Hammerfall - Bring The Hammer Down Lyrics

There was a time when we were noble soldiers
Fearless and wild, a fight just to survive
Reformed our troops, one flag one worlds united
Under the sun the powers came alive

The sound of our cause, the meaning of life
Beyond stars and skies
Now raise your hands and let it all come out

Bring the Hammer Down
Slam it down to the ground
One flag, one world united

Templars, fight or fall
Raise your fists, heed the call
Bring the Hammer Down, behold the light

The future holds nothing but pain and sorrow
No painted skies, we dwell in black and white
Just live your life, like there is no tomorrow
Present today, forgotten before dawn

Still counting the stars, in search for a way
The meaning of life
Now raise your hands before your time runs out

Bring the Hammer Down
Slam it down to the ground
One flag, one world united

Templars, fight or fall
Raise your fists, heed the call
Bring the Hammer Down, behold the light

[Solo: Pontus, Stefan, both]

Bring the Hammer Down
Slam it down to the ground
One flag, one world united

Templars, fight or fall
Raise your fists, heed the call
Bring the Hammer Down, behold the light

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Hammerfall Bring The Hammer Down Comments
  1. Ezequiel fernandes

    Band very well 🎸

  2. Brother Alaric

    official black Templar anthem.

  3. German Soldier

    All these overwatch nerds haven’t played a pally

  4. David Haitel

    Truly awesome!

  5. Kyletheslenderraptor

    BRING ME THANOS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Simon Turpin

    Bring the hammer down! raise your fist, heed the call!! In Steel

  7. The cosmic digi

    "FOR ASGARD!!!!!!!!"

    Just Trying


  8. YourOwnAzog

    damn awesome!

  9. Rap Zalsos

    That moment when you find out Reinhard is coming after you in a match.

    Brother Alaric


    Brother Alaric


  10. Nagyerdei Korisok - Uristenzor

    I always hear "tap the spinal cord" instead of "Templars, fight or fall"

    Light DRGN20

    Uristenzor - Nagyerdei Korisok I hear it.

    Becca McCookie

    Glad I'm not the only one^^


    Wait, it's not "Tap the spinal cord" ?? Hahaha hadn't noticed. XD

  11. MeloDeath86

    This is some good Power Rock!!

  12. I am The Hammer

    You know it

  13. Timeless Miracle

    That chorus is an eargasm

  14. michael davis

    is that DIO ??? !!!!!.....

    Per curiosus

    No, it is not!
    Dio had a much more slower speed
    and his voice wasnt so high.

    Delta KT

    I like the Bye at the end.


    You were expecting hammerfall but instead it was me DIO!!!!

  15. I am Vanity Reign

    Why he's holding mjolnir

    Jack Raiden

    He's a paladin named Hector, who very much represents Thor. There's also one version of him where his wings are whole, that circle on his back isn't broken, he's at full streght and holds two hammers, one of them is burning and the other one is..
    well, this one, with thunders.

  16. Siegfried Invictus

    It is wide-known that Hammerfall have songs related to Game of Thrones, is it just me but is this song dedicated to Robert Baratheon when he united the realm and defeated the Targaryans !

    Michael Iv

    Nay, this song belongs to Thor the Thunderer, Son of Odin, Prince of Asguard!

    Darth Roluk

    Yeah Thor summoning templars, that makes so much sense.

  17. Smilebirde9

    Its Fucking Stefan in this song Stefan Made this Song..

  18. dynaflow74

    Hell yeah!

  19. kamakaze heart

    not metal this is power rock to everyone calling it metal there is a difference 


    um, I think you'll find this is neo-turbo-grinddeathsteincore.

    Jack Raiden

    +Tommy Middleton No, this is nu power pop-turbo folk-hiphop-metaldeathgrindemocore.

    Robert Jones

    considering the band itselfs during live shows says heavy metal alot im sure they play metal.


    lol no, this is pure Power Metal

    Albert Jansson

    Some songs are heavy metal, some power metal.

  20. PRIME

    1000th like but this deserevs 1000000000 likes...

    Silvia Duck

    and more

  21. Zep713100

    Best band forever :)

  22. Kunterbunt ist dein dasein volle Kanne HOSCHI

    I love it chrrrr

  23. András Csata

    how dare they dislike dat music?

  24. András Csata

    It is Power Metal :) but you're right :)

  25. Jure Bergant

    arrrr, it is!!!

  26. Ravage Dionne

    My best friend loves metal. He's black. Problem, society? Not really. Most black people just grow up around rap, I guess.
    But that's stereotyping, so I can't really pin that as the reason.

  27. Ravage Dionne

    Don't you mean 'Bring the hammer down'? This isn't Iron Hammer, it's Hammerfall. D:<

  28. Isak Viklund

    you made me think you liked black metal o.O

  29. Vashta Hedrol

    ..this is power metal....gtfo noob

  30. Lucio Coronato

    'Dont forget to buy the album'
    Nice try, nice try

  31. deadman61987

    Right on!!!!!
    Long live Rock and Roll...

  32. ToshiroHoshi

    Certainly not but society seems to press people into certain molds and that's why you even feel the need to ask the question. It's so sad. Maybe we need a super-awesome, black metal band. If the music industry decided to promote them like they do other artists, people would accept it more; many people only like something if they feel safe from that societal pressure. Kuddos to anyone who dares step across the lines; that would make a cool metal song; "Dare to Cross the Line."

  33. Ridhwanpop

    wtf is wrong with you ?

  34. Aegor

    I'd remove the dislike button if I could..

  35. Kenneth Danneels

    Doesn't matter what kind of music you like, it isn't color-connected or anything. You enjoy metal, keep doing so! :)

  36. Vashta Hedrol

    this is an awesome song for playing space marine warhammer40K to XD

  37. Viktor Novak


  38. LLandingformychode

    thats a dumb question, no matter what color someone is its wrong to NOT like metal. stay metal \m/

  39. imansmith017

    Is it wrong that I'm black and I LOVE METAL!?!!!

  40. kajzar

    I use this music whenever I play jayce in LoL

  41. guilhermekfwst

    jayce brought me here

  42. Michal Pavlac

    2:09 DAT bASS O.o

  43. Bazbo Bibbins

    You mean like Mozart and such?

  44. Ruslan Abu Sneineh

    Composers or titles?

  45. Bazbo Bibbins

    Like what?

  46. Ruslan Abu Sneineh

    What about the classical genre?

  47. Ddangerdan

    This would be a perfect song for Dragon Age Origins in tribute to the Grey Wardens.

  48. Bazbo Bibbins

    Yeah, forgot about that. Status Quo, suckers!

  49. Pete Ritchie

    YES awesome!

  50. Burningworlds

    Metal isnt the only one, Rock is still amazing.

  51. Bazbo Bibbins

    'eck, yeah! \m/

  52. Templarofsteel88

    amen to that

  53. jam pyo

    is that dr.doom with thors hammer :D ?


    it does look like it :)

  54. Manuel Burgos

    Fucking EPIC song :D

  55. TorchBearer90

    This is the song of the ban hammer

  56. jérémie lacroix


  57. Stippel94

    okey... i just HAVE to say that again... many people said that bevor but.... HammerFall is the fucking best band in the fucking universe! ONE FLAG, ONE WOLRD, UNITED

  58. Michael Rozett

    chuck testa!

  59. Luca Scholz

    its a good idea!

  60. Luca Scholz

    fucking awesome shit!

  61. Kamil Trelka

    Hammerfall fan from Poland!!!! Zajebisty utwór, Hammerfall rządzi na scenie Power Metalu!!!!!

  62. Meuhland

    No, there are a lot of others musics that are good, classical, modern, jazz, etc.
    Metal is awesome yes, but you lose a lot of good songs if you think others types of music are shit.
    Oh and thanks, this song is awesome :)

  63. maxime therrien

    OMG i got a plan!
    hire chuck norris to kill justin bieber, lady gaga, lmfao and anything that is called pop must dissapear!
    isn't it a good idea?

  64. xXLadoXx100

    A great song, but to short!

    I want a 10 minute version of this song!

  65. Andrew Sundberg

    The !!LYRICS!! set me on fire, but I didn't notice because I was listening to this song.

  66. Francisco Lara Soto

    i want this song live!!

  67. Kryos

    and burn the church down? burn it down to the ground? one flag, one world united?

  68. Nariel Rivendare Sullivan


  69. XanaX93

    In Soviet HammerFall there's no Russia...okay that was absurd :D

  70. XanaX93

    The lyrics are clearly about Hammerfall fans from all over the world gathering to a one large group and headbanging in Hammerfall live show. This song is Hammerfall's message to their fans in concerts. Perfect to play live. They speak straight to the fans and crowd in this song.

  71. Valiant son of JEHOVIH;THE EVER PRESENT

    This is some noble shit..,these guys give it a genuine go with their respective talents..,gotta' love the full spectrum of metal..,like good buds there's something for each day of the week..!!!

  72. Stef B

    Amazon delivered my copy of the album just today. So happy right now <3

  73. Stef B

    @CROWTHEKILLER I don't know, it says so in Dream Evil's "The 7th Day".
    I guess the reasoning would be something like the following:

    "After god rested on the 7th day, he looked back at what he created and felt that something was missing. After pondering for a long period of time, he created Metal, and thus sound was born. Now, as he looked back another time, he finnally was pleased with what he formed and could return to rest."

  74. Corvinus

    @LegendKillerII Ok. Ok. We at least agree that Metal is a divine creation :D
    But why created at the seventh day?

    Long live the Metal!

  75. Stef B

    @CROWTHEKILLER Nonono. Dream Evil told me Metal was created on the seventh day.
    Most likely, some priest messed up when joining the different texts together to form the bible :P

  76. Corvinus

    @LegendKillerII But God rested on the seventh day :(
    And I believe it was on the first day because what came first is the beginning of everything :)

    Anyway, Long live the Metal!

  77. Stef B

    @CROWTHEKILLER Woah, get your facts straight. Obviously, Metal was created on the seventh day, thus putting it above all other creation. Dream Evil told me so, and it sounds reasonable to me ;)

  78. The Hyena

    @GearShotgun You didn't know? HammerFall are priests in the Church of Metal.

  79. JHJActions


  80. Corvinus

    @ouatisxz Well, if you say it :)
    "In the first day, the gods made Heavy Metal. And they saw it was (and still is) good..."

    Long live the Metal!

  81. Raptor

    @CROWTHEKILLER There are two tiers above Epic; Legendary, and Godlike!
    ...Then, above that, there's HammerFall. ;)

  82. Corvinus

    I can't imagine a word better than Epic to describe this music.

    Long live the Metal!

  83. Illi Dian

    I like all songs :)

  84. Brandon Mourier

    Hammerfall is one of those bands where ALL the songs on the album are amazing. That is really hard to do these days. Even Infected is a great album

  85. Huli94100

    @VaSiLiSTheKiLLeR2 sure but I think this is funny, and other should know this :)



  87. Huli94100

    This video has only 2 mistakes:

    1. It ends...
    2. There is a dislike button...

  88. Andrea Volpini

    @flammeusPhoenix me too :)

  89. Allancasfal

    great just love power metal hammerfall i..i,

  90. lollissimofull

    I stopped porn for this.

  91. Bazbo Bibbins

    Metal is the only true answer, the only pure music left untainted by the greedy bastards.

  92. blindedmadness


  93. blindedmadness


  94. Jonatan Ryrå

    The double kegs and the backing vocals during the chrous is just amazing, so ridiculously powerful!

  95. Branislav Stropkai

    @hammerfallgg no it's great song

  96. Don Quixote

    12 people had the hammer brought down on them!