Hall, Tom T. - Happy Groundhog Day Lyrics

I missed you Thanksgiving I didn't do much
Watched football on TV and I lost twenty bucks
Did you go to Georgia well Georgia is in they had a nice meal at the Holiday Inn
I missed you on Christmas and so did my friends
I know you were busy and I understand
I sent you a card with a good Snoopy joke ain't it a pity that we didn't have snow

I missed you on New Years my doesn't time fly
That Auld Lang Syne song sure gets in my eye
Heard you had a party and some people went you were the life of the party again
Well springtime is coming it makes me a fool
I thought I would call you while everything's cool
I know it sounds crazy but I wanted to say
I hope that you have a happy Groundhog Day

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Hall, Tom T. Happy Groundhog Day Comments
  1. Heather Johnson

    Groundhog Day is my favourite holiday and "I Love" #TomTHall's  music!    Met him twice.  A profoundly wise and kind gentleman.

  2. janicejackelini

    GREAT post! Thank YOU. I've been looking for the album "about love" on a CD or the ability to download safely??? Can anyone help?

  3. shteamroller

    Great song - as usual from the great Tom T. unbeatable.....