Hall, Tom T. - Greed Kills More People Than Whiskey Lyrics

I was standin' outside of a hotel in Houston blinkin' my eyes in the bright morning sun
A feller next to me said where are you headed
I told him to Nashville cause that's where I'm from
I said I had one or too many last evening brother I damn near fell off of my steed
He said yeah whiskey gets 'em and whiskey gets many
But listen son nothin' kills people like greed
I said huh and I turned to him and he was a cowboy
Bout fifty years old in a big western hat
Sir if you said that greed killed more people than whiskey
If my taxi don't come tell me more bout that

He said I knew a guy who made millions on millions
Then he turned right around and made millions on that
He had crude oil and blue chips and good barns and feed lots
He could touch an old steer and just turn into fat
And he coveted the money that other folks lived on
He never spent nickels he thought he could keep
It was money that made him a night hawk and a worrier
And soon it was money that robbed him of sleep
And they buried him deep in a west Texas graveyard
They put up a tombstone of all he had done
And I am the man that he fired for a few beers
But I'm sure feeling good in the west Texas sun

I shook hands with that man and I crawled in the taxi
And I thought of the two things that I keep doing wrong
The man said that the greed killed more people than whiskey
And I'm sittin' here hung over writin' a song

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Hall, Tom T. Greed Kills More People Than Whiskey Comments
  1. Jim Joslyn

    Whiskey relaxes you smoogie out greedy bastards are always worried about who they're going to screw out a watt next or if they're going to lose a dime of what they already screwed some poor bastard out of worry worry that's what kills them their own greed you live by the sword you die by the sword

  2. goat 68

    Telling the truth. !

  3. Wilfried Schuler

    Tom T. Hall is not just a singer. He is one of the great philosphers of our times. And a true prophet as well. As you may see.

    45 years ago he wrote a song "The monkey that became president"
    He wrote " Faster horses" and a song about Kentucky in Febuary 18. 1971 which describes modern Germany as well.
    And with this song he was realling hitting the point. Greed is the arch evil. The motor of every bad thing.
    Regards from Frankfurt. No, not Kentucy. Am Main. Birthplace of Wolfgang Goethe.

  4. Neil Ladd

    When too much is not enough.

  5. ZoneFighter1

    “Among the rich you will never find a really generous man even by accident. They may give their money away, but they will never give themselves away; they are egotistic, secretive, dry as old bones. To be smart enough to get all that money you must be dull enough to want it.”
    ― G.K. Chesterton, A Miscellany of Men

  6. jim d

    Mark 10:25

  7. Bodegabreath 558

    Have no words to describe how listening to Tom T affects me. Actually I do, but I’m keeping them to myself. He is surely in a class by himself. Over and above everyone. That’s just my two cents, which is all I got to spend, but they’re MY two cents. Thanks for this.





  10. al brokenomoney

    Tom T. Was a commie with good tunes sorry I'm drunk.

  11. walter kersting

    He could hit a bull in the ass with a banjo and make a song out of it...

  12. Matt Hurley

    I bought that album when it came out. I played it to bits and it's still in the attic...

  13. liberty Ann

    I used to collect his songs.
    Even saw him in concert once.

  14. John Payne

    Truth is that, said in jest, Tom did it for all, including the one's that hated to hear the real news, and the meaning of his song!

  15. Hank Hill

    No idea why people don't like country music but fuck those stoners.

    Tom Hall

    I'm a stoner and love REAL country music

    Andrew P

    Dont listen to hank hes a propaniac

  16. Troy L. Hall CAI

    I Love You Uncle Tom.

  17. Tango Bango

    There's always a central "truth" about Ole' Tom T's songs that get right to the heart of living.

  18. cannabismedicine online

    his music was fun

  19. PhreD Dalpay

    Should be required LISTENING in PUBLIC SCHOOLS.

    Philip Dickens

    PhreD Dalpay *

    Malcolm T

    Remember kids, if you bring whiskey, bring enough for the whole class.

    Randy Cleveland

    If America good roll back when tom was around. It be so good

  20. Elliot Brown

    Tom T. Hall is a songwriter's songwriter. I'm a songwriter and I swear, every song I hear of this great gentleman teaches me something new. The most important thing I've learned from Mr Hall is OBSERVATION SKILLS. This man is Charles Dickens with a guitar.

    Joe Kelly

    I almost agree. As with any writer worth his oats, not all his songs are 'homers'. But I will say this: that 'one out of 5' magic bullets he creates are personified good.

    Jessica Johnston

    Elliot Brown 😲 🏋🏽‍♀️🎰

  21. Kenneth Lingle

    This is a great classic country song. And no one can sing it the way Tom T. Hall could. I love this country sound. And there just ain't much of it coming out of Nashville these days.......

  22. KannabosmHealerOfNations.

    this is Country music.
    i dont know exactly what they are playing today and singing but its irritating as sin.
    The modern pop country wanna be singers have zero talent and should really stop trying. it sucks tho because they have no talent, and the sheeple listeners have shit ASS taste, so they really have a nice greedy operation going on. fuck i wanna just go back in time and smoke with Waylon


    I feel you on the sheeple thing. Now they themselves say it. That comment was a while ago.
    Have a good one. Btw the earth is flat.

  23. night wolf


  24. Maj-Brith H

    great as his stories!

  25. Horsehide

    Genius, just pure country genius.

  26. Samandrosa jones

    This is soooo true !!! Greed is the downfall of many. Great song by the storyteller. Thanks and Happy Holidays.

  27. irish country

    what a true story ,just great

  28. Terry Middleton

    I was raised in the coal country of Harlan Co. Kentucky and this song makes me see those mountains, and miners, and the company store, and the whole thing. It's easy to see how it wouldn't take too much of the treatment Johnny got to make him lose it.

  29. Mike Wayson

    the most underrated song in country, tells more truth than any new song in country today!

    Ron Wilson

    It should be played before any economics class.

  30. Russell Adams

    nice Datsun in the back round

  31. madpuppy1000

    My favorite words in this great song: ``and I`m sure feeling good in the west Texas sun...`
    It is a forceful confirmation of the truth in this song.
    Tom T., we love you as you love us. Thank you for being you.

  32. NoEcologyNoEconomy

    This would make a good counter-anthem at a GOP rally, considering what that Party has become.

  33. morgan painter

    "Hung over, writing a song"
    Cracked me up.

    Got to love Toms music. Always has a good story.

  34. Kirk Bingham

    Among he GREATEST of contemporary folk singers right here near us all.

  35. Bob Coltrain Kennedy

    Another Tom T Hall gem. Tom is a prolific writer with a distinct voice that holds your attention. I've always admired him. I smoked a cigarette with him behind a tobacco warehouse in the eighties right before he went inside. He was down to earth and didn't put on any airs. Thanks for sharing this. I haven't heard it in a long time ~ BCK

  36. Dixie Den

    Tom T is always a awesome artist.. ty for sharing

  37. sloeleek

    if my taxi dont come tell me more about that

  38. steve bardill

    sr. did you say greed kills more people than whiskie

  39. emmett lewis

    More right than wrong ! The Top Story teller...

  40. Dallas Nyberg

    Tom is a great songwriter...I love his ballads...

  41. madpuppy1000

    Thanks a lot for posting this, tpage.
    Tom T. is one of my heroes and this song grows and grows on you.

  42. rockeycountry

    Great song...........Love Tom T. Thanks for posting