Hamilton, Anthony - Why Lyrics

It's dat real
Yo, why is Jadakiss as hard as it gets
Why is the industry designed to keep the artist in debt
And why them dudes ain't ridin' if there part of your set
And why they never get it poppin' but they party to death
Yea, and why they gon give you life for a murder
Turn around only give you eight months for a burner, it's goin down
Why they sellin' niggaz CD's for under a dime
If it's all love daddy why you come wit your nine
Why my niggaz ain't get that cake
Why is a brother up North better than Jordan
That ain't get that break
Why you ain't stackin' instead of tryin' to be fly
Why is rattin' at an all time high
Why are you even alive
Why they kill Tupac n' Chris
Why at the bar you ain't take straight shots instead of poppin Crist'
Why them bullets have to hit that door
Why did Kobe have to hit that raw
Why he kiss that whore

[Chorus: Anthony Hamilton]
All that I been givin'
Is this thing that I've been living
They got me in the system
Why they gotta do me like that
Try'd to make it my way
But got sent up on the highway
Why, oh why
Why they gotta do me like that

Why would niggaz push pounds and powder
Why did bush knock down the towers
Why you around them cowards
Why Aaliyah have to take that flight
Why my nigga D ain't pull out his Ferrari
Why he take that bike
Why they gotta open your package and read your mail
Why they stop lettin' niggaz get degreez in jail
Why you gotta do eighty-five percent of your time
And why do niggaz lie in eighty-five percent of they rhymes
Why a nigga always want what he can't have
Why I can't come through in the pecan Jag
Why did crack have to hit so hard
Even though it's almost over
Why niggaz can't get no jobs
Why they come up wit the witness protection
Why they let the terminator win the election
Come on, pay attention
Why sell in the stores what you can sell in the streets
Why I say the hottest shit but we sellin' the least


Uh, yea, yo
Why Halle have to let a white man pop her to get a Oscar
Why Denzel have to be crooked before he took it
Why they didn't make the CL6 wit a clutch
And if you don't smoke why the hell you reachin' for my dutch
Why rap, cause I need air time
Why be on the curb wit a "why lie I need a beer" sign
Why all the young niggaz is dyin'
Cause they moms at work, they pops is gone, they livin' wit iron
Why they ain't give us a cure for aids
Why my diesel have fiends in the spot on the floor for days
Why you screamin' like it's slug, it's only the hawk
Why my buzz in L.A. ain't like it is in New York
Why you forcin' you to be hard
Why ain't you a thug by choice
Why the whole world love my voice
Why try to tell 'em that it's the flow son
And you know why they made the new twenties
Cause I got all my old ones
That's why


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Hamilton, Anthony Why Comments
  1. AriiTV

    Rip to my Granny Charlene 😘😘😭For yu mamas ❤️😘🥺

  2. Falo Troy SA

    2030 and still hits the same spot in my heart.

  3. phillip seoromeng

    Beautiful song and a touching story damn 😢

  4. John doe

    Shout out to all of the musician's wives! The struggle is real.

  5. Justin Flanders

    damn i miss my baby

  6. marcus house

    North Carolina finest. Got me out here looking for Charlene.....


    Vuka by Amanda Black ft Anthony Hamilton & Soweto Gospel Choir got me missing ANTHONY and here I am sitting here listening to Charlene.

  8. Charlean Griffin

    I heard some guys playing this song while cruising the neighborhood in full volume with all it's acoustics. I thought I was on Top of the World. Very Flattering.(*_*)

  9. YoungJr42

    One of the songs/albums that kept me partially sane in Iraq in 2003. Still listening in 2020!

  10. lance haburjak

    anyone hear the fart at the start

  11. HP TV

    Shout out to all the mama who got the sons playing this. To all the mamas across the world we love you.

  12. Maryann Ghoson

    Damn the money, diamonds and pearls.. what about the hard day she had with the baby.. I felt every word

  13. Monique Armstead

    I love love love that song one love

  14. DavisFamilyFun

    Its 2020 now, I am wondering did Charlene ever go home🤔

  15. Quanisha Davis

    This hit different when you going through the same shit too 🤷🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️

  16. Lionel Luke-King

    My ghetto heartbreak song..

  17. Kay Mcmullens

    Very nice man to meet

  18. Kristina Findora

    Dam Baby still waiting . 😖

  19. Samkelo Key

    One of the most underrater Artist of all time

  20. kevin green

    do i get a like for being the only white male thats on youtube listening to anthony hamilton ?

  21. Jonnie Rice

    I'll be here 2020

  22. Kaslyn Johnson

    He got me missing charlene🤧😭😣

  23. Reco Bands

    Love this song no cap lol

  24. latisha mcknight


  25. Lito

    Classic RnB forever

  26. richard nichols

    2:06 is my favorite part of the song overall the song is a beautiful song ❤️😞

  27. amar bowah

    my parents wedding dance song

  28. T B

    You ever not wanted a song to end

  29. Chris William

    Anthony Hamilton Charlene (AC3) Stero = ANT HO IN WHY HAY MILTON CHOCOLATE A ARE 1 👁 ANY (AC TEACH ARE 👁👁 STAFF EMERGENCY ROOM OWE /// DON'T SHIT IN THE POT ABOUT 🐜's Making in tha Honey Glazed Ham Syrup it's been Cordova Coffee, Folgers in your cup fill it to the Brim , Maxwell House a Community Coffee House favorite for years and years!!

  30. Derrace Simmons

    Did she ever go home to Him ?
    Why she ain't just go on Tour with him ?

  31. Latanya Rucker

    I don t have real family just on my daddy side sorry Manny

  32. Latanya Rucker

    This letter to my fans I'm sorry it wen t this way

  33. T Cash

    Anybody else reminiscing?

  34. Blaque SunRai

    Grown folks music.

  35. Stand For Something Positive

    Me singing to myself. I'm Charlene. Trying to get ME BACK. It's a struggle but a necessary priority. 😔

  36. sonny farrington

    3:52 I just realized the letter I never noticed that

  37. Robert Lee

    What about the hard days she had with the baby all she needs is for me to love her.

  38. JB MOURA

    Brazil 2020

  39. Karene Russell IV

    Crazy that this is me and my girlfriends song and I’m only 17😂😂

  40. Lashaunda Braynen

    Happy birthday Anthony Hamilton 🥳😊 enjoying the music today!!!

  41. Breezy TV

    Everybody’s got a Charlene💔

  42. Vanity Mvkavelli

    This is a fuckin classic

  43. Robin Hall

    Love this song

  44. L B H

    Pleeeaasssee go back home, Charlene. Anthony misses you😓😓😓

  45. Kyler Rackley


  46. Mike Spector

    2011 - not relevant
    2020 - Very relevant 😂

  47. Gyallyk Izzy

    Loollll my mums name is Charlene and she told me to search this up

  48. Janiyiah Anderson

    This song be jamming!!!

  49. Jerome Banks

    He's got me missing the one I was to damn blind to see was perfect and I that I needed.

  50. Matthew Fairchild

    Can we show some love for the strong grandmothers holding their families down?

  51. calexander3734

    Go home charlene, he sorry!

  52. Savage Kayy


  53. Keasia Ellis

    Pleaseeeee bring music like this back pleaseee bring these old days back !!

  54. Kwame Ansah

    Anybody listening in 2020 ? My favorite song ever.

  55. Latrisha Evans

    Thats my song

  56. Matheus Araújo

    Nossa senhora, música bom demais

  57. Goddess Divine 8

    Goddess Charlene here👑! Blessings & Prosperity❤💋

  58. Kentucky Fan

    Did Charlene ever come home?

    anet parks

    He needs to do a part 2 and discrible how he felt when she came home.

  59. Stephanie Fennell

    Jan 14 2020 💜💜💜

  60. daniel raymond madiba

    I’m still watching this dem super in 2020 and I feel good like yesterday

  61. Mrs. S Diamond

    Well Michael... Thank goodness. :)

    Mrs. S Diamond

    -Pink Sapphire Diamond
    [email protected]
    Waiting on Michael’s Reply...
    until the day I die.

    Mrs. S Diamond

    Or dads... either or. Whatever he feels is necessary... damn. Missing him.

  62. Cairo And Desire

    This song will get you in your feelings off the intro ALONE!

  63. Da'Vion Sanchez

    My grandma like this song and I learn come i

  64. Alesia Janae

    Damn Anthony, got me organizing a search party for Charlene!

    Stan Jang

    Hell i think I'll go with the search party.

    CiAnn Brockman

    Im helping too... 🗣CHARLENE!!!


    I’m posting missing persons posters in my neighborhood right now. Charlene stop playing.

    CiAnn Brockman

    @619onmine ... what side you taking North or South?!? I already got flyers made!


    Alesia Janae 😂😂😂😂😂

  65. kosmo seedo

    Anthony Hamilton got that blues jazz soul R&b type of sound cool singer

  66. Rodney Gilmore Jr

    “By your side to protect and to love you and to be with you for life”

  67. Charlene Hurst

    So iconic my name is Charlene I love this song. Thanks for making it Anthony Hamilton.. I love this

  68. Amanda Williams

    I miss this kind of music

    Mack Jordan

    I promise it coming back. Maybe not in a way that people will like, but soul... That is something that is never lost...

    Amanda Williams

    @Mack Jordan True

  69. Mackay Willis

    New Year 2020 anyone ?

  70. Tev 901

    On my way to Charlene.....

  71. A Queens' Life

    Vibes even in 2020❤️😫🔥

  72. Dee Marshall

    You bumping this in the New Year of 2020.. You know Great Music 💯

  73. Rashawn Jones

    2020 and beyond

  74. RiceFilmedIt

    I had to come give a 2020 soul listen. #hopelessromantic

  75. khabo isabel

    Listening in 2020 💕💕

  76. 123reletive123

    Anthony’s voice hits different 😍😩😩

  77. Elijah Kelly

    To hard to swallow being alone . I felt that in my bones

  78. Ebony Johnson

    Come home to me ebony😞😢

  79. Hurricane

    They don't make blues like this anymore

  80. kerry A

    2 hard 2 swallow been alone ehhh😭

  81. Christian

    Should had put Charlene on that tour bus too

  82. Laqunia Harris

    Classic... man has too much soul

  83. Angela Porter


  84. BK Born Shahid

    Imaginary women for brothers are very inspiring... "Charlene" come back.

  85. Char

    A SONG WITH MY NAME IN IT?!????? ☺️🤪

  86. Mohammed Ali

    2020 new decde still can't stop watching

  87. Tabby Rob

    2020 am still here loving this man and his music

    saime etemi

    Me too listing to him know ♥️

  88. Stormy Alexander

    I listen To this every time I realize I lost Myself for A moment. 😩💔 #ComeOnhome #Stormy

  89. Brookleintv


  90. J Douce

    This remind me of the episode on Jamie Foxx Show when Fancy broke up with him

  91. Ndubisi Ejiofor

    Who else is still listening in 2020?

  92. Sthembiso Mhlophe

    2020 im here

  93. Mouhamed Maloum Seck

    2020, still sitting... Charlene please do something...

  94. Suga Tee

    Man there's nothing like a real BLACK man💜

  95. Duke robinson

    Who still listening in 2020👀

    CiAnn Brockman


    assurance kgoete

    I do a lot of times

    Naruto Uzumaki

    Song to 🔥 to forget😂

    Saif Uddin

    Some one recommend More songs like this please ✌️👌

  96. Ryan Simpson

    Dam I miss mi amor Maria 💔

  97. Ebony Harris

    I love this song