Hall, Tom T. - Your Man Loves You, Honey Lyrics

Had my golf clubs on my shoulder when you saw me first today
Wearin' my old army sweater that you thought you threw away
And when you saw me standin' there you shook your head and sighed
When you saw I'd bought a sixpack I thought you were gonna cry
Your man loves you honey and I don't know what else to say
Your man loves you honey but you can't change my ways

Now before you say you're angry you remember what I did
Went to church with you last Sunday took your mama and the kids
Sat right up and heard the preachin' even wore my Christmas tie
I'm not much on organ music 5-strings banjo's more my style
Your man loves you honey...

Oh you should have had a knight in armor and a castle fair
Not some restless cowboy faded jeans and shaggy hair
I can't make it babe without you and you know that it's true
Keep me around for laughs so I've been good for one or two
Your man loves you honey...

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Hall, Tom T. Your Man Loves You, Honey Comments
  1. Tango Bango

    Only Tom T. can evoke these feelings.

  2. marthacatgirl

    Love this song!

  3. Israel Salazar

    💘 💘 that song 💘 💘 u T omTHall❤❤❤

  4. mtncharlie1968

    One of T's greatest!

  5. Pinkunotora

    I have been listening to Tom.T.Hall"s songs for so long it seems like we have a personal relationship. I haven't listened to this song in a while. so unfortunately I hadn't heard about Miss Dixie's passing. I'm sorry for your loss Mr.Hall.

    Jimmy Onus

    Sorry to hear about miss Dixie Tom T,but just keep trying buddy,Jimmy O

  6. marthacatgirl

    I agree awesome song!  I love it!  I remember when it first came out in the winter of 1977.  At the time I had a boyfriend who was trying to change me, and I pointed out this song to him.

  7. Ken Whitley

    Tom T. done said what I feel for my Honey of 52 years.  Thank you for sharing this with me my Ole Friend Flungbucket, a ridin' out of El Paso, Texas, where I just done come from. 

  8. mysticmaverick1

    What a great love song written for his wife who passed away last week. I was blessed to meet both of them. When he sang it in concert he would end with, "But keep on trying." Safe journey, Miss Dixie.

  9. Mike Wayson

    R.I.P Miss Dixie, this was one of the many songs Tom wrote for you. <3

  10. Wayne D

    wonderful music 

  11. coorslightcowboy

    I grew up on this music!  Thank You for another great memory from my childhood!!

  12. James Ferrell

    Great tune


    Thanks for the post. Love this song.

  14. tom corrigan

    awesome song well riten one of my favorite's

  15. marthacatgirl

    I've always really like this song.

  16. Mr4TeaParty

    I had the distinct pleasure of meeting Mr. Hall in England when he did a USO show for us. What a great gentleman. He missed his flight because he wanted to shake everyones hand and give an autograph to anyone wanting it. Thank you posting this.....

  17. donny doyle

    Been looking for this one and a great one it is!!!Many thanks:)))

  18. mike joiner

    thanks one of my favorites songs also...