Hall, Tom T. - One Of The Mysteries Of Life Lyrics

If I were you, I wouldn't waste my time
You can't answer all the questions in your mind
Love is love and you can't make it right
It's one of the mysteries of life

How can you know love when no one ever knew
It's the mother of all happiness and father of the blues
Love puts sunshine in your days, then steals your sleep at night
It's one of the mysteries of life

Maybe you should take it day by day
If you hold love too loosely, it will fly away
If you hold love too tightly, it will die
It's one of the mysteries of life


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Hall, Tom T. One Of The Mysteries Of Life Comments
  1. Paul Warner

    He makes me cry, can’t help it

  2. Paul Warner

    Who are the 4 who gave it the thumbs down, love THAT song! They must be bloody hard to please

  3. Ed Spencer

    Hey Danni.......

  4. Ida Fillmore

    I so agree on these special lyrics Beautifully done!!

  5. Timothy Wade

    A unique way of telling a story with music, easy to listen to, a true comfort to the human heart

  6. Kevin Smith

    pure poetry

  7. Jeffery Matuszak

    No one will ever know that Tom is the best musician, the most natural musician, there simply ever existed. He's been my guiding light.

  8. Joe Richardson


  9. PabluchoViision

    I seem to remember the country DJ's back in the 70s and early 80s, some of them at least, would treat Tom T. as a bit of a novelty act. Which is pretty wildly off the mark.

  10. PabluchoViision

    Tom T. is more than a great songwriter/storyteller ... oh, and he certainly is that, maybe the best there's ever been in country music. He is also a fine singer, really underestimated and 'unsung' you might say. And I think everything about him, his demeanor, and the way he has lived his life, suggests to me (without ever having had the privilege of meeting the man or getting to know him) that he is a decent. caring human being: and a great man.

  11. Antonio Fernandes de Queiroga

    Another very special song of country music, and a great arrangement behind that. Thanks Brent.

  12. Don Doe

    The very first time I ever heard this was by the fabulous George Burns.  George really made this song Awesome, here's the link...I would like to add George kept it country and did a great job. Please enjoy:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XfKRuFcz41E  B-side song of his 1980 hit:  "I Wish I Was Eighteen Again"

  13. mysticmaverick1

    When I met Tom T. Hall, I told him how much I loved this song. He didn't recall the lyrics in that moment, so I recited them to him. He said, "I guess I wrote a pretty good song, didn't I?"

    the winner

    @mysticmaverick1 He sure is clever!

    edwin balch

    @the winner second that

    Steven Spolar

    More than pretty good... Damn good? You know, Tom T. never recorded an album with only a few good songs intended to be released as singles. Instead, he filled the album with songs that were all contenders of single status. He is the epitome of an artist with integrity. New or seasoned, these types of artists cannot be heard on mainstream radio because they all have their own sound and artists who maintain originality also maintain higher costs in the recording studio and out on the road. The "big machine" will have none of it since their bottom line takes precedence over quality and originality. Consequently, the final product is the cookie cutter crap you hear on country radio today. The " big machine" is nothing new and legends like Tom T., Willie Nelson, Johnny Cash, Waylon Jennings, George Jones, Emmylou Harris and all the great country music singers before the late 1990's, all fought the machine in order to maintain their artistic integrity. Sadly, this is not so true today.


    +Steven Spolar I agree. I probably have all his albums, and there isn't one song I don't like, many I love. The entire album "About Love" is full of great songs, and he does a few rare covers on there too.

  14. webbjr37

    Lots of truth here, Tom sure had a wey with words


    webbjr37 Keith clifford

    Ronald Grimes


  15. Rod Kent

    Tom was never a giant in the country music industry, but he certainly should have been. He had more talent in his little finger than many today possess in total. Tom had a way of getting to the "heart" of a matter in few succinct words.

  16. Wm Dan Gilbert

    Tom T. is the true Philosopher of the common man of Appalachian Country, there are many mysteries of life which he explores in his music.