Hall, Trevor - The Love Song Lyrics

Baby pull your covers up and start your sleeping
Start your dreaming
Kiss the sky
No one comes around this town on the weekends
So you're safe in this bed
You're safe for some time

I'll follow you around this playground
And burn your troubles in the sun
I'll follow you six feet under
And give life back to you
My love

I took care of the kids on the balcony
I gave them tea and dried their eyes
All of your troubles are on top of me
But your troubles are sweet
They're sweet like wine

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Hall, Trevor The Love Song Comments
  1. Shannon Mk

    •○●♡ SmK + JeB ♡●○•

  2. Cielo Robles

    Trevor's music calms my mind. <3

  3. Lisa Francis

    Too cool.

  4. glear222

    Great song tho

  5. Lindsay Paige

    I love Trevor forever.<3

  6. TotallRandomness513

    Peace& Love☯♥
    和平與愛 ☯♥

  7. Patrick Black-Dale

    trevor is love and god. much love trevor my freind. the next time i voyage on dem sillysidebands your my man

  8. YoghurtMums

    The 1 who disliked is forever alone ! :o

  9. Anthony Bolling

    no matter what situation I'm in when I'm in my bunk and hear the outgoing mortars this guy puts me in a better mood and keeps me sane.

  10. Emma Strankman

    Best. Artist. Ever.

  11. Stop asking for my fucking name

    Oh he's an amazing person and his music is one of a kind.
    sitaram sitaram sitaram sitaram

  12. sikkmage81

    Wow no dislikes :)!

  13. Josh Hinck

    i'd imagine if they made a music video of this song it would be alot like the other ways music video... but on a playground... haha

  14. 62bknapp

    Great CD, Thanks for posting!!