Hamilton, Anthony - I Know What Love's All About Lyrics

[Verse 1]
Its about finding a new experience with someone you never thought you meet, who totally turns
your life around completely, helping you get a job and keeping you off the streets, church on sunday
morning, eventually I'm saving money, sending my life in a new direction, now I'm friends with my old man
again, standing here wearing this wedding band I can say I knew love because of you, say I know love

I know what love is all about
I know what love's all about

[Verse 2]
I used to think that love was just a weekend thing, the way you make me feel, sharing a moment
of emptiness, but you see that wasn't nothing, cause the moment she left I forgot about her, until you
came in and you showed me what it really felt to be loved, and kissed, and held, and prayed for, and
wanted, and nutured and guided, and ohh to be understood


I know I can sit here and I can talk about it cause i've experienced it, and im feelin it, im livin it
right here right now, I got somebody who loves me for me, got somebody who loves me for me,
I know sometime I have to realize that sometimes its about compromise, and you can't always have your
way, cant always have it your way, love is about realizing and love is about redirecting your discisions,
wether to go out all night long or go home to the one you love, its about taking care of your family, and
taking care of your kids, and holding your wife at night and letting her know that the bills will be paid
on time and that you look and you listen to her cause its about love, say love, say love

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Hamilton, Anthony I Know What Love's All About Comments
  1. Fatima Foster

    2020.. I got somebody who loves me for me... Yassss

  2. lovely blac

    2020 baby💋😻🔥✨✨🎷🎤🎙️🎶🎶🥁🎹🎶🎶🎵🎸🎻

  3. Feliciano Timmons

    Just simbly beautiful in 2020! This music stay on heavy rotation!❤️

  4. Jay Montana

    Who still listening in 2020 🖐🏽🖐🏽

  5. Lu'Trina Wright

    I'm still here in 2020

  6. Pablo Eternohiphop!

    A máster Piece! Chile 2020!!!

  7. MissNu

    Love always❤

  8. California Lover

    Who’s still listening 👂 in 2020? 🔥🔥🔥

  9. Nagulan Sun

    2020 we here

  10. lovely blac

    😍😍😍 2020

  11. T33 McCullough


  12. Tiffany Cooper

    Shout Out To My My Sister For Telling Me About This Song I Love It

  13. K.leigh

    This man, this man🙌🏽

  14. Suprena Neal

    I'm going through a divorce now and I thought our marriage was going to last to death due us part. But he did the unthinkable, he made my daughter uncomfortable in a way he should've. So 6 years of marriage ended. I love him so much but I love my daughter even more. So i heard this song on Pandora and I listen to it 3 to 4 times a day. I love it!! I know that day will come that I will find just what he is singing about.

  15. Dion Hodge

    I pray for a wife that understands love

  16. Mac Bey

    This song reminds me of the sweetest woman I’ve met In my life.... I wish I could have been this type of man for her.... But as Allah is my witness if I ever get the opportunity to be a husband again I will be this type of husband.... Because of her I know what loves all about 💯 Thank You Marguerite ❤️

  17. Thandeka Lewis

    Thank you God I do understand this song very well I have experienced love and iam living it.🙏🙏🙏

  18. TheDucciano

    this ain't nothing but gospel music

  19. Tennessley Harris

    Still listening 🥰🥰

  20. Anastasia Khumalo

    2019 whose still here?

  21. donna hookem

    Love ad losted. I know all about love !

  22. Zy t

    Anthony hamilton is that G n the smoothest undertone life path 11 no wonder why i feel so connected to his essences , bn , talent an way of connectn he gets through n is felt & in the right Gracious undertone peaceful Great for the SouL bn maaaan listen i love this man for who he is . . . i appreciate who he was born to be . . .

  23. Darian Smith

    2019 We still here ANT!!! I would like to sing this to my wife at our wedding reception.

  24. KatriceallSmilez Nash

    Oct. 2019

  25. Shantell B.


  26. Koneta Fairley

    My man played this song when we first started out and said, listen...he has truly walked this walk for me...glad I had the mindset to never settle, yeah I lived but never settled
    Completely blessed and very happy/in love...GROWING/GLOWING

  27. Hebrew Sistah

    *2019* whose listening? 🙋🏽‍♀️

  28. De'Shawn Edwards

    A. Ham.. Go hard, that Southern love, that Southern talk is real. Good Music❤

  29. Gemini babyy

    I cant wait to be this in love 🖤⚡

  30. Yaronda Harlee

    Still in 2019 an on an on 💯😍

  31. Tiffiny Byrd

    I want to get married to this song

  32. Scottie Fisher Collins


  33. Mother Sarah D.O.Z.


  34. Katherine Slaughter

    2019!! I loveeeeeee this


    Hunny bunny I now know what love is about. Every since you came in my life and showed me nothing but love and affection, I now have a better relationship with God because of you....I love you so much babe.💞#NEVEREND

  36. Jasmine Childs

    Still Listening In 2019 ! Anthony Is So Full Of Love & Soul. You Can Feel The Lyrics To This Song 💙

  37. jesus AR

    You will always be the Queen of my heart Bridget. There is never a day that goes by without your your beautiful smile in my thoughts.

  38. Nicole White

    2019 and this still my shit

  39. Egidio Mezzo

    That bass loop @ 2:03 is sexy af!!

  40. Tonya Ford

    This song I am just listening to 🥰❤️😘❤️😍

  41. Lashunda Brice

    Man this man can sing, and that organ*2019*

  42. Ron Perfect

    It doesn't get any better than this right here. This man can sing, and has a sound all of his own.😉


  43. C.C.

    2019 still my jam

  44. dee lee

    Yes 2019 in still here😗

  45. jesus AR

    I met a beautiful woman who became the queen of my heart from the very start. Don't lose faith in us. I will always love you B.B. Tú serás mi Reina siempre.

  46. love me leave me


  47. alicia sanders

    Love makes life so much happier......too many selfish people in the world to sift through tho.....just me, myself, and I......until one day🥰🥰🥰


    Whoever on that ORGAN. YESS LORD

  49. Shaunda boo

    Th8s will never get old~2019

  50. Shirley Young

    Yasssssssss this music from Anthony Hamilton is deep emotional therapy soulful healing an I'm living witness .His music is confessional Testimonials .Truth is what it is ok nothing but old school ways ,I love EVERYTHING about him he is his music from humble beginning.

  51. freetown78

    This song is greatness

  52. Kay Bey

    A beautiful song. 💘 🌞

  53. Tikayah Hamilton


  54. Khalilah Presley

    2019 still 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥⭐️💫🌟✨

  55. Niko B

    I listen to this song 3 to 4 times a day, I just can’t get enough of it......💯

  56. Lee Brown

    I love to dance with my 7 and 3 year olds girls to this song squeezing real tight sowing the seeds of love tapping into the Holy spirit of righteousness early so when I say you know daddy love you so much they feel it in there bones

  57. Sabrina Allison

    I want this Song playing at my Wedding

  58. Renee McGahee

    My boo just sent this song to me from across the miles. From Arkansas to Georgia. LORDDDDD... THIS SONG, THIS SONG, THIS SONG! What 706 fools dumped this song? I love me some Anthony Hamilton, so how in the hell am I just now listening to this jam?!?! The lyrics. I'm a music lover as well.

  59. Adolphus Friend

    Classic! Me and my wife saw him in concert!

  60. Lee Brown

    Letting your wife know that the bills going to be paid on time is worth more the driving a truck on rims and having concubines plus the kids going act right when momma baking the chicken with big veggies singing and the kitchen with the t shirt on because she got her phone gossip time in with no worries because the bills already paid lol. Where the real women at who don't want satan fame or attention who aint down for the pimping because rem nothing in this 🌎 matter except loving that man and the kids because you know the most high is got favor on you shalom

  61. Telly Brooks

    Need more music like this love this song he did his thang

  62. Arika Gibson

    I love this song .God knows I long for a man to love me like this.A love that touches the soul of a woman and he shows her love and she can’t escape his love because he has given her the love she wanted and needed and prayed and waited for so long.

  63. Courtney Stewart

    I just found my wedding song🎶

  64. Darian Smith

    I'm mad for just hearing this in 2019 #singmybrotha

    Keesha Austin

    I know!

  65. Kenelle Carroll

    If you have ever been betrayed by someone.. then you know what Loves all about😏

  66. Kris Suede

    Anthony speaking the words of my Husband. Hold on Mr. Hamilton I have to meet you first, now !!!! Lol

  67. Claressa Lewis

    Hammercy!! My fav from him! Oh how I love Mr. Hamilton's music💖💖💖💖

  68. Traneka Jimmerson

    I love this song 🥰🥰

  69. Kevin Krouse

    I just found a mellow that makes me feel like a new man after two failed marriages, this mellow loves me for me and it feels so great. Thank you GOD!!

  70. Antoinette Newborn


  71. MzShaybutta

    This is going to be my wedding song.. PERIOD!!!! This is everything.

  72. Michelle Howard

    This song.
    This songThis song is REAL! If you can't relate , then you haven't lived, let alone loved!
    Just wow!

  73. Vincent Ali

    I tell any and everyone who wants to know how to stay in a positive marriage or a positive relationship, is to listen and study especially at the 3:00 min. mark of this whole song. Trust me if you do as he explains, you'll have no problems.

  74. Dreesdog7

    When I listened to this it hit me in a real place. Because I have met someone I wouldn't typically pursue. Attraction yes but approach not me. But pursuing her has turned into something very special for me.

  75. Vaneka McGee

    That organ though.

  76. Blac Diamond Dynasty_Tv

    Still vibing to this in 2019!!! I ❤ his voice...its like rain!!! Music for the Soul🎤🎶🎹🎵

  77. rudy mccockran

    the tru meaning of when a man opens his heart and soul for his better half, Keep up the great work my brother.

  78. Penelopi Wilson


  79. BaddiB _5

    ❤️❤️❤️ 2019

  80. Eva Cabrellis

    Embracing Love
    Dr. Charles Dean

  81. LaYuan Lael Ysrael

    You can't always have it you way!!!.... My dude....My brother....My Musician.....2019

  82. Marvin Hagler

    2019... REAL LIFE SONG....

  83. paperchacer50

    This song fire🔥

  84. TheLadieJae

    I think this is happening to us right now..I think this will be his testimony

  85. Demetria Douglas

    I love this song makes me love the hell outta my husband even more

  86. mel will


  87. Red mud louisiana Morgan

    I still love this❤❤❤❤ 2019 LEALON I love me some you, baby!!💯😘😘😘

  88. April Williams

    I’m so in love with song I cry every time I listen bc I want this kind of love ❤️

    Marvin Hagler

    April Williams YOU WILL FIND IT....

  89. Shondra P


  90. ntwanet2

    After my husband tried to kill me, i NEVER wanted to love again...ever. Then a beautuful soul asked me to smile then he will smile. I've been smiling so BIG since October 25, 2018. GOD knew what i needed. HE may not come when u want HIM but HE is right on time.

    Ride Out

    Yessssss!!! He is right on time. I'm sorry u had an abusive relationship in your past. I been there myself but power of prayer

  91. diamond in the rough

    Still here for it in 2019!

  92. Eleyce

    I'm truly listening to this in 2019....raise your hand if your with me 🙋‍♀️...my year for a new experience.....faith💜