Hall, Trevor - Times Like These Lyrics

Let me tell you one thing now
This storm is getting crazy baby
Tell me how to cool my engines down
Well I know I've got two eyes
But the way I'm seeing things now I could be blind
The answer well I just haven't found

Well it's times like these that you call in sick
The forest fire is just too thick
But it's alright
Because time's two hands well they move on
Rescue me
Lift me lord
It's alright

I got a home but I feel homeless
I beg your pardon darling
Can you take a guess?
I guess it's meant to be
Getting pulled from side to side
There is no place to run and there is no where to hide
I'm drowning baby please

Well it's times like these that you just skip town
Change your name and never come back around
But it's alright
Because life's sweet seconds pass on by
And when it's all said and done
You're still alive
It's alright
Because time's two hands well they move on
Rescue me
Lift me lord
It's alright

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Hall, Trevor Times Like These Comments
  1. Gabrielle Destroismaisons

    Sometimes it takes time for the great ears to listen... But then, they listen for real and forever...

    Paul Coder

    well said.

  2. mike seal

    please explain to me how this is a pile of crap?please

  3. ogreslayer420

    this is better than jesus

  4. Loukas St

    What a pile of crap!!!

  5. GrimReefer35

    This album has the most positive and uplifting music I've ever heard. I always come back to it whenever I'm feeling down.

    Paul Sanford

    I hope you've continued to follow Trevor! KALA has impacted my life so much, and now The Fruitful Darkness is doing the same.

  6. Cory S

    If Trevor Hall didn't exist, it would be necessary to invent him.

  7. Zachary Wilson

    this music is very popular if only to us few who appreciate and enjoy it.

  8. xXx6TRACER6xXx

    My name is Trevor and the only 2 reasons I go to these videos is to listen to the amazing music and to hear people say things like, "Trevor is awesome."

    Datahome TV

    Trevor is a fucking legend.legit

    Aaron Prince

    You are awesome Trevor

  9. a r

    @justanotherbrosky yeahh.. thats all i do now! :) im all positive :) thank you :)

  10. justanotherbrosky

    @amber995086 that's awesome, I'm glad to hear that! the best part is that the world is full of great, inspiring stuff to find-if you're willing to look. keep surrounding yourself with good things and life will be good :)

  11. a r

    @justanotherbrosky and sadly... i thought that is just what i should listen to cause that was "in" now-a-days... im really glad i found out how truely amazing this man and his music can be... and the way it makes me feel :)

  12. justanotherbrosky

    How sad is it that uplifting music like this isn't popular, but booty music is all over the radio

  13. rockinredneck8

    thats the price ya pay for bein a religious based songwriter. they dont generally get as much media cuz of the views they talk about. religions touchy but sex and drugs arent in todays world ;)

  14. vicki jennings

    @duncan7772 I totally agree!