Hammerfall - I Refuse Lyrics

My guard is down, accept my invitation
But don't waste my time, with your slandering lies

Cuz my dream is my dream
All based on my revelations
Extreme, but not mean
And I'll stand the test of time

You say you like me, your my friend, but I got stabbed in the back
Remove that smile and wash the blood off your hands

I Refuse, I Refuse

You call my name, but you don't know me
Say I'm insane, but who's to blame

Cuz I'll scream and I'll scream
And I'm building up a reputation
I esteem by all means
Cuz I swim against the stream

You turn the page and write the story of a life you don't know
My sword is sharp and mighter than your pen

I Refuse, I Refuse

I Refuse, I Refuse
Refuse to be something that I'm not

[Solo: Pontus]

I Refuse, I Refuse
I Refuse, I Refuse

I Refuse, I Refuse
Refuse to be something that I'm not

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Hammerfall I Refuse Comments
  1. Kydney


  2. TheKirklandGamer

    anyone who watches adventure time (i believe) would think that this is the cry of the Ice king

  3. Dave Beam

    now that's what metal is all about. you cannot listen to this song without headbanging. unless you are gay. great kick ass tune.  keep it up boys. with rifs like this you may give primal fear a run for their money.would  put this song up with any of thiers. top notch metal. 2 thumbs way up


    @Dave Beam Fuck you

  4. Petar Blagojevic

    you turn page and write a story of life you dont know ... i love that!!!

  5. Zirui Zhang

    "or don't want any part of it"
    I never said they were.
    Anyways, idc, I luv this band very much, but I just wanted to clarify a possible reason for this album...

  6. optricon

    since when were Hammerfall part of any illuminate???

  7. Zirui Zhang

    Ok, the music might not be in such "Epic" sound, but it's more of a haunting and suspenseful type of album and I like it a lot. Based from the lyrics, I think what the band is trying to say is they're no longer part of the Illumanati or don't want any part of it. I mean just listening to the lyrics of Last Man Standing or the devil horn hand gesture that was made during the Natural High video when Joacim said "hell". Sorry, not trying to make any conspiracies...just suspicious.

  8. busybee2604

    WOW blow off my seat with this one... love it!!! whoot whoot

  9. crofold

    Man I love this song! Not only does it have a really awesome beat and sweet riffs but I can directly relate to the lyrics.

  10. Bosanac bosnia

    Woha.. cool song..kinda like the oldschool ones :)