Can't wait :)

  48. Spookhunter7

    O yes fav this any Millineum

  49. Johnny B

    This song is obviously based on minstrel tavern music of the Middle Ages. Brilliant.

  50. DivineFtw

    really love the guitar work in this one...but it's hammerfall so there's no need to mention it...

  51. Dethbeast666

    some of their songs are bad but have you listened to voice in the dark

  52. 6tijax

    the best band in the world, I want to sing like that

  53. Dethbeast666

    what do you mean?

  54. fandiczech001

    @darkshiner360 The exception proves the rule:)

  55. XerDav

    @TheMasonBrotherhood the only song i don't like is Renegade, it sounded like they were trying to be cool, and weren't really speaking enough from the heart as much, i will normally still listen to the song, when i listen to them i usually listen to their albums through. but still, i'm iffy about the song either way, other than that, yeah, i would agree with you :)

  56. Razorblaze999

    HammerFall is my favourite band! sucks I'm too young to see them live :((((((

  57. Xidphel

    @ile89 Actually, yeah it is. It said so on the CD case.

  58. Dethbeast666

    iced earth and blind guardian are about as good and they're not nords.

  59. ma puce a moi

    LIFE IS NOW !!!

  60. Matheus

    all the tabs that i looked up for this song were wrongs can someone send me a link of a good one please

  61. fandiczech001

    If I am listening music like this, I am starting to think that nordic power metal is THE BEST. Hammerfall, Sabaton and many others...

  62. alexveldin

    hell yea it is!

  63. Exxy

    I could have sworn Joacim just said "never lose the game"...does this mean I'm free from the game? I don't have to lose?? Happy days! \o/

  64. ChechoAP09

    @TheMasonBrotherhood 100% agree, this guys rocks!!!!!!!!!

  65. TheFryBoy1

    With the years that Hammerfall has been making music, they have reached the godly status of bands like Maiden and Judas Priest. Never have i heard a band that truly makes consistently amazing albums and songs.

  66. Cpt50Caliber

    hammerfall are freakin' awesome

    nay i take that back


  67. tokorev747777

    this song is pure magick

  68. Michael Terblanche

    The only thing that I don't like about HammerFall is that basicly every single song of theirs is brilliant and a masterpiece, I can never decide on what to listen :)

  69. SirFrost666

    One of my favorite HF albums. The atmosphere is awesome. They were epic at Wacken this year.

  70. Lawlais

    This album is good really, and I've been Hammerfall fan for a long time. This is good!

  71. tokorev747777

    btw listin to the begining and the guitar rif, it sounds kinda like the tenchu wrath of heaven theme!

  72. tokorev747777

    damn i like it! i can't believe i never heard this!

  73. Malik82691

    HammerFall is bad-ass!

    These guys gotta come to Texas.

  74. Melissa


    and SWEDEN ROLE!

    kommer från sverige

  75. lachuu92


    This song sounds like old school heavy metal stuff; d

  76. David P

    i have se hammerfall live

  77. HisSMajesty

    Why? I think it is very good album..

  78. Zandrimas

    Sweden + Hammerfall = SWEDISH METAL HEARTS ON FIRE

    (¯`•.¸(¯`•.¸(¯`•.¸(¯`•.¸Toppen! ¸.•´¯)¸.•´¯)¸.•´¯)¸.•´¯)

  79. shaddorry

    wich country?
    im not really a fan, just like the music.
    so i dont know...

  80. Jonas Engvall

    Its kinda weried that they tok the riffs from NATURAL HIGH XD! but it sounds Awsome!

    If u dont trust me Listen to Natural high by hammerfall, the riff at 0:30-+:43 :P, its just another scale on it :)

  81. Jonas Engvall

    im with Yoo man!!!!!! I LUV THEM!!
    Especialy that theyre from same contry as me :D!!

  82. shaddorry

    like the soft intro and the great song...


  83. Héctor Gomez

    Damn this is the best song of the disc...i hope they will use this as they single!!!!!

  84. Christos Kontoulis

    great song!!!:D HAMMERFALL FOR EVER

  85. bignasty1982

    acceptable song, but hammerfall was better thn this

  86. Ameisengast

    10/10 points in my opinion. Slightly worse than "Legion", because of the lyrics.
    I really didn't think that they were able to do such an album with the grandness of Threshold, but they did. Awesome.

  87. Maik Tack

    Very Nice :D

  88. Bas van der Heide

    my new favourite song of Hammerfall!

  89. Gedde 570

    Dude, this song ROCKS!:P

  90. HSF _ClaYmaN

    I like this song but think it isn´t best song of the album

  91. hammersyko

    birthday in a month... hoping ill get it then!!!

  92. Jaglino

    This song is really great!!!

  93. gold46dragon

    u sure? have u heard the others? :P

  94. MasterG

    great song!!! go hammerfall!!!

  95. gold46dragon

    decent? i'll admit that it's not their best (glory to the brave FTW!!!!!), but it's definitely better than decent :P the bad one on that album was rly titan. i would compare it to life is now :D

  96. Honza Skalík

    nice and great song, Hail Hammerfall from Czech

  97. gold46dragon

    rofl u were right. i'm not gonna vote, tho, because i only half-agree. this album seems to suck except for any means necessary, which was a great song :D but threshold was GREAT :D