Hall, Tom T. - Shoes And Dress That Alice Wore Lyrics

Mhm I'm humming as I walk this house and do my daily chores
When I put the broom away I see the dress that Alice wore
It's hanging in the closet sadly sagging without form
Empty dress there in the closet held a body soft and warm
Shoes and dress that Alice wore

It's the dress she wore the night she caught me lying there beside
Some strange woman meaning nothing just some bones and hair and hide
I could not explain it to her and I cannot to this day
Now I stand here staring at the dress she wore to go away
Shoes and dress that Alice wore

And the shoes are red and shiny and they're modest in the heel
And the dress a bad investment and the color could be teal
She went screaming from the room where I lay blinking in the nude
With the woman there beside me saying ain't this woman rude
Shoes and dress that Alice wore

So I asked the undertaker in a private kind of way
Before you close the casket when our friends have gone away
If it's not too strange to reason I would make one last request
Since it all goes in the ground I'd like to have the shoes and dress
Shoes and dress that Alice wore

So I'm humming as I walk this house...

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Hall, Tom T. Shoes And Dress That Alice Wore Comments
  1. Foot Wrapped In AL Old Rag lake

    Is this the same Alice that was drunk all time? Hooked on the wine? Bunches of it? And it ruined her mind?

  2. mysticmaverick1

    This is such a sad, haunting, tragic song. I think JennyD1963 is correct about the meaning of this song.

  3. D Lewis

    LOVE Tom T. Hall so much!

  4. jenni claire

    He really is amazing. Incredible. I have been marveling at him, saying this for decades but still. What a writer.

  5. Marty Peterson

    love it

  6. The Dillan Holliday

    This is a true story

  7. jim09667

    nice to see a video of...T

  8. scottandsue1

    Yes... Very different but,Mr. Tom.T did it....I love it...

  9. lateforbreakfast

    This type of story telling can not be bettered..Tom T Hall is the master of it and this story is amoung the best he has ever told.

  10. JennyD1963

    @KLUNKET ...No, she killed herself because she was so upset over his infidelity. He keeps the dress to remind him of his betrayal...and to remind that his actions killed her.


    What did he do, kill her?


    0:52 answers this

  12. 1new-man

    ditto .
    I've never heard this one before either.
    errie,strange and surreal melody.
    I enjoyed him and country music back in the early 70's when I was in jr high while all of my peers were rock-n
    Tome T remains the king of musical story tellers!

  13. Gerry Davidson

    One of his greatest. I'm surprised i never heard it before.

  14. Richard Sweat

    Different style to usual Tom T. Hall but it's great. Really miss his music on the radio.