Hamilton, Anthony - Change Your World Lyrics

[Verse 1]
I'd be in the hall of fame
the mere mentioning of your name
if they knew i loved you the way that I did
and kissin couldn't be a shame, when you love someone, and fallin in love there's no blame when it's all
said and done, and I never knew, about this thing, yeah, cause there were no clues, oh what a shame

oh when you stop, and start falling in love, it changes your whole world, turns you upside
down, I never knew about real love, it changes your whole world, turns your world upside down

[Verse 2]
I must admit I stand accused of falling in love, long before you said hello, and I said I do,
it was all new to me, an unfamiliar world a beauty unknown to man and a cure for the blues
and I never knew about this thing yeah, and oh there were no clues, oh oh what a shame


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Hamilton, Anthony Change Your World Comments
  1. Tangela Leeth

    This song is Perfection. 💝💝

  2. Ranauldo Greer

    Songs so beautiful. How can you dislike this? I'm going to pray for y'all lol

  3. T.L. Marbury



    PERFECT 10





    This song is slept on !! 2019 ❤️

  7. Khaniya Sampay

    I broke the ending button.... help 😭

  8. Erin Johnson

    The ending always makes me little emotional






  10. Sierra Stephens

    Heard this for the first time today while riding with my Uber driver and I fell in love with it!!

  11. Elijah Demon Kelley

    Change The World By R&B Artist Anthony Hamilton And Living In A World By Rapp Artist Trick Daddy Peep Game

  12. Winner 2016

    them horns is everything

  13. Kisha Buckley

    I love Anthony Hamilton

  14. T. Ben

    oooweee when them trumpets come in!!!

  15. youngandamaysing

    A beauty unknown to man and a cure for the blues......LAWD LAWD LAWD😍😍😍

  16. abyss ever

    This song has all the elements fantastic tune

  17. Gilly Harrop

    Incredibly beautiful ❤️

  18. Elisha Jethroe

    Well well well yes

  19. Winner 2016

    Dope... still listening in 2019... the horns at the end... "beauty unknown to man" real talk.

  20. Khalilah Presley

    I’ll never get tired of hearing this song!!! Euphoric...

  21. shaundaboo

    I thought I knew what real love was until I met my soul mate..and my whole world changed through the ups and downs the mind got tired, but the love stayed the same ... yea...My God you out did yourself with this one. Mr.& Mrs. Brown

  22. Hotnunu28

    Favorite Anthony Hamilton song!!!

  23. FreekyDeeky21

    Anthony is definitely telling us how it is!

  24. James and Joan Thomas

    True Soul music !

  25. Cheron Holland

    Wow! Don't know how I slept on this song. #ChiTownLove #LoveIt

  26. Eleanor Copeland

    Wow...I thought "Pass Me Over" was my favorite track from this CD but this song just takes me to another place.  Those chords, that flugelhorn and the background singing at the end just kill me.  That cut, and the one following it, "Never Love Again", have been on repeat the entire day.

  27. Lakisha Muhammad

    Kem inside

  28. A. Imani

    Everytime I hear this song I get teary eyed and I still listen to this song on repeat. He leaves me speechless with his voice

    Abetterme 423

    A. Imani it makes my eyes well up too

  29. giorgio kling

    Ich liebe den Song 😍😍PS Cinchja

  30. Darlinggirl222

    Awesome Love is King!!!!

  31. Gala Hardy Abraham

    To me this song speaks of an Incredible type of love - a love that just kinda sneaks up on you when you least expected it. I believe the most incredible kind of love is a LOVE that catches you completely off guard and you all of a sudden go... WOW! The most AMAZING love is happening to me and it is a glorifying experience! Truth be told... this love is by far the most spiritual, natural and purest type of love I have ever experienced in my ENTIRE life! I know that this alignment has to be orchestrated by the highest power of us all - our creator! We are blessed beyond measure! <3 All I can say is... "To God Be the Glory!!! This song reminds me of us - So Beautiful, So Pure and So Natural and such a REAL LOVE! <3

    Karen Jordan

    Gala Hardy Abraham my sentiments exactly!

    Jacabo Blanco

    Y'all married yet? Lol

    Pat Porter

    i love this song it remind me of my frist real lovr my childrens father my frist husband now that was some real real love beyond any kind of love i have ever had before now he is resting in GOD GLORY an one day just my be i will meet up with him ( wade Anderson sr. again if it be the Lord will amen😊😊😊

  32. Sightless

    3:40 and on is my absolute favorite part

  33. Nelear Walls

    I'm so late just hearing this yesterday!

  34. Nancy Davis

    This will always be my shit. The ending with the drums and other instruments drives me wild. Awesome art

  35. Kevin Hall

    do any one know who this is

  36. shaundaboo


  37. MadameMoi Devereux

    ahhhhh...This song has all the Elements of Elegance: Class & Sass Sophistication & Style for the perfect night club to dance and sway...oohhh yesss♥

  38. Maria C. Hugg

    I LOVE YOU COREY HUGGER...STILL 4/25/2017😍💋💖

  39. Regina Lewis

    Sweet Music!!!!

  40. Hasana Martin

    Mr. Hamilton gives me reason to believe again. His songs combine the spiritual and the physical in a profound way.

  41. Darriel Brown

    This was the first dance song for my wife & I on July 28, 2012; going on 5 years now & this song still does something for me; I play it just about anytime we have a date night. I'm not sure how I discovered this song, but I praise God that I did!

    Kiwanna Williams

    Awwwww.....so sweet!!

  42. Johnathan Mullen

    this whole album is the truth

  43. Detailed Events

    This brings back sweet memories of my wedding day and the first dance as husband & wife ❤ #changeyourworld

  44. Mrs Meador

    🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌push thru Anthony Hamilton love it love it ❤❤❤❤❤❤definately how I feel about my Bae I love me some him

  45. Krystle B

    My brother just got married October 29, 2016 and this is the song him and his beautiful wife danced to as their first dance. And it was at that very moment when I realized that he was head over heels happy and so deeply in love!! My entire world changed because I knew that by right I could no longer be selfish and my mother, sister, niece and I had to let go of the only man that has taken care of all of these women our entire lives, I love my only oldest brother so much and I wish him a lifetime of happiness and I'll always stand by his side❤💜🌷😙

    Mz Sweetz

    Krystle B awww, I felt your separation anxiety Queen... love transfers / don’t worry he’ll send you some of that love your way! Your brother will never stop being your brother/father but now husband supersede

    Cool Breeze

    Krystle B This was the first dance for my wife and I too.

    Calvin Sampson

    Krystle B That’s what’s up man

    Denata Ingle

    Krystle B .

    Michelle Howard

    Just beautiful. YOU are next.

  46. 2hotkoko

    I just discovered this song tonight! I LOVE IT! My marriage to my 1st love since school ended in 2013. I NEVER THOUGHT I WOULD LOVE AGAIN! But I think I've found my real love, a grown love! I hope we can get pass this distance thing. I just know he's the Real Thing!!!

  47. Kim Okoye

    Silver you changed my whole world love you always and forever.

  48. Chs B

    I've had this on replay...since yesterday. My 19 year marriage just ended last year and I'm supposed to be on an indefinite relationship break. However, this song has me dreaming about being in love with a woman again.

    Eleanor Copeland

    And you know that's the truth....

    Rosilyn MaKeba

    Peaceful One ....Been there, done that, and on the other side, NEVER to return.....whew!

    El Copeland

    +Rosilyn Smith I hear you talking! Am just thankful that God is a mighty, merciful Father who can even straighten out the messes we make.

    Rosilyn MaKeba

    El Copeland ....By the Grace of our God, who watches over babies and fools, of which I've been both, (sometimes at the SAME time)and delivers those who believe he is stronger than any pain and call on HIS name! Thank You Lord-there really WAS an "other side" for me! I've YET to look back....

    Eleanor Copeland

    Rosilyn (it's actually El Copeland again, "Peaceful One" is my YouTube name), girl, all I can say is Amen and Amen again because EVERYTHING you said is true.  I had to learn the hard way that God knows what He's doing when it comes to love, relationships, marriage and EVERYTHING else but it's up to us to trust His will and obey Him.  Anthony Hamilton's approach to love and also his spiritual nature come through in his music.  The same is true with Kem and I love that about both artists.  May God bless Chs B (who opened these comments) and yourself with peace, love, and joy in your relationship/marriage. Psalm:121 teaches "I will lift up mine eyes unto the hills from whence cometh my help..."  As long as we always remember that God is the Ultimate Lover and always allow Him to direct our lives, regardless of our shortcomings, He'll make all things work together for our good. Romans 8:28.

  49. Lashon Scott

    beautiful yesss For my Boosuga...


    l just love me some Anthony Hamilton

    Sylvia Aldridge

    I love Anthony Hamilton so much.


    Love this song

  52. Sherry Wilson

    Going to see him this Sunday June 5th 2016 at Pier Six can't wait.

    Nozzy LCC

    how was your trip?

  53. Angela Kennedy

    I just heard this two days ago for first time ....love it !!!


    Angela Kennedy just heard it yesterday for the first time....lol

  54. C O

    Such a feel good song

  55. Angela Johnson

    This Song! This Song! I have played it over and over for 4 hours today and will play it more when I get home. I love this SONG! Go Head Anthony Hamilton!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  56. Allana Russell

    Well thee song for my future hubby

    Legacy of Free domain

    Can I give you my last name?

  57. Allana Russell

    This is my song to my hubby

  58. JusLsn

    the flugelhorn at the end of this song is so serene. Fits the mood of the track perfectly.

  59. toni pettus

    This is a classic. Cant help but get lost in this song....this song is everything!

  60. Dorothea Johnson

    This was my wedding song for my wedding party. I cried so much, because this song is just beautiful.

  61. Priscilla Redd

    Mannn this guy is the truth!!! I looove Anthony Hamilton music!

    Kevin Hall

    you are right i see you know your music

  62. Jacquel Thomas

    This is truly a signature piece for RnB.

  63. Patrice Linebarger-summers

    This song,I just smh,Anthony with this song you really I did yourself. .This song really changed my life and all I can say,Thank you god...Love it

  64. Chyna Black

    Everytime I hear this song...it makes me remember THAT LOVE IS REAL & Out there somewhere! #Find Me Please 💋💋💋...would you????

  65. nVon Wilson

    Lookin for sista bigbone help!

  66. keke Dozier

    Wedding song

  67. Tenise18

    10 years later and I still don't regret buying this album. This was one of my "first listen" favorites. Glad we still have some R&B sangers out there. Can't wait to hear new music from Anthony. His last album was amazing as always.

  68. Carol Derrick

    this has to be one of my favorites  !!!! Sing it Anthony!!!!!

  69. Sherry Wilson

    I love this song beautiful lyrics!

  70. PhillyRoja

    Geez I'm pretty late discovering this song but wow oh wow do I ♡♡♡ it. Its been on repeat since last week...love Brother Hamilton's voice! I'm Waiting for my one and only husband to Change My World :)

  71. Will Davis

    This song is about a man in love with a woman who changes his whole world.

    Anita mathew

    Very Beautiful!

    Will Davis

    Heyyyyy Weeda! @Anita M​

    Anita mathew

    Happy New Year!! Hope all is well with you.

    Will Davis

    Ahhh thanks Weeda. So far, nothing has changed.

  72. Keaira Martin

    Me and my husband will dance to this song at our reception! I'm so in love with it!!!

  73. tess Wilson

    Love it

  74. B Loveable

    Those lyrics are so explosive. Ready to fall in love. Baby where are you:(

    Legacy of Free domain

    Am I too late?

    B Loveable

    LOL ;-)

  75. Patricia Wormley

    I Love this song!

  76. Taina Chapman

    This is my shiznic......this song is a ode to my man Fred H ..he is the prime example of why this song was written...."Oh when you stop and start falling in love; it changes your world, turns you upside down ( surely it is meant in a good way)"!!! To me it means When Love is meant for you ..there's nothing to do but stop running and allow it to transform you into the person that's ready to give and receive it...!!!! YESSSS...!!!

    B Loveable

    Amen, Tania !

  77. MetuNtr

    Heard this for the first time yesterday at a wedding reception.

  78. Monique Ferguson

    Such a beautiful song!!

  79. Ashley Mccarroll

    Beautiful song.. My sweetie and i fell in love when we danced to this song. We knew at that moment.

  80. blackchang1981

    Classic. Never gets old.

  81. Jordanna Kidd

    Simply the Truth!!

  82. Ronnie Williams

    Lovely song

  83. Johnny Brooks

    This dude's harmony is SICK! A truly undeniable talent!

  84. Tyfani Graves


  85. annatruth11


  86. Khalilah Presley

    3 3.....#one of those nights

  87. Khalilah Presley

    @ Dimplez Dougz I totally agree, I LOOOOVE this song such a beautiful song...#lyrical knockout

  88. Dimplez Dougz

    I love this song...word for word!!! "Falling in love...there's no blame when its all said and done"

  89. Venzilith

    Bon bagay

  90. ladyloveinmyself

    love this man voice .songs give u that special chill would love to hear him singing Gospel

  91. Animated Dreamz


  92. Shuntay Pearson

    "Change my whole worldddd" Love this song..on repeat constantly


    I really love this, Anthony Hamilton is perfection in this song; I love, love, love the old school vibe... The playing time could have been a lot longer, but "PERFECTION" all the same...

  94. waliknation

    i feel like im in the starbucks in heaven

  95. Liz Felder


  96. Linda Mason

    What a beautiful song. This is old school the way it should be.